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Lies of the heart 16 May 2020: Shashi rushes in to urmi’s room, expressing horror and asks if urmi fell or hurt herself. But she is shocked at what she sees, when she finds urmi perched on the stand, handling stuff in the almirah. Samrat reprimands her that she always blows things out of proportion.

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All come up and are tensed too. but samrat tells them that there’s nothing to worry about. Samrat insistently gets her down, as he helds out his hand for her to come down. she is overwhelmed, while tauji and rudra are pleased. Shashi is furious and irritated to see their increasing proximity.

urmi is singing in the kitchen and working, seeing what kanchan is happy and expresses happiness at her happiness and excitement. They discuss about samrat’s change of heart, while shashi hears in jealousy. urmi expresses her happiness, but says that she doesnt like the fact that two brothers have separated and should again unite. Kanchan says that she too feels bad but asks urmi not to bother about all this, and focus on her relation right now. Shashi is super tensed with this, and decides to talk to amrit about why the baba’s ash didnt work.

Scene 2:
Location: Lawyer’s office
Amrit is called into the lawyer’s office, while he starts to dream about how everything would be his, and how he woulod make torture samrat for every penny. meanwhile, the lawyer tells amrit that his work is done, after his signatures. He is about to leave in glee, when he is shocked as the lawyer tell him to get the other party i.e. Samrat Singh Rathore, for signatures. They are amused at amrit’s naievty in thinking that such important papers could be sanctioned without the presence of both the parties. Amrit tries to bribe the person, but doesnt work. he is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Amrit is highly frustrated that he wont be able to get anything as this is completely not going to happen, that samrat ‘s property be in his name, without his permission. He thinks that he would get a blank cheque from samrat, but then reprimands him for thinking so foolishly of the impossible happening. shashi comes in asking amrit when would the effect on urmi happen. He vents out his frustration on her while she stand shocked. Aditi comes and finding him talking to shashi like that, she asks whats he doing. shashi covers up and calms him down, and asks aditi to calm down too, as she only got him angry. Aditi is confused. Shashi leaves saying that she would come later. Amrit is tensed.

Later, in the night, samrat is fed by urmi, when he signals her to get shaurya to sleep else where so that they can fool around. But urmi denies it. Samrat tells him that he has to sleep with mandira today. Shaurya says that he wont as mandira kicks him in the sleep. He asks urmi to emphasise on it and she does so teasingly. He refuses to eat, citing naughtily that he isnt hungry but thirsty. she feeds samrat, before he can say anything to shaurya, when he asks her to give samrat some water. He bites on her finger. she yelps in pain. shaurya asks what happened. She says that a mosquito bit her. samrat asks shaurya to tell urmi to follow samrat’s orders more often. Urmi asks shaurya to tell his father, that she would agree to anything, and samrat gets happy, but is sad when she adds, that she would do so, when he gets better. she leaves teasing him, while he smiles.

Scene 4:
Location: Annu’s residence
While all are busy working, asha comes and asks anu to dial gaurav’s number and give to her. When she gets through, she asks him to get all sorts of sour things, that a pregnant lady wishes to eat. As saroj and granny hear this, they are baffled along with anu. Anu asks why did she ask for this. asha says that this is for her, as now she would begin to like to eat such stuff only. Granny asks why would she say that as she isnt expecting. asha tells them excitedly that she has conceived. they are all shocked. Anu is baffled and asks if she is sure. Granny says that asha cant be wrong about this, if nothing else. Saroj too emphasises that she wont lie about this. Granny is super happy with asha. asha tells them to manage the work, as she would lie and have to rest now. they happily agree, while annu thinks that there’s going to be some drama in the evening, as she still refuses to believe this.

In the evening, all are happy and having sweets, while gaurav comes back with sweets too. he thinks that his news is known to everyone, and wonders how did this happen. As they are all happy, they say that they got to know, even if he didnt tell them. Now gaurav says that its all due to his hard work, and all are confused that he is sharing his bedroom feats with the family. the situation worsens when asha joins saying that he didnt do anything and that it was all due to her. Devi leaves in disgust, while saroj reprimands them for acting so indecently in front of their family. Anu understands the confusion and asks gaurav what good news is he talking about. Finally gaurav clarifies that its his promotion that he was talking about. Granny says that they were expecting that he is going to be a father. gaurav shuns them off that asha cant be. annu says that she had warned everyone about this. All are frustrated, with asha.

Scene 5:
Location: samrat’s residence
Shaurya is sleeping, while urmi is amused as she hears amrat ranting out frustratedly with his son, that due to him, he isnt getting any action with his wife. Kanchan comes and asks if she didnt disturb them. urmi welcomes her. kanchan asks urmi to sit aside samrat, so that she can take evil eyes off them. urmi and samrat eye each other romantically, while kanchan exporesses how she wants this relation to be very strong and wonderful. kanchan does the ritual, while they eye each other. kanchan smiels and leaves after having completed. urmi faces samrat and gets to pressing his legs. urmi comments that they dont like that both families eat separately. Urmi asks samrat if they cant be together again and if both the families can stay and eat together. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
samrat doesnt respond when urmi asks him the question if they all can eat together and be one family again. He says that he is tired and wants to sleep. she adjusts him, and then he doses off, closing her eyes. urmi is tensed.

The next day, samrat comes down and forcibly in a demanding manner, asks this to be stopped, and says that all of them shall be and eat together form now on. the members nudge diwaker to agree and he finslly does. Its an overwhelming and emotional reunion. urmi thanks him for this.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Asha is on a rant that he never loves her, and she is being sandwiched between his anger and granny’s demand for a child. finally gaurav softens down and coaxes asha into getting intimate with him and finally consummates their marriage.

The next day, while gaurav is getting ready, he is amused to see asha embarassed and shying away. he wishes her farewell, when she says that she is tloo embarassed and shy to come out.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat calls urmi to goof around, on the pretext of giving medicine, and is happy to kow that she is happy that he agreed to do what he told her to do. then he gets into a teasing mode, and begins to demand his fee for it. just then, tauji walks in and catches them like that, and embarasses them further saying that when they plan such a programme they should think about closing the door first. urmi is embarassed and mortified. she is about to run out, after tauji closes the door, on them while he catches her and after having kissed her unawares, he manages to get a kiss out of her toop, but on the cheeks, before she dashes out.

As samrat gets to know from his accountant, that today is the last day of tax returns filings, he reprimands amrit for not reminding him, and says that now he would have to get it done through netbanking. As he begins to do so, amrit gets the idea that this net banking thing, could help him realise his dreams and that he would manage to transfer all of samrat’s money into his account. he smiles evilly. the screen freezes on his evil face as he keeps concocting polans to rob samrat, through net banking.

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