Our perfect place update Saturday 25 April 2020

Our perfect place 25 April 2020: Niranjan nurses Maya’s wounds and feeds her food. He then picks dirty plates. Maya asks him to leave them, her maid will clean plates. Niranjan says it is okay and says he will stay till her room mate comes back.

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Maya says she is airhostess and can come any time. Parimal asks if she has any other friend. Maya says she has and reminds him. She then asks him to go home as his family must be waiting for him. He says he will go, but she should tell him why she left him for money. Maa says she did not leave him for money. He asks to tell the real reason then. She says she did not leave him at all. She just frightened him that she will leave if he does not earn, so that he start a proper job and earn a stable income. He moved on instead. Niranjan stands dumb stuck that he did a big mistake.

Ila listens to Uday’s recorded confession that he wanted to become musician, but his parents did not support him and he had to take a wrong route to fulfill his dream. She goes to Parimal’s room and makes him listens to the confession. Parimal fumes that it is all his mistake. He goes to Uday’s room with all his savings made for Uday and hands over to him and says now he can fulfill all his dreams. He says he was angry on his father as his father did not support him when he needed him the most, but now he will support Uday financially and will never get emotional with him. He angrily walks out. Uday starts crying vigorously.

Rita tries new costumes and sends her selfies to Niranjan, but he does not reply at all. She ges sad. Her stylist asks if her husband dd not reply. She says no, she needed his opinion, but he did not respond at all. Stylist asks her to try some more dresses.

Ila sees Uday crying and consoles him. He says she is the only one who is supporting him. She says even she is upset that he hurt his parents. Uday says he cannot really forget Parimal’s slap, but wants to regain his parent’s love. Ila asks him to first apologize Gayatri and speak to her. Uday goes and apologizes Gayatri and asks her to speak to him even though if she has to hit him many times. They both get emotional.

Uday pleads Gayatri to forgive him and gives a stick to beat him. Gayatri gets emotional. Mai teri chunarya lehrayi…song..plays in the background. She hugs him and cries. Their mother-son emotional bonding continues.

Maya tells Niranjan that he should move on in life now and spend a happier life with his wife and children. Niranjan says he cannot forget his short temper and her confession that she never left him at all, hopes he had a lot of money so that their relationship would have continued. He says now he will live a happy life with his wife and children, his daughters consider him superhero and he will not break their hope. Maya hugs him and says they are meeting for the last time. They then lose their self-control and get intimate. Ang Lagade re…song..plays in the background. They then go to bed.

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