Once there was a king update Tuesday 8 March 2022

Once there was a king 8 March 2022: Rana ji and Gayatri are left on the cliff, Gayatri says he trusted her, he neither had their memories nor love. Rana ji hugs her.Rana ji apologizes Gayatri’s mother. She says it was a bad time, passed away. Rana ji thanks her, then comes to thanks Lakhan for saving Gayatri’s life.

Rana ji says he can never pay for what Lakhan did, he can ask whatever he wants from the treasure of Amirkot. Lakhan looks at Swarna, then says he wants to ask one thing only. They must celebrate the arrival of the baby to be born, they must celebrate it well. Rana ji announces that they will welcome the happiness of the palace, tonight will be the celebration of Swarna’s Goad Bharai.

Gayatri asks Lakhan what he is doing, Lakhan says he can’t see Swarna upset. He wants her to smile at least, Swarna leaves the hall.In the jail, Kunwar ji says he had dreamt about so much to get. He accuses Bari Rani Maa that he is destroyed, he has lost his respect, then his son now only his life is left. Bari Rani Maa says this game can’t end until she is alive, there is still hope. Kunwar ji asks which hope. Bari Rani Maa says Kaal, whose body has gun powder instead of blood. Kunwar ji asks if he would help them. Bari Rani Maa says he de-roots the problems. She tells Kunwar ji that a few years ago, she went in forest and watched a wild young boy of 12 years who had prey and ate lion.

She recalls calling him towards herself, she had called him towards herself and asked who is he and who killed the lion. He says hunger did, he killed it. Bari rani maa tells the boy that she can give him a new life, but she will have the right over his life. He introduced himself as Kaal. Bari Rani Maa says that Kaal is their last hope. Kunwar ji says first Bari Rani Maa brought Avdesh, then Rajeshwari and now Kaal. These rented men can’t do any harm to Rana ji, she must keep him away from her planning. It’s better for them to walk along with Rana ji.Swarna tells Gayatri she can’t celebrate anymore. Kunwar ji and Kokilla want this child a sourse to get to throne.

She can’t celebrate about it, she wants to tell Rana ji. Gayatri says they will tell Rana ji about it, but not today. He has gone through a big storm today, for once she must allow the residents of this palace to celebrate. She assures it’s her responsibility to get her and Lakhan together. Rana ji comes inside excited. When he leaves, Swarna tells Gayatri she was right, this truth must wait the right time.In the function, Kunwar ji and Kokilla blesses Swarna and gives her gifts. Everyone else does too. Rana ji and Gayatri brings her a gold idol. Swarna gets to Rana ji’s feet, Rana ji says she is his sisters and sisters don’t touch feet. He couldn’t save Laksh but he will always protect her child.

Gayatri and Raaj Mata dance together in celebration. Gayatri drags Rana ji as well. Lakhan watches Swarna and wipes his tears, then leaves the hall. Swarna goes behind him. She comes to Lakhan and keeps a hand on his shoulder. He wipes his tears and says these tears don’t know they don’t have to spill in times of happiness. He wants to stay happy, but he is so helpless he can’t give his child his name as well. Swarna hugs him crying. Rana ji comes there and slaps Lakhan, he asks how he and goes to grab Lakhan’s dare collar beating him again. Swarna gets to his feet while Rana ji kicked Lakhan. Swarna says if he kills Lakhan her child will always lose his child before birth. Rana ji was shocked to hear this, Lakhan stands up by then. Kunwar ji shouts at Swarna to shut up, else he will… Swarna asks if he will kill her, then go on.

It’s easier for her to die telling the truth than live with a lie. Rana ji asks what is happening here.Swarna tells him all about Laksh’s reality. How they had kept her in torture, and Kunwar ji and Kokilla’s deterrence, her love for Lakhan. Rana ji asks if there was such injustice with a girl in his presence, Raaj Mata and Gayatri were also upset.Kokilla accuses Swarna to be shameless, Rana ji shouts at her to stop it. She has forgotten her limits, if he does today then his sword will decide about them. Kunwar ji says he also has a sword, he can’t talk to his wife like this.

He says this is their household matter, he has no right to interfere and drags Swarna towards himself. Rana ji says domestic violence isn’t household matter, its social responsibility. Woman is a mother, daughter, wife, sister but not a property. He asks Kunwar ji to leave Swarna’s hand, else his hand will have to leave his body.

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