Once there was a king update Thursday 3 February 2022

Once there was a king 3 February 2022:

An arrow hits the wall with a letter from Sartaj, he warns Raaj Mata that he is coming to palace. Raaj mata thinks that if Sartaj comes to the palace their years of hardwork can be messed up, Avdesh must leave the palace. Gayatri thinks who is disturbing Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata hurries to her room and burns the letter. Avdesh comes to Raaj Mata and says she will keep him and his sister in the palace… else. Raaj Mata asks he has fallen so much, her daughter in law showed his place to him today. She says in her family, her daughters and daughter in laws aren’t sold.

She is sure Avdesh doesn’t know anything, and if he does he must go and tell Rana ji. They will see who Rana ji believes. Gayatri thinks that she was right and Raaj Mata has a reason to keep Avdesh here. She thinks she must know about the full reality before doing anything.Rajeshwari holds a knife and says a few jokes cost heavily, they have given her brother great pain.Avdesh in his room says that he will snatch all the peace of Amirkot, he will bring the secret Raaj Mata is hiding to everyone. It will change the fate of Amirkot.

Rajeshwari says she will end Rana ji and he won’t be able to see the sun of New Year.
Rana ji tells his guards that New Year’s celebration must be done well. Gayatri comes and asks Rana ji why he is doing this, there must be a reason Raaj Mata doesn’t want this celebration. Rana ji says he wants to know about the reason, why she went against her son and not those siblings. He says Raaj Mata has always been stubborn, she insisted on him to marry her as well. Gayatri gets angry that their marriage is still a burden on him.
Rajeshwari says the American spider has a really strong poison. She says she will give Gayatri as a gift to Rana ji.

Avdesh comes to the place where the stone eyed man lived. There were no tents, he is frustrated saying he can’t lose this way. Sartaj kept a gun over his forehead and asks why he came here. Avdesh says he came to know the secret of Raaj Mata. He holds the gun and pulls the trigger finding out it was empty. He loads the gun now and says now, there are bullets in only one of its holes. He tells Sartaj to play a game with him, he will pull the trigger. If the bullet comes out, Avdesh would die and if it doesn’t, Sartaj must tell him the secret in return of bundles of money.

Rajeshwari brings a cat, Gayatri was taking tray of food. Rajeshwari drops her cat in front of Gayatri and makes a chance of mixing spider’s poison in the food. Gayatri says she told Rajeshwari to stay away from her.Sartaj tells Avdesh that Raaj Mata’s secret is, there is a Raja who isn’t a Raja. Avdesh points the gun towards him. Sartaj says Raja has everything except patience. Avdesh points the gun again and pulls the trigger. There was no bullet. Sartaj tells Avdesh that the secret is in the letter hanging over the tree.Gayatri brings the food to Rana ji who was inviting people to celebrations of New Year.

He stops and apologizes Gayatri for saying that all. Gayatri doesn’t agree and leave. Rana ji takes a bite from the poisoned Prasad.There was Avdesh written over the hanging letter. He asks Sartaj that this is his name. Sartaj says secrets wouldn’t be called secrets if they were easy to know. He returns Avdesh’s money saying he can’t be sold out. Sartaj leaves, Avdesh says that Sartaj will come by himself to tell him the secret.Laksh keeps a hand on Swarna’s shoulder in the lawn and says he really feels great whenever with her. Swarna says she knew he would come here. Laksh is enraged and slaps Swarna hard.

Swarna ruins his face saying he made her go away from him. Laksh says Lakhan was brought into the palace to play, not to be loved. Swarna says he never loved her that is why their relation is rotten as mud house. She says she has decided that she will always live in her own room now and not share his room, they will live close but not together.
Rana ji feels dizzy at once after eating the Prasad. He jerks his head, but his vison goes away. He fell off the chair on the ground. Rajeshwari who was watching him through all this time comes inside, smiles and says from today Gayatri is her brother’s now. She takes the Prasad bowl. Rana ji walks out from behind and calls his servant. Rajeshwari turns in shock. He tells the servant that he really feels dizzy and needs a black coffee. Rajeshwari comes to Rana ji and asks if he is fine. Rana ji says his head ache will go when she and her brother will leave the palace, he doesn’t need anything from them, not their good will even. She wonders how he was saved. She tells the servant that they must consult a doctor for Rana ji.

The servant tells Rajeshwari that Rana ji has been brought up by poison, he isn’t effected by minor ailments. Rajeshwari says she will now kill Rana ji herself.

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