Our perfect place Friday 1 May 2020 update

Our perfect place 1 May 2020: Niranjan waits outside home gate to meet children. Ila comes in car with children and seeing Niranjan asks driver to take car directly. Children get out of car and run towards Niranjan.

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Ila asks Rita to get children in and warns Niranjan if he wants to see children happy he should not meet them. Niranjan cries. Children ask Rita if she will never forgive papa. Rita asks if they want to see her happy, they should forget papa. Children sadly agree.

Shree/Tanu emotionally looks aat her and Rahul’s pics. Niranjan comes and asks if he can come in. She says her office hours are over. He says it is urgent. She lets him in and asks if he is missing children. He says yes. She says she cannot speak to Rita now and Rita’s emotions should settle first, till then he has to wait and let Rita decide if she wants him to be back or not.

Rahul also looks at his and Tanu’s pics. His alcohol glass finishes. He goes to fill glass and finds Shree’s SORRY note and reminisces Tanu and his meeting where she comes late and he gets angry. She writes SORRY on paper and gives it to him. He says she is bold and smart as she accepts her mistake uniquely. She says lots of people write sorry, even her 2-3 friends do. Out of flashback, he smiles and throws note.

Falak and Bejal think mom will not let them meet papa again and walks towards main gate to see Niranjan. They don’t find him and get out of gate to search him. Parimal comes home and sees them. They try to run. He holds them and asks where are they going. They says they want to meet Niranjan and miss him. He emotionally hugs them.

In the morning, Parimal confronts Ila that she cannot stop children from meeting Niranjan. She says children will forget Niranjan as they are still small. Parimal says she cannot do it as even he is a father. She says even she is a mother. He says she cannot go against Rita.

Hetal writes Hate versus Love on board and address her colleagues that today she has kept a contest and has updated on her social media page also. Looking at Rahul, she says let us see if Hate or Love will win. Rahul smiles and says let us see. Sameer says Heal that she will win. Rahul jokes that he told Love coffee is better. Hetal asks why did he lie then. Sameer asks Rahul not to pull his legs and says Hetal that he can tell in front of whole world that Hates coffee is the best. Hetal pampers him and says he is so sweet. Sameer asks if she will not tell cafeteria anthem today. Hetal says it is for special occasions. Sameer suggests they should make it a daily habit. Hetal agrees and whole staff chants cafeteria anthem.

Parimal tells Gayatri that Ila and Rita are doing wrong by stopping children from meeting their father. Gayatri says he knows Rita’s condition. Parimal says it is very wrong and reminds how Gayatri confronted Ila when she was wrong. He says he used to feel proud of her and insists to confront Ila again for children’s sake. Gayatri agrees.

Niranjan goes to Shree’s office in the morning. Shree asks why did he come so early, she explained him yesterday night that she will speak to Rita when time comes. Niranjan says he cannot stay away from his children. Shree says he betrayed Rita and it is difficult for a woman to hear, Rita saw a video, he has to wait for some time. He leaves sadly.

Gayatri calls Rahul and informs him about children getting out of house to meet Niranjan and asks him not to inform Niranjan about it. Rahul searches Sameer in studio, finds him in cafeteria and informs him what Gayatri told. Sameer says Niranjan deserves it after his heinous act. His friend gives coffee bill and says it his 7 hates special coffee bill. Rahul says Sameer it is his brother’s cafeteria and he need not pay.

Sameer says he will pay Hetal also hears and insists. Sameer agrees. Rahul asks Sameer what is happening between him and Hetal. Sameer says they are just friend and he already told him that he will not marry in life. Rahul says why he blushes when Hetal is around. Sameer says there is nothing like that. Rahul says his brother will win challenge. Sameer thinks his friend will.

Gayatri goes to Ila and reminds her she asked her to stop her when she does any mistake. Ila asks the be specific. Gayatri says she cannot stop children from meeting their father. Ila says she will not go against Rita. Gayatri says she cannot fulfill Rita’s illegal demands. Rita enters clapping and starts yelling at Gayatri that she is always jealous of her and tries to interfere in her life. Ila says Gayatri never thinks bad about anyone. Rita says she is alive to take care of her children and Gayatri need not worry. Gayatri asks not to talk about dying, she just cannot see children in pain. Rita breaks down and says how can she forget Niranjan’s betrayal.

Hates Sameer enjoys special coffee looking at her. Junior artist comes and greet him. He says to consider himself as another photographer and order Hates special coffee. Few other junior artists follow and order Hates special.

Hetal gets very happy and goes to bring more milk and sugar sachets. Sameer asks junior artists that he asked 25 people at least, but he sent 7-8. Artist says he could not find more.

Shree/Tanu comes near cafeteria. Gayatri calls Shree and tells her about yesterday’s incident and how Rita broke up. Ila take phone next and tells she cannot see Rita like this and asks her to visit Rita often. Shree says she come often, but let Rita settle her emotions first.. She then her driver to get 10 Hates special coffee. Rahul tricks driver and asks if his boss is good and loving. He says yes. Rahul says then he should get Love special coffee and gives him love special.

Hetal returns with sugar and milk cartoons. Sameer takes box from her and ignores another friend. Friend taunts him that he loves Hetal. Rahul shows that the has sold 25 coffee. Hetal gets sad and asks who bought 10 coffee.

Driver takes Love special to Shree. Shree asks why did he bring love special. Driver says he forgot name, so a handsome tall man in counter suggested Love special. Shree reminisces Rahul. She writes Hates special behind bill and asks him to show it to man and get Hates special. Driver goes and shows it to Rahul. Rahul gives him Hates special and asks assistant to bill Love special in his name and gives coffee in charity.

He stands reminiscing doing charity with Tanu/Shree and beggar boy blessing him that he will marry a heroine like girl. Rahul shows Tanu and asks if she looks like heroine. Boy stits silently. Rahul laughs and gives some more charity. Boy says madam looks like heroine. Rahul comes out of flashback and hopes he meets Tanu soon. Tanu gives coffee to beggars and asks who gave hem love special. They say a good man. She reminisces Rahul.

Sameer thanks junior artist for bringing team. Junior artist says students can gulp whole cafeteria if it is free, in fact Sameer gave them even stipend, so obviously they loved helping him. Sameer gets tensed seeing Rahul in front of him, hearing everything.

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