Our perfect place update Sunday 5 April 2020

Our perfect place 5 April 2020: Sameer comes and apologises to govardhan about his recent behaviour lately, and how he had to put up with it. govardhan asks him not to, as he has himself also contributed to creating this wall between him and his sons, and he cant ex[ect it to melt away so soon. he says that he shall allow nature to take its course and hope for the best, of a united family.

While ila is in her room, puja comes, with baggage. she takes ila’s blessings. Puja asks her to select one dress for her, for her first family function with them, as she doesnt have much indian dresses and if she doesnt like any, then she shall get another one. ila asks her not to have any reservations, as she can wear and behave the manner in which she wishes to, without bothering about them. puja says that she didnt have any proper family upbringing, and a mother to teach her the way of life, but expresses her eagerness to learn the rules and regulations. ila says that there arent any rules here, and that they only wish that the problems between them and their sons go soon.

puja offers her full hearted co-operation for the same, when ila says that rita and gayatri are working with her, to bring this family as one, and now with her ion the picture it shall get easier. ila smiles. just then, rita comes tensedly, with the phone, saying that govardhan wishes to speak. ila gets tensed when she hears what he has to say.

In the stairs, rahul and sameer are chatting on sameer’s live in status. sameer cites that it was merely convenience, and that they were just good friends, and this happened suddenly. rahul says that he has always shirked when it came to commitments. he asks him to be alert now. ila comes and calls them, and says that there is a bad news, ramesh’s mother died, and govardhan went immediately. rahul asks if they have to go. ila says that the funeral is tomorrow, and thwy have to cancel the birthday party for this, and they can celebrate later, as ramesh is like family. ila is tensed about rita’s reaction as she was very excited. they both are tensed. ila comes with niranjan, to rita, trying to make her understand that they can have the party later. ila tries to explain the seriousness of the situation. rita asks if they feel she is upset because of this. they comply. she says that she laments at her destiny, that the first time, she kept a function with the family, but she isnt fated to have that too. she rushes off. ila is tensed. niranjan goes after her.

Later, at night, govardhan and ila are resting, discussing about ramesh’s mother, and how they can console the family. he talks about past incidents with his mother, with nostalgia and gets teary eyed. she asks him to relax, as nothing would change. they dose off.

The next morning, niranjan is going out, when rahul stops him, asking if he is going for a meeting. niranjan complies. rahul asks if he went yesterday to a meeting too, in bandra. he says that he was at Andheri, but went to meet his friend, Suresh at Bandra. rahul tries to insinuate about his meeting, and niranjan gets enraged, and asks him to stay within his limits of a younger brother. they enter into a verbal scuffle. niranjan then leaves hastily. Rahul tells niranjan that he saw him yesterday at the restaurant, little known and that too with a girl, and his friend wasnt anyhwere to be found. niranjan makes an excuse that he came and then just went out urgently for a call. rahul says that he cant make out if he is lying or saying the truth, and if he is lying, then he wouldnt sit down queitly. niranjan eyes him tensedly. their conversation is stopped as Puja arrives with her father, and they welcome them inside. rahul glares at him, while walking inside with them. niranjan leaves tensedly.

Puja comes in ila’s room, and they hug each other. puja is excited about the party, while ila is tensed that she didnt know about the party cancellation. ila places a call and then asks sameer to come to the room straightaway. puja gets tensed asking what happened. ila says that she isnt at fault, and explains why the party was cancelled. sameer comes and realises that he forgot to tell her and her father. ila reprimands him for the same. ila asks him not to make excuses, and uses it as a point, to ask how would he take care of family. sameer is casual about it. ila tries to reprimand for this, and finally he gets irritated and says that he doesnt care, and leaves hastily. they are shocked at this behaviour, as ila and puja eye each other tensedly.

In the lawn, govardhan apologises to Ramakant but he asks him not to, as he came ear ly since he wanted to discuss some things. govardhan asks him whats it. ramakant says that he seems upset and they can talk later. govardhan then brings up the topic, of ramesh being very close, and hence the postponement. ramakant asks him not to bother about that at all.

In their room, puja asks him why is he behaving like this. sameer says that she would say it. she is boggled. he asks how come she is suddenly best friends with his mother. she asks why is he so dumb, as ila didnt know some time back, about even her existence and they are merely getting to know each other. sameer asks if he even stands in the picture. she is amused at his concern and possessiveness. he continues to defend, while she smirks at him. she extends out her arms and he hugs her back.

Later at night, rita comes to ila and apologises for reacting like this. ila asks her not to, as under pressure a person loses patience at times. rita says that it doesnt mean they tense other people, specially when she was upset about ramesh’s mother. ila asks her not to, as its okay to make mistakes, but more important is top rectify it, and again assures that they shall have palak’s birthday party as planned. rita complies, and then asks about sameer and puja’s engagement. ila says that she has talked to the priest for a new date. rita hastil;y leaves citing that she shall make tea, as all the men would be returning soon.

At night, all the males gather discussing about the funeral that they just attended. they talk about the huge gathering that had gathered for ramesh’s support. govardhan asks parimal to stay back for dinner, but he denies giving some excuse. finding niranjan tensed, govardhan asks if everything is okay. rita serves tea. rahul comments that he seems lost, in the bandra project. niranjan gets tensed and defensive. Govardhan asks what about this bandra project, and asks him to stick to one project that he had undertaken. rahul indirectly asks niranjan not to leave one in the hand, for another project. niranjan is enraged, and asks rahul to stay away, and then hastily leaves. all are boggled and tensed. rita wonders what was that, and goes after him.

While ila is in her room, chatting on the phone, after disconnecting, she gets inder’s call and when she receives it, she hears something that leaves her surprised.

As all sit down to eat at the dining table, govardhan asks about niranjan. rita who is serving, says that he doesnt wish to have, nor is she hungry. he asks rahul what did he say to niranjan that he is upset. rahul waives off. sameer asks govardhan if he can go to delhi for a couple of days, since the engagement is postponed now. he complies. ila comes tensedly, and sits to eat. she is visibly lost, when her food is served. as they discuss, ila suddenly blurts out, that inder is govardhan if he can stay in parimal’s room, for some days. he enrages at the mention of the name and storms in without saying a word. all are tensed. ila goes after him. they wonder who is inder.

In the room, ila tells him that inder is her younger brother, while he says that he is his biggest enemy. she says that she loves him, while he says that he hates him. she says that she hasnt seen him in so many years due to his enemity only, and also talks about how she has never said a word until now, to meet him. he says thats because he knew they would fall on deaf ears, since he wouldnt ever allow that. she asks how can she cut off connection with her own brother, and he might do so if he wishes, as he isnt blood related. Ila tells govardhan that inder wishes to come here and shall stay for some days. he refuses the permission to allow that at all. she is taken aback, and asks if the house is only his. he says that the house is theirs, but he cant have inder and himself under the same roof, and warns that if inder comes here, then he shall leave, and then this house shall only be hers. he walks out, while she stands tensedly. she sits crying.

The next morning, rita and rahul take it on themselves, to serve tea to ila and govardhan respectively. talks about Inder resume. ila and govardhan begin telling their side of the story. initially he and inder were great friends, because of which he had fixed inder’s relation, with his best friend Jagdish’s sister, Rajni. both were happy, until few days before the marriage, at the mehendi ceremony of the girl, inder sent a message that he wouldnt be able to marry her, as he has already married someone else, due to which rajni set herself on fire, and died right in govardhan’s arms. both ila and he were apalled by the situation. while this enraged govardhan totally, ila says that she went to her place, and reprimanded inder severely for this behaviour. after her thrashing, inder clarified that in the village, he saw a young girl being tormented, because co-incidentally her fiancees had died earlier, and now she was considered an omen, and when he tried to raise voice against it, he was asked to marry her, if he is so concerned about her. in a fit of mind, he did and saved the girl, from being beaten up.

govardhan refuses to believe this side, saying that inder made it up, for his selfish motives, as the girl’s father had set aside a huge dowry for the girl, and the fiancee dying was true, but the tormenting part wasnt. ila refuses to believe that its due to his selfish motive that he did so, but he was genuinely concerned. govardhan asks rahul if thats so, then howcome he suddenly got a lot of money right after marriage. ila explains to rita that it was because of his business that he made profit in. they are both adamant on their stand, in front of ila and rahul.

govardhan tells rahul that jagdish and his family stopped talking to him, and he blames inder for all of this, and asks how can he forgive someone like that and allow him back in his life and house. ila tells rita that she didnt see him for so many years, only because of govardhan, nor talked to him, and if after so many years, he is coming, cant she keep him in her house. rita gets gayatri’s call, and she gives it to ila. gayatri makes ila talk to parimal. he however doesnt talk and cancels. ila is boggled whats the matter. gayatri asks him to say to ila what he told her. he asks why. she says that ila should know that he is planning to leave them all and this city too, along with his family. he rubbishes her off, saying that they are merely shifting to Pune. she says that she knows he is doing so, to cancel all relations with him.

he asks if he got the bank people to give a promotion and get him transferred. she sits resignedly. he asks her to be happy about his promotion, while she is suling. she says that he could have refused. he asks why should he. she asks if he can or not. he complies. she says that its decided then, that they wont go anywhere and he would deny ther promotion. he gives her one month and asks her to do all the family relations that she wishes as after that, they shall be in pune. she is tensed.

In their room, sameer and puja discuss as to why he took the decision of going to Delhi on his own, without bothering to inform or talk to her. he says that it isnt a big deal, and asks if he should ask her every little detail. she says that it isnt permission, but discussion. he reminds that they arent a couple yet. she turns around and begins to go. he holds her back and then tries to cajole her into romancing and getting her mood okay. she resists but then gives in. then he makes her sit down, and getting on his knee, says that this is all new to him, and she says that its the same for her too. he says that he merely saw of it as an income oppurtunity. she says that she needs his time. he gets a call and gets tensed.

On the roof, while niranjan and rita have tea, while she discusses inder’s case with him, saying that she had never seen them so tensed. niranjan gives silent treatment, while he gets enraged saying that she picked up a fight with him over rahul’s comment. she says that she merely asked and he clarified, then why is he overreacting. she says that since the kidnapping incident, she hasnt been thinking on it, and extends her full support for him, and his work. she says that he isnt fully innocent yet. he asks if he still has an affair. she says that she does, and his defensive behaviour strengthens it furthermore. she walks off, while he gets tensed. meanwhile, rahul and sameer also talk about this, and think that its very disconcerting. rahul again starts experiencing liver ache, and sameer is concerned.

Ila sits tensedly, as govardhan gets ready and says that he is going to Ramesh to check on him, as his health isnt good. she asks if he cant leave his ego for her sake. he eyes her tensedly, and asks why isnt she leaving her arrogance. she reminds him, that her mother’s dying wish was that she takes care of inder. he says that he doesnt need support, as he isnt a child. he talks about what he did out of his greed, and what he did to rajni. she says that she is tormented that rajni died. he says that she didnt die, but was killed due to inder. he asks if he needed money, he would have given it to him. she says that he didnt do it for the money but for the girl. but they continue to disagree. she points out an analogy, and asks that rajni didnt have to take the extreme step too. she says that inder wished to apologise,. and didnt know that rajni would do this. but he stays adamant that inder killed her. he tells her that inder is the reason that rajni died, and thats the truth, which wont change. ila says that but her truth is that inder is her brother, and she shall meet him at any , as she is meeting him after many years. he complies but says that inder shall not step in this house. she asks him stoically if this is his last decision. he turns away. she walks off. he eyes her tensedly. sameer and rahul eye ila walking out, from the balcony. they find her getting in an auto and taking off. then govardhan tells them that he is going to Ramesh. they ask where did ila go. he says that she shall come back in some time

Later, at night, all pace nervously. As govardhan returns, rahul and others inform that ila hasnt returned and the whole day has passed. he gets tensed. rahul asks him where is she. then they get a call, which says that she is at parimal’s place, and shall stay the night here only. ila sits tensedly with rahul informs this to them.

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