Once there was a king update Sunday 3 July 2022

Once There was a king 3 July 2022:  family notices fire smoke coming from backyard. They find the backyard in fire. Doshi comes inside and calls for water from the people gathered there.Rani hears someone calling Raaj and wonders why she feels so impatient. She pours water for herself. There is a sudden knock at the door. Chitra comes looking for Raaj. Rani says Raaj didn’t come here. Chitra was unable to communicate that she heard people in the godown who saw Raaj going inside.

Vasundra thinks now she would watch Rani and her family suffer.The police informs Doshi it seems to be an accident, an oil tank got fire inside. The police say they have found a body inside, it’s badly burnt. They find a ring of Raaj from inside, the men carry a body from besides them. An inspector brings a ring, Rani recognizes it as Raaj’s. She denies the possibility and cries saying this can’t be Raaj’s.
The next morning, Anandi takes Preiti to bring Rani and Raaj downstairs. Sakshi was sitting beside Rani and asks when Raaj would return from God’s. Anandi takes Sakshi and tells Preiti to bring Rani downstairs. Preiti brings Rani downstairs. Rani cries beside Raaj’s body that she can’t live without him, he promised to be with her always. Chitra cries for her luck.

Vasundra comes to Chitra and smirks watching Raaj’s body being taken. Rani cries behind while Preiti and Anandi holds her behind.Later, Vasundra drinks in the room, thinking another one is down.
Rani comes inside looking for Raaj’s photo.
Vasundra says she wants to celebrate her victory. She says Rani herself agreed to let her stay here and made her job easy, she didn’t realize she loves taken other’s lives. She wanted to hear them cry and took her revenge, it soothes her. She comes to Raaj’s photo she had marked a cross over. There is a knock at the door, Rani enters the room. Vasundra was sitting on a couch and cries saying she can’t believe Raaj is no more. She curses her steps into the house. Rani tells her not to blame herself, she asks about Raaj’s photo downstairs. Vasundra says she didn’t see any.

Rani turns to leave, Vasundra had hidden the photo between two couches. Rani turns around and spots the photo with a marked cross over it. Vasundra stops Rani asking what happened, Doshi comes to call Rani downstairs. Vasundra was relieved.
Rani comes to Chitra in the room. Chitra asks Rani how they would live without Raaj. Rani notices Sakshi sleeping. Rani reads a note besides Sakshi, she asked God to send Raaj back. She would send chocolates to them. Chitra tells Rani to take care of herself, they must learn to live without Raaj. Rani lay her head over her shoulder.

At night, there was a knock at the door. Vasundra wonders who has been knocking at this time. She opens the door but no one was there outside. She shuts the door but there was a knock again, she opens it but no one was outside. She finds a small gift box on the door steps. Inside there was a note that Vasundra forgot this in godown, he is returning with love. She finds her earring in the box and was shocked, she wonders how does the sender know she was there in the godown. There was a knock at the door again, Vasundra spots foot steps in the corridor and follows them. The foot steps reached a room. Doshi lay in the bed asleep. Vasundra thinks if Doshi know about her truth, she thinks she wouldn’t let Doshi be a hurdle of her way. She tries to suffocate him with a cushion but hears some noise outside. Doshi was awake.

Rani speaks to Sunanda that she has been trying to live without Raaj, its difficult. Anandi gets breakfast for Rani. Rani cries as Anandi says Raaj would also have wanted her to eat. Doshi brings Rani a copy of Raaj’s photo.Upstairs, Sakshi hits Chitra and the drawing in her hands fell down. Vasundra watches the drawing, it was the scenario of fire in the godown. Sakshi tells Vasundra it was in Doshi’s room.Sakshi comes to the hall and gets afraid of Vasundra as she scolded her upstairs. Vasundra calls Sakshi to join them. Preiti asks some veiled ladies why they came here. The ladies, Rotari’s say no one sent them back, they reach any house where death take place. Rani wasn’t ready to call them inside, the lady nods at Vasundra and cries sitting around Rani.

Rani was disturbed by their crying. Everyone in the family cry as well. She shuts her ears from the sounds of cries. The group leader asks to go to Rani’s room for a ritual. Rani takes the gang to her room. Vasundra also takes a chance to leave the hall. One of the lady disperse from the gang while others come to Rani’s room. The parted lady brings out a gun and comes to Doshi’s room. Doshi asks if she wants something.Rani held Raaj’s photo in her hand.The veiled lady confirms Doshi’s face through a photo and points the gun towards him.

Vasundra was waiting restlessly. She asks the lady if the work has been done, and cheers that now she would rule this house. She hands her a bundle of money to the veiled lady. The lady instead points the gun towards Vasundra. Vasundra was frightened, it was Rani under the veil. Doshi comes from behind as well. Rani asks what did Vasundra feel, she wants to destroy her family and she won’t know? Vasundra was shocked, Rani tells Vasundra the veiled lady is here. She comes with her hands tied with ropes, Rani asks Vasundra if she thinks how the game turned around. She says the inspector came to inform her the fire didn’t happen itself, it wasn’t an accident but a murder. She says she thought about her name only, then she watched her hiding Raaj’s photo.

They only needed a witness against her, she called this lady and fulfilled that requisite. Vasundra accepts she wanted to snatch everything from Rani, so she snatched Raaj from her. They hear the siren of police mobile. Vasundra pushes everyone and runs outside. Rani and Doshi run behind her, and sends the police as well. Vasundra had flee.
Anandi tells Rani she always suspected Vasundra, they must never have allowed her inside. Rani curses herself for all this. Doshi comes inside and says she has run away. Rani questions how she can run away so easily, she gets hysteric and shouts she can’t let her get away so easily.
Vasundra snatches the shawl of a passerby lady.

Rani tries to calm herself down in the room but all in vain. She cries watching Raaj’s photo that its her mistakes which snatched him from her. She questions the Gods why they make them meet if they have to be killed and parted in every life this gets. She shows a disbelief over the Gods. Chitra hears this.Vasundra reaches a temple.
Chitra speaks from outside that she lost her son, how she would live if Rani is also broken.A man recognizes Vasundra and notices she was disturbed as she comes to the temple.Rani opens the door and comes to hug Chitra. Chitra says the culprit is wandering outside freely, Rani must get justice to her and Raaj. Rani promises she would get Vasundra Suryavanshi punished. The inspector calls Rani and informs Rani of watching Vasundra near Durga Maa’s temple.

Rani and Doshi reach the temple. Rani was about to remove the shawl off Vasundra but Doshi calls her. Vasundra goes to hide on a side. Rani notices the woman has left, she inquires other ladies about her. Vasundra watches a man in tiger’s attire go inside a room. She thinks about following the man, he must be a servant at the temple. The man comes to dressing and takes off his tiger’s dress. He speaks he came from village to do acting, he says Durga Maa gave him a job of hiding his face and wander around and Her tiger. He turns around to be Raaj’s alike.

Vasundra goes to hide in a slum house. Rani and police reach behind but the man there doesn’t recognize Vasundra. Later, Vasundra asks about the guy. The man boasts he is Shera, his son.
At home, Rani says Vasundra wants power. They must make a plan to trap Vasundra and announce the transfer of position to her tomorrow.Shera returns home with medicines for Vasundra. Vasundra smiles as he boasts himself to be a pretty actor. They ask Vasundra if she is a murderer. Shera loses his balance. Vasundra tells them Rani planned against her, she had an affair with his husband’s friend Doshi. He called them and wanted a clarification, they killed Raaj. Shera intently hears about the twist in story.

Vasundra says they accused her for killing Raaj, she had no proof and had to run away instead. Vasundra smirks they were trapped in her trick. Vasundra tells Shera that he can write the story ahead, he is the one who can save her. Vasundra asks if he knows about Raaj Singh. Shera wonders how he would know such elites. Vasundra makes him meet Raaj, she takes him towards the mirror and says this Rani’s husband Raaj. She join her hands in front of Shera.The next morning, a man comes to take Shera and his father to go to palace. He informs Rani Chauhan is taking over the charge of Amirkot, it’s her crowning. Vasundra says these people are innocent, they doesn’t understand how filthy is her character for being a princess.

She tells Shera not to let her take this seat, it’s the testimony of his acting skills. She requests him for help and save people of Amirkot from Rani.In the palace, Rani walks downstairs. Sakshi compliments Rani to look pretty. Rani takes blessings from Anandi and Chitra. The Pandit makes her wear the turban and hands her a sword. Rani says she is incomplete without Raja, she unveils Raaj’s photo and places the sword in front of it. She was shocked to see Raaj come to palace front behind.
Everyone was shocked to see Raaj. Rani runs towards him and hugs him tightly. The whole family runs towards him. Chitra cries out of elation. Anandi was also in a state of disbelief. Sakshi comes to welcome him cheerfully. Doshi asks how he ran out of the fire, and if he is here whose body was there. Rani asks Raaj what had happened that day. Vasundra walks inside from behind.

Rani tells Doshi to get hold of this woman, she must not be allowed to run away. She questions how Vasundra dare return to this palace. Shera turns to push Doshi away from Vasundra. He stands by Vasundra saying no one must dare hurt her anyway. Everyone was shocked, Vasundra smirks.

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