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Our perfect place 28 March 2020: The central character of story, an aged couple, Govardhan and his wife, reminiesce old memories, as they move through the corridors of their haveli. the man extendsh his gratitude towards the portrait of his parents, while his wife gets to setting the place. he eyes the chair, reminding him of his childhood, as tears well up in his eyes.

He looks at the portraits. his wife goes through the same surge of emotions, as the maid comes and asks whats the matter. she says that she was reminded of old days they get to informal bantering, after which she gives parvati, the maid a gift, while she accepts. its a happy reunion, as parvati comments that they came aftera long time. she says that its true, but her husband didnt have time, and now that he has retired they would have more time. parvati says that its their home.

the wife recounts all the memories associated with the house. meanwhile, his husband talks to shivpal, parvati’s husband, and the housekeeper, about the importance of memories hidden in every nook and corner of this house. he also reminisces about their children, while shivpal comments that its a long time he saw them.

the man asks him to wait for three days, as all would come for their 45th anniversary. his wife too remembers how she came here as a nervous bride, of 13-14 years, and how her mother in law had made her plant a tulsi, asking her to take care of it, and her family shall be one, and truthfully, when they left, she got everything, but lost her family.

she gets overwhelmed with tears as she laments at her mistake. her husband too regrest the decision that he made to break this family, and how the children are now far away, and they have ceased to exist as a single unit. he starts talking to his father, and says that its better late than never, and now he shall get his family back together, and make it together once again, and fulfill his promise to his father. she too expresses this desire to parvati, and then she starts talking about Parimal, her son, and his likings, and the others too. he reminisces in the garden, wherein two children come running, and he starts playing childishly with them.

its a happy reunion with one of the sons and the family. Niranjan has arrived with rita, and his two children. they retire to the room. the elderly couple talk about how nice this is. she hesitatingly tells that rahul hasd come with niranjan, and rushes to call him, but he stops her, saying that they shall meet at the dining table.

In the balcony, rita meets the lady, and they start updating about each other’s current lives, after which an awkward pause follows. the lady asks if there was any work. rita says that its weird that they are related and yet know so less of each other. the lady says that she is right, as after niranjan married, he shifted, and hence they didnt get the chance to talk to each other and get to know too, as they never had sufficient time. She talks about the distance between the two places.

the lady says that mumbai keeps people so busy that it distances relations. rita gets tensed. the lady lightens the mood. they bond nicely after that. the lady thanks her for being here, adding that niranjan mustnt have been too excited, as he is her son and she knows him that much. she then excuses herself to go to the kitchen. rita expresses her help, but the lady tells her to take care of the children, palak and vijal.

At the dining table, niranjan and rita join the couple, while he asks where is rahul. shivpal says that rahul has asked for food in his room. the man gets tensed. he says that this isnt a hotel where he gets room service. she offers to go and get him. but he says that he shall go himself. he enters the room to find rahul by the window, and alcohol on the table. he gets tensed and then turns on the lights, and they both finally confront each other, as Rahul turns around, with a scornful face.

his father asks if he couldnt leave it for some days. rahul unabashedly continues drinking. Govardhan asks him to not tarnish the image of this house, as noone has ever drunk here before. rahul asks if his forefathers were scared to speak the truth too. his father is boggled and asks whats this nonsense. his screams reach the dining table, and she hurriedly leaves. niranjan shamelessly continues eating. his wife is tensed.

Meanwhile, in the room, govardhan and rahul enter into a verbal duel. The wife comes and tries to calm rahul down, while Govardhan is tensed. rahul asks what was he thinking, about calling them here and staying for two days, that all of his sins would be forgiven. he says that he hasnt committed anything, that makes him liable for apology from anyone. rahul taunts him, that not just him, even his children’s villain is he himself. govardhan is tensed and apalled.

rahul and govardhan fight each other with great vigour. his wife tries to intervene but she is pushed away. govardhan storms out. rahul follows him. he asks him to go to his room, as he is inebriated. but he continues following them to the drawing room. he then says that he shall speak the truth, and the truth is that they all hate him, but only he has the guts to say this to him on face. Govardhan asks him to go to his room, or else. rahul challenges him to show.

govardhan gets angry and then gets the rifle, while all are aghast and shocked. rahul taunts him. Govardhan has the rifle aimed at rahul, while he succumbs on the ground, due to his inebriated state, when a sudden sound emanates. he thinks that he got shot. but then rita points out that there isnt any bleeding from anywhere. his mother and rita begin reprimanding him for doing this to rahul. all are tensed. they try to wake him up. when the doctor comes, he tells ila, govardhan’s wife, about the damaged condition of his liver, which made him succumb. he sks her to take care or else they lose the son. she is distraught. he prescribes meds, and then talks to the family and leaves. Inside Rahul wakes up, and she asks him how is he. he says that its a habit now. she gets emotional and then says that she was tortured to see him like this.

he apologises, but she remains angry yet tearful. he asks her to agree now, and tries to pleaase her by saying that he never means to intentionally hurt her. she reprimands him. he talks about how he cant forget what all he has done to his own son. she asks him not to old onto the past and pain everyone around him. he says that the pain matters most, when the life gives new troubles. she is boggled and asks whats bothering him. he turns away. she asks him to speak up. he says that he lost hisjob 3 days back, and hasnt paid the rent for 2 months. she asks why didnt he tell them. he says that he didnt want his father’s sympathy. she tries to speak, but he stays resilient on this, and asks her not to disclose this to father, and makes her promise. she complies.

Outside, rita tries to calm govardhan down by saying, that he shouldnt bear ill will against his own son, as he did come at his one phone call. she advises him to save the relation as long as it exists. ila comes. rita offers to be by rahul’s side. ila is against it. she asks about niranjan. govardhan says that he retired for the night. she asks rita to go and rest too. rita complies. he then asks her to be calm and quiet and not discuss this event furthermore, to restore peace.

ila says that she cant believe he aimed a rifle at his own son. he says that he wasnt thinking anything, as the rifle was empty. she is still tensed though.The next morning, they all get to praying together. later, govardhan and his wife, get to animated bantering, as they reminiesce their romance in their very own bedroom. she starts dancing on old romantic numbers, while he watches her, with amusement and glee. they have a romantic duet. they hug each other.

Location: Haveli
Govardhan and ila have a light hearted romantic moment, when shivpal comes for permission to go to the market. he complies. Outside, shivpal and the maid talk about parimalk’s arrival soon and how it shall only land problems. she says that he is very short tempered, and might crib about his biggest room, being given to niranjan. but she says that she shall talk to ila about it. he leaves for market. a car arrives, and the maid thinks that parimal arrived. As another lady arrives with her son, govardhan and ila greet them with warmth and then they look at the empty car behind them. ila asks if parimal didnt come. she says that he has some urgent work and hence couldnt come. they get tensed. Later, govardhan and ila start chatting.

He says that he knows why parimal didnt come, and that he still cant forget what happened in the past. she says that maybe he actually had work. he says that gayatri was clearly lying. he wonders how long would he hold back a thing of 15 years. ila is tensed too. he hastily rushes to go, when she asks him not to think that the children shall always listen to the parents. he says that he isnt an strong, and didnt know his children had such hatred for them. she asks him to get ahead now, and talks about rahul, who hates him, but still came, and niranjan too doesnt like him, but he is still here. she talks about how her daughters and bahus respect them so much, and they should find happiness in that too. she gets emotional and clutches at him, while he hugs her. she assures him that everything would be okay.

As gayatri is learning online english lessons, rita notices her discomfort, and ios amused. gaytarri is embarassed and invites her in. rita comes and gayatri explains how she feels incompetent as she doesnt know english. rita totally puts her at ease, with her humourous bantering. then niranjan comes and they get talking about his business in catering, losing its lustre. bijal and palak come, and gayatri welcomes them galore and gives them gifts. they are ecstatic and leave.

Niranjan and rita leaves to ask her to rest. before leaving, rita clarifies that ila had given their room, to parimal first, but since they didnt come, and they almost didnt expect parimal to come, hence they took it since their family is large, as niranjan suggested. gayatri says that its okay as she is alone, and they can stay at peace. rita leaves. uday comes and greets rahul, and they instantly click on some technical issues. rahul rectifies it, and they start playing together, while animatedly bantering.

rahul plays the part of cool paternal uncle. uday likes it, and starts talking about college life. as he talks about his girlfriend in college, rahul gets sentimental as it strikes an emotional cord.

In their room, niranjan lashes at rita for giving a justification to gayatri. rita says that its the truth, and he has always been dissatisfied with what he got, and always wanted what others have. he says that it isnt enough for him. she asks him to see practical dreams. he says that when there isnt anyone to support, he cant see dreams. a heated verbal arguement ensues.

Later, govardhan, ila and the kids are playing, when they express that they cant play the house game, and cant build a house properly, givardhan and ila take it on their heart.

Meanwhile, her another son, arrives, who also brings some sarees, that she had asked for to bring for his sister, devyani. she asks if she would have to pay. he asks her not to bother. govardhan comes and ila shows the saree to him. govardhan likes it and asks the price for it from his son. she asks him not to pay. But govardhan insists on paying, and then asks him to book a private taxi for his sister at the airport. then the son leaves to freshen up. they eye the heavy sarees and jewellery, excited about devyani’s arrival tomorrow. they get devyani’s call, who informs them that her husband, srikant is out on tour, and her daughter has tests, and hence couldnt come. she says that they cant force a married daughter for anything.

it leaves them both tensed and speechless. he complies. he says that parimal could have come, as he is the son. Govardhan asks what should he think about parimal not coming, which means he doesnt want to have any contact with him, nor see his face. he says that even if he dies tomorrow, his son wouldnt come for his final rites. she asks him not to talk ill. he says that nothing wrong has happened, but it will. she gets upset. he apologises for upsetting her due to his displeasure.

The next morning, govardhan sits on the porch, alone for morning tea. shivpal sits with him and finds him tensed. he talks about how he reminisces old moments. he hears the sound of the temple bells, and thinks that ila arrived at the temple, and leaves himself to join her.

As niranjan and rita come back from their morning walk, shivapla expresses ila isnt anywhere to be found. they arent tensed, as its a big house. gaytari is tensed that ila was roaming around late night, seemingly tensed. All the family is worried as to where could ila have been all morning, and that its strange for her to be out like this, without informing anyone. its suggested whether they should report to the police. Meanwhile, govardhan comes and asks whats wrong and if something happened. they are tensed. shivpal informs him. he is shocked. the screen freezes on his face.

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