Once there was a king update Saturday 2 July 2022

Once there was a king 2 July 2022: Sakshi wakes up to her room filled with balloons. Raaj and Rani come to cheer her up and narrate a story about Ek that Raja, Ek this Rani with their doll. They hug Sakshi together but their dresses tuck with each other. As they get apart, Anandi comes to put a black tikka over Sakshi. Raaj announces there would be celebration in the evening today.In the evening, Chitra brings Sakshi downstairs. Sakshi cheers watching this all. Raaj comes to Chitra and tells her not to cry anymore, it’s necessary for them to come out of their past. Raaj gets Doshi’s call who was out of jail. He informs Chitra about it and looks around for Rani. Rani comes downstairs dressed up, Raaj was left open mouthed.

He tells him to shut his mouth, there would be fly inside his mouth. Raaj says today he would remove all the barriers between them, Rani tells him to try about it. She avoids Raaj. The family cut the cake of celebration. Rani watches Preiti standing aside, she thinks she will surely bring Preiti out of all this.Rani reads a note about coming to room if she wants to save Raaj. She finds the room decorated with flower petals saying I love you. Rani cries and says she doesn’t say but she loves Raaj a lot, she has forgiven him already as no one can take care of her like he does, even after whatever happened between them. Raaj speaks from under a puppet attire and tells her to keep saying. They then dance together, Rani kisses over the Raaj’s cheek. They hear Vasundra crying downstairs and hurries towards the hall.

Vasundra cried and complained that everything she had has been ruined, her son was snatched from her and people now spit over her. What she would do with all the money now, she comes to Rani and says police has taken her injured son and didn’t even let her meet him. She fell down Rani’s feet and apologizes her. Raaj drags Rani away and tells her to leave with her tears, they do not need her. Vasundra turns to leave, then takes a knife pointing it towards them. Raaj asks what she would do, what if his family is hurt. Vasundra tries to stab herself but Rani holds her hand. Raaj comes to snatch the knife off her hand. Vasundra faints and fell over the floor. They take her to hospital.

In the hospital, doctor says Vasundra is in mental stress. They must stay with her else she might attempt a suicide again. At home, Raaj recognizes the look on Rani’s face and tells her not to even think about allowing Vasundra stay here. Rani insists they can give her a chance, if she takes her life Rani would never be able to forgive herself. She asks him to let her stay until she gets well. Raaj laughs looking at her and says she makes him forget all his anger. Rani tries to look away, Raaj puts his arms around her neck and demands her a kiss. Rani pushes him outside avoiding and laughs inside.In the hall, Chitra asks why Raaj upset is. Raaj was worried about Vasundra staying here. Anandi says since Raaj and Rani got married there has been a lot going on. She discuss with Chitra they didn’t complete any of post-wedding rituals for Raaj and Rani.

This way, even Preiti would get fresh. Chitra tells Anandi that atleast Preiti’s life was saved. Raaj agrees for the rituals to share a room with Rani.At night, Rani smiled in her room remembering her times with Raaj. Sakshi comes to Rani and asks about Grah Pravesh. Rani says this is when a bride steps in the house for the first time. Sakshi tells Rani everyone downstairs was discussing about their Grah Pravesh, she watches Rani blush and teases her. Rani tells Sakshi to go and sleep now. Rani thinks even Sunanda isn’t home now, why everyone thought about Grah Pravesh. She turns to correct the bed. Raaj comes from behind, finds a chance and after bolting the lock hurries to hug Rani from behind. He says tomorrow is their wedding night, Rani says she heard its Grah Pravesh. Raaj says wedding night comes afterwards. He makes Rani sit and puts an anklet on her feet. They get cozy together.

Chitra and Anandi come there, Chitra scolds Raaj for coming to the room before the wedding rituals were complete. Raaj says Rani gets fearful at night, Rani denies this. Rani asks Anandi to do the rituals after Sunanda has arrived. Anandi says when Sunanda has arrived they would throw a huge party.Vasundra comes to the hall, she shows her wish to help them. Anandi and Chitra were not ready to take her help, Preiti agrees. Anandi sends Vasundra to help Rani get ready.Raaj was conscious and over excited and asks Doshi if he looks fine. He shares with Doshi he never even had a kiss with Rani, today he would make her as his.

Vasundra comes to help Rani get ready and covers her with the chunri, then compliments her to look beautiful.
Downstairs, Raaj holds Rani’s hand while they get the tillak before Grah-Pravesh. Raaj holds her from shoulders as she enters. They come to pray in the temple. Raaj prays God for an apology about what he did to Rani. Rani thanks for moving forward in their lives. Raaj stops Rani and gifts her mangal sooter that she had returned. He says he was sure one day he would get the right back and put it around her neck. Both confess their love for each other. Chitra says they have again forgotten they are all here. Anandi tells him to fill Rani’s hairline. Anandi tells Preiti to take Rani into the room. Raaj takes Rani’s hand. Chitra says they asked Preiti for it, Doshi takes Raaj back while Preiti drags Rani towards the room. The flame in the temple goes off at once.

Rani comes to the room, Rani compliments the room to be as pretty as she supposed it to be. Preiti takes Sakshi outside.
Doshi and others leave Raaj. He gets a letter from Rani calling him to backyard. Raaj wonders who brings surprises on wedding night in the backyard and wonders what adventure Rani wants now. He comes to the backyard which was dark all around. Raaj was at once trapped in a net and agrees to surrender.
In the room, Rani comes to the window and wonders why Raaj made her wait for so long. Suddenly there are heavy winds, Rani feels Raaj is in some danger. Raaj was trapped in the net when he spots a lady walk inside. He appreciates her surprise to her husband on the wedding night. The lady lights a torch over her face to reveal herself and says she is not Rani.

In the room, Rani comes to the bed and restlessly waits for Rani to come soon.
Raaj says he knew already and told Rani not to trust Vasundra. Vasundra says she gets what she wants, and calls them all idiots who were trapped by her crocodile tears. She never realized she is used to make others cry. Raaj struggles to get out of the net, Vasundra says it is useless. She is enjoying watching him in pain, she would be further relieved watching him scream. Raaj watches Vasundra spill kerosene canister over the floor.Rani looks towards her gifted anklet, she wonders why Raaj didn’t return till now.

Vasundra tells Raaj she would be saved and would save her son as well, no one would save Raaj here. She throws a match stick over the kerosene what had reached Raaj’s feet. The oil catches fire, the room was set ablaze. Vasundra laughs victoriously and sings around, ‘Ek tha raja, ek this rani, Mar Gaya Raja, Khatam Kahani’.

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