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Our perfect place 16 May 2020: Tanu tries to convince Hetal and says that papa was forcing her to marry, but she did not want to, so she had to leave for US. Hetal shouts not to blame papa.

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She was crying continuously reminiscing her rogue boyfriend after he ditched her, papa used to cry hiding seeing her condition, so he thought of getting her married. She cannot blame papa for her mistakes. Tanu says she does not know what happened behind her. Hetal continues that she went to US, but did not even contacted her or papa. After papa’s death, she was so lonely and needed her support, but she was not even picking her call. Tanu because she was in mental asylum for 3 years and tried to suicide 4 times. Hetal is shocked.

Hetal asks why she tried to suicide. Tanu says she could not tolerate papa’s death and was feeling guilty after aunt alleged her that she killed her papa. She tried to suicide once by cutting her wrist, she was saved and put in mental rehab. She then consumed sleeping pills and was saved, then tried to jump from rehab building and saved and so on. She was put in a rehab room for 3 years and was counseled each day. She proved herself well and got out of rehab and even did counseling diploma course. She called aunt each tday to ask about Hetal, but Aunt yelled that even she eloped like her. When she came to India and tried to meet her, she was hating her so much and did not want to meet her. She continues explaining.

Tanu continues explaining Hetal why she tried to suicide repeatedly and could not meet her. Hetal then starts her story what all she suffered since she left her.

Parimal goes to Niranjan and tells him about Rita’s makeover and desire to become actress. Niranjan says he knows about Rita’s desire to become actress and her makeover, she is looking good after makeover. Parimal informs about skimpy and transparent nightie ad and whole incident. Nianjan is shocked and says maa will not permit Rita for that ad. Parimal says maa is agreeing to Rita’s each illegal demand and will permit Rita. Niranjan asks what he can do. Parimal asks him to get out of his room and perform his duties. Niranjan says he cannot go directly in front of Rita and if he calls her, she will take it offensively. Parimal says whatever heinous act he did, it is obvious, but he has to take a stance. Niranjan says if he does anything, he will lose his children forever.

Hetal continues pouring her heart out and tells Hetal how their aunt tortured her each after papa’s death, she used to not give her food and forced her to sleep in dark room, poured ice water on her, and when she became 18 years old she even burnt her with burning rod to get her signatures on property papers. She shows her burn mark and then yells that all this happened because of Tanu and her boyfriend, Tanu does only herself and her boyfriend and not papa and her, so she will never forgive Tanu and walks warning not to come in front of her again. Tanu walks behind her trying to stop her and falls down injured. Hetal turns and notices her on ground injured

Hetal sees Tanu falling and injuring her hand runs to her. She lifts her and takes along. Uday sees Ila tensed and asks reason. Ila says nothing relevant. He insists to tell her problem. Ila says she is fine and asks to go and study. He says whenever he is in tension, she never leaves him alone, how can he. Ila smiles. Gayatri returns from grocery shopping. Uday asks where is his energy drink and starts searching bag. Gayatri sees Ila tensed and asks reason. Uday insists to show where his energy drink is.

Gayatri gives him can. He says it is cool drinks and not energy drink, he needs it to keep himself awake in the afternoon. Ila says she will give him tulsi tea instead. Gayatri says she will give him dry fruit laddoos. Uday falls down and says hats off to them, he does not need their laddoo and tea and leaves. Ila tells Gayatri about Rita’s desire to do an ad wearing skimpy transparent night. Gayatri says even she is shocked hearing this, if theree was no good nightie. Ila says Rita told all nighties are same.

Sam reaches restaurant and pulls Prachi’s legs. He asks about Hetal. Prachi says Hetal’s sister had come and took her out. Sam gets tensed what must have happened. If he did not agree, Tanu herself went to meet Hetal. Hetal brings injured Tanu who walks limping. Sam asks what happened, if he can help. Hetal says she will manage and if she can use his studio. He says okay and looks Tanu. Tanu signals not to speak. Hetal takes Tanu in and applies balm on her legs.

Rita shows nighties to Gayatri and Ila. They both check all nightie and get disappointed.

Sam peeps from glass and seeing Hetal and Tanu thinks they must have cried a lot, what must have happened. Tanu says her leg is fine now. Hetal helps her walk. Rahul comes and asks Prachi where is Sam. Prachi points at Sam. Rahul sees Sam peeing into his studio and walks towards Sam.

Rahul sees Sam peeping into his studio, walks towards him and asks what is he doing. Sam says Hetal and her sister are inside. Rahul smiles and goes back to counter. Hetal helps Tanu walk. Tanu says she is fine now.

Rita continues showing nighties to Gayatri and Ila. They ask to try the one she liked. Rita picks one and goes to change. Gayatri and Ila hope Rita’s nightie is not too skimpy and transparent. Rita returns wearing nightie and asks how is it. They both are shocked to see short revealing nightie. Rita asks how is she looking. Ila says she really wants her to do ad and succeed in life, but not in this kind of revealing nightie. Rita feels sad.

Hetal starts again that she helped Tanu out of humanity and nothing else. Tanu says she still loves her as sister, so she helped her. Hetal says if she wants her to love again as sister, she should forget her boyfriend because of whom their father died and they had to suffer. She starts cursing that her boyfriend should suffer like them and should die like papa. Tanu stops her.

Rahul starts feeling severe stomach pain. Prachi notices him and asks if he is fine. He says yes and says Hetal seems to be busy, so he will brief her tomorrow and now he will go to meet investor. Hetal yells at Tanu that if she does not forget her boyfriend, then she should forget her and leaves.

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