Once there was a king update Tuesday 19 April 2022

Once there was a king 19 April 2022: Raja gets close to Bindu about to kiss her, Rani comes and slap Raja, holding his collar tight and questions how dare he got so close to some other girl. She shuts Bindu up from interference, as it’s about her and her husband. She warns Bindu about the courage of Gayatri Singh, she won’t refrain from slapping Bindu if she keeps on interfering. Raja leaves, Rani runs behind him into the room. Kokilla and Bindu share smiles.

In the room, Raja was laying on bed. Rani asks for an answer, she throw the magazine in his hand away. Raja tells Rani to calm down, he wandered with Bindu and it is mere a kiss. Rani asks what else did he want, it must be a moment for him but it burnt her life today. How can he forget he loves her. Raja jerks her hands away, Rani wasn’t ready to let him go, he should answer why he is doing so. Raja asks if she dare hear the truth. He thinks he was mistaken by marrying her, one should always marry sensibly.Raja clearly tells Rani that from today, they will live separate lives. She can stay in this house, but as a daughter in law only.

He gets to sleep, Rani cries sitting on the floor. Raja recalls his determination to turn Rani strong as he touched the photo on side table. Rani recalls Raja calling his marriage a mistake, and wanted her to be strong. She wonders if he was really telling the truth, or is there some reason. She goes to hold Raja’s hand and says she is sure he is lying, her Raja loves her dearly. She wakes him up from sleep, he sits up annoyed and push her behind to go away. Rani leave the room, running downstairs. Raja looks behind upset about breaking the photo frame on side table. Rani was about to run outside the palace, then holds her foot back.

She thinks about Amrita calling her as a daughter of this house, then thinks she is leaving this house without Amrita’s permission, may she forget her and move on. Bindu stood elated behind her.
Raaj Mata hugs Rani concerned. Rani cries that she was just missing her. Raaj Mata asks if she will always come here, whenever she miss her. Did she tell anyone at home?There in the palace, Bari Rani Maa asks Bindu why Raja kissed her. Bindu says Raja loves her. Bari Rani Maa says there is something wrong, she sends Bindu to find out what happened between Raja and Rani.

Raaj Mata tells Rani that she is now a daughter in law, she must not come here on petty issues. Rani cries she only has Dadu in her life. Raaj Mata inquires why she is tensed. Rano looks towards Raaj Mata’s medicines, recalling anything that make her worried will worsen her ailment. Rani tells Raaj Mata she has a difficult test, Raaj Mata recalls Rani had an exam tomorrow. Rani thinks she can’t share it’s her love’s testimony as well. Raaj Mata hugs her.

Thenext morning, Bindu comes to hug Raja in the room. He asks what she is doing here. Bindu informs Raja that Rani left, Raja was shocked and questions where she left. Bindu says she is unaware where she went, Rani was just a wall between them that has fallen. Raja asks where Rani is. Bindu says she doesn’t know where she went, she just left last night. Raja was in disbelief, Bindu asks isn’t this what he wanted. He insists on Bindu he can’t let her go, she is his wife and he…. Then leaves.

Raaj Mata gives Rani sweet yougurt, blessing her for her exam. Raja comes there concerned, Raaj Mata says she was aware Raja would be worried, both reply yes. Raaj Mata asks if he came to pick Rani up for exam, Raja says yes he came to take her.Near the car, Rani complains that Raja kissed Bindu, and hurt her; if it’s meaningless. Raja insists he is a Prince, people like him not only enjoy with ladies but also keep them like his father did. Rani hysterically laughs she married a prince. She thought about staying happy with her prince, like in fairytales. She was happy about having achieved her love, she had forgotten she would have to share her prince.

She turns to leave, Raja holds her asking if she is ending everything. Rani says may be its meaningless, right now she is going to college to take the exam.In the palace, Amrita asks Jeewan about Raja and Rani. Jeewan tells her they have an exam today.Kaal tells Bari R ani Maa he won’t let Raja participate in election, he is like a bomb that can blast anytime. He must keep Raja away from himself, as Raja is aware of his weakness and is biggest threat to him. He will now get selfish and only think about himself, he no more cares for Bari Rani Maa or Raja. Bari Rani Maa comes to Amrita in the kitchen taunting that its really hot in the palace, and she is preparing the juice.

She informs that Rani has left home, Amrita shares Rani has gone to take exam. Bari Rani Maa asks why she never came to know, she must find her daughter in law.In the college, the examiner demands everyone to submit their answer sheets. Rani leaves, the examiner notices she didn’t write anything. Jeewan hears this.Raaj Mata brings water for Amrita. Raaj Mata cheers that Raja and Rani came in the morning, and then Amrita is here. Amrita wonders why they didn’t tell her.

Raaj Mata shares Rani came in the morning, Raja came from behind to pick her. She inquires Amrita if everything is fine, rani was a bit worried and Raja was worried as well. If Rani is happy with Raja. Amrita assures everything is fine, else it would be fine in future.Raja and Rani come across each other in the corridor, Meenu comes behind saying they must get an award from Principal for not missing the exam next day of their marriage. Raja asks Rani to come home, Rani asks which one is her home? Bindu comes to Raja and asks him to come home. Rani taunts this is his home. Bindu observes the tension between them, then tells Rani not everything change only by getting married. Rani agrees, and tells Raja she and her rules live together. She has no place, where her rules don’t reside. She turns to notice her friends having heard everything.

Raja scolds Bindu for coming here, Meenu comes to accuse Bindu. She asks Raja if he is hurting Rani for this Bindu. Bindu raise a finger over Meenu, warning her to keep out of her personal matter.There, Jeewan inquires Rani why the topper Gayatri Singh no more care about her studies. There must be a huge deal between Raja and her that made her over look her studies. He tells Rani if she is upset, no one will be happy; neither him nor they both and Amrita. Raja comes there and demands Jeewan to get away. Jeewan says he will leave only if Rani says so. Raja holds Jeewan’s collar, boasting its Rani’s husband’s will.

Jeewan leaves. Raja says he is aware she is hurt, every relation is difficult but they can’t run away from it. He said he isn’t happy with this relation, this doesn’t mean he wants to get rid of it. Rani complains first he kissed Rani, then he mocked this relation. Rani thinks he must once say he didn’t mean this, Raja thinks he want to tell her that he only loves her. Rani says alright, she will go with him but she would do with Jeewan what he did to Bindu. Raja was enraged, and holds her arm tight. Rani sadly says only the thought disturbed her, she will never forget about it. Raja asks what Amrita will feel. Rani assures to come to palace with him.

Raja and Rani come to the palace. Amrita was worried where Rani went without informing, she is a wife and holds responsibility of two families. She then asks them to get freshen up, mean is ready. Rani apologizes for leaving without informing, she returned to take her permission before leaving this palace forever. Amrita drags Rani inside, Raja was worried. Amrita asks Raja to stay outside and locks the door from inside. He awaited outside, tensed. Bindu was spying on them.
In the room, Amrita asks if Rani is unhappy with Raja. Rani cries hugging her, Raja peeks through the door.

Rani tells Amrita Raja isn’t happy with this marriage, he considers it a mistake. Amrita laughs if she has accepted this? He speaks anything in rage, but she is sensible. Rani says its not only about talks, what Raja did afterwards… Amrita asks what he did.
Bari Rani Maa was happy Rani has returned, she will instruct Amrita not to let Rani leave anymore. She tells Bindu that the family’s respect would be ruined if Rani leaves on second day of marriage. Bindu was determined to separate them no matter what.

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