Our perfect place update Friday 22 May 2020

Our perfect place 22 May 2020: Uday gets worried for Sameer when he does not reach home, messages him to reply back or come home soon, he is worried for him. Ila knocks door and asks if Sameer woke up. Uday says he is still asleep.

Ila forcefully enters and asks why he is asleep. Uday says he came home later after party at Hetal’s house and is sound asleep. Ila forcefully lifts blanket and sees pillows instead.

Uday gets tensed and tries to change topic. Ila insists. Uday says after party, Sam left sadly and did not return home at all. He gets call from Sam’s mobile. Ila asks to switch on speaker. A man speaks and says Sam met with an accident and is in hospital. Ila sits in a shock.

Family brings Sam home. Ila scolds him. Parimal says it is just a small accident and Sam is fine. Ila says even then she is worried. Sam says he hit a stone while parking and fell. Ila asks why did not he wear helmet. He says he forgot in tension. Ila asks what is it. Uday says it is personal. Parimal scolds what is personal at his age, he should stop behaving like Sam.

After sometime, Prachi with her friend comes to meet Sam. Uday introduces her to Ila and Gayatri. Prachi calls Ila as aunty. Uday says she can call her daadi as his daadi is her daadi. Gayatri and Ila look at him. Uday asks Gayatri if she does not want to go and pick Falak and Bejal and if Ila does not have work in kitchen. Gayatri says she will leave then, says she felt good meeting Prachi. Prachi says even she felt good meeting her, aunty.

Gayatri says she can call her mummy, looking at Uday. Once she and Ila leave, Sam speaks to Prachi and asks her not tell Hetal about his accident. Another friend says some client want to meet him in the afternoon. They both leave. Hetal in her room reminisces Sam lying that does not know Tanu, their fight and breakup.

Rahul stands in a shock reminiscing how Tanu did not identify him. He shatters and sits down getting stomach ache. He then reminisces doc’s words that his liver has failed and will die soon. He prays for Tanu’s happiness and leaves. Tanu comes out of hiding and cries seeing Rahul’s condition. Rahul reaches cafeteria and asks servant if someone came to meet him. Servant shows log book and says Pammi aunty came.

Rahul reminisces Tanu writing her name as Pammi aunty to enter his hostel. He asks Pammi aunty’s description and servant describes. Prachi says he is describing Hetal’s sister’s description. Rahul asks if Shree had come. Prachi says Shree is her name after she took counseling profession, her real name is Tanu, both Tanu and Shree are same. Rahul stands shocked.

Prachi informs Rahul that Hetal sister’s name is both Tanu and Shree. Rahul asks then who entered Pammi aunty in log book. Prachi says Hetal does not like her sister, so she wrote wrong name to escape from Hetal’s anger. Rahul stands shocked.

He then hurriedly opens his bag and takes out Tanu’s scarf. Prachi says this is Hetal’s sister’s scarf. He then shows Tanu’s pic. She says this is Tanu and Shree and asks how did he get this scarf and photo, she must have left it in is cabin when she entered last time. She requests not to tell Hetal that her sister had come and asks colleagues also not to inform Hetal. Rahul starts crying and wobbling, but Prachi notice his tears and continues requesting not to inform Hetal and informs all the incidents when Tanu came many times.

Rahul walks out of cafeteria with wobbly gait reminiscing all the incidents. He gets on his jeep, but sees cars on both sides. He shouts at watchman to clear cars. Watchman calls owners, but nobody comes out. Rahul angrily kicks his jeep and runs shouting he wants to meet Tanu. He runs on road reminiscing Sam telling about Tanu’s boyfriend betraying her, her father dying of heart attack, she running from her marriage, trying to suicide in US thrice, getting into mental rehab, etc.

Rahul reaches Tanu’s office and enters it. He sees whole office empty. Maid comes and asks whom he wants to meet. He says Tanu. She says it is Shree’s office. He says same. She says Shree left this office and will never come. He asks her number. She gives her mobile and take it. He calls Tanu’s number, but number is switched off. Maid says she needs to lock this office and give keys to owner.

Rahul walks out reminiscing earlier incidents again and calls Ila. Ila asks if he met Shree. He asks if she told about and Tanu to Shree. She hesitantly says yes and tells him whole incident, meeting Tanu, Tanu coming home and meeting him, crying why did they separate Rahul from Tanu and promising she will help Rahul forget Tanu. Rahul thinks he will get his Tanu today.

Rahul cries standing outside Tanu’s office and realizes she was trying to hide from him. He thinks why she wants to run away from him, reminisces taxi driver describing his taxi’s number 1111, calls Parimal and asks to call his inspector friend and get details of a taxi. Parimal asks what happened. Rahul shouts just do it.

Sam reminisces Hetal fighting with him repeatedly and breaking up. Ila asks if he is sad breaking up with Heal and she knows everything now. He says trying to reuniting Hetal and her sister, he lost Hetal’s love. She says Hetal is a good girl and she must have fought in anger. He says he should not have tried at all. She says Hetal helped their family a lot, so he should reunite her with her sister. Sam says she knows Hetal’s sister.

Hetal reminisces fighting with Sam and him lying her and cries. Prachi calls her and informs that she and Rahul have to meet client. Hetal asks if Rahul is there. Prachi says he had come, but left, so she should come soon.

Parimal calls Rahul and informs that he got taxi’s info and driver’s number, it was seen heading towards Panvel some time ago. Rahul goes to parking area and scolds watchman to take out car. Watchman says car went long ago. Rahul gets into car and speeds up. He blocks Tanu’s taxi and shouts to come out. Driver warns him to move aside, else he will call police. Rahul holds his collar and shouts to call whoever he wants. Tanu silently gets out of car and hides behind tree. Rahul checks car and finds Tanu’s purse. Driver says madam is not here. Rahul asks then how did this purse come. Driver says she ran away when he was fighting with him. Rahul cries shouting Tanu…Tanu cries hiding behind tree.

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