Once there was a king update Sunday 2 January 2022

Once there was a king 2 January 2022: Gayatri watches all the jewellery, she says to Raaj Mata if mistakenly all the jewellery of Raaj Mata and Kokilla have got mixed with hers. Raaj Mata says it is all her jewellery, she doesn’t want anyone to say that Gayatri doesn’t know to live like a princess.

Raaj Mata claps, Gayatri gets ready.Yashoda brings Gayatri to kitchen. Gayatri asks the buttler his name that was Dhanya. Gayatri was worried that she will have to cook in such clothes. Dhanya asks Gayatri what she will cook, and takes name about non-veg food. Gayatri says she will only cook veg dishes. Dhanya was about to warn her that no one eats vegetarian here, but Kokilla comes and angrily says if he will instruct the Raani now.

Gayatri tells Kokilla about her menu. Kokilla thinks no one eats veg here still she says they will all like the good.At the table, Kokilla awaits Gayatri’s cooking to disclose to everyone. Raaj Mata tells Gayatri to sit with Rana ji at which she gets shocked, Raaj Mata nods at her and then Rana ji. Rana ji offers a chair to Gayatri. When the food is served, Gayatri stands serve. Bari Raani maa tells her to sit, there are servants for this. When the food is served, Bari Rani maa says that this non veg food is better than they had ever eaten. Gayatri thinks she just cooked veg food, how it turned to non-veg. Raaj mata remembers telling her servants to mix meat in the food Gayatri cooked as she was unaware of the ways in palace. Gayatri feels nauseatic, she goes to vomit and returns to table.

Kunwar is worried what happened to her. Rana ji says disgusting, excuse me, he isnt hungry any more. Gayatri was about to go behind him, Bari Raani maa asks Gayatri why she disrespected everyone on the table like this, if she was unwell she should have told them before. Why she felt disgusted by the food she herself had cooked. Gayatri says she didn’t cook this food. Bari Raani maa asks she didn’t cook the food. Gayatri says she had cooked food, but this isnt that food. She tells her that she cooked Shahkahari, she can’t see non-veg. Bari raani maa stops her and asks who broke their tradition, who changed the food? No one replies. Raaj Mata accepts finally that she did this. She mixed meat in Raani’s cooking.

Gayatri’s brother come to royal palace. A servant makes them sit in the sitting room, he goes to tell Raaj Mata. The brothers say they have arrived to take Gayatri. The brothers were happy this is the first kitchen of Gayatri, everyone must be enjoying.
Raaj Mata says she knows Gayatri is non-veg. Bari Raani maa says it isnt Gayatri’s mistake but Raaj Mata’s. Bari raani maa says that it is a mother in law’s responsibility to teach a daughter in law about the trends and traditions of the house. One must complete the responsibilities of a mother in law to take the rights of being one. Raaj mata says she also wanted to say this to her many a times. Kokilla says whoever did this, it was really bad one. Raaj Mata says she did it all to save Gayatri from the taunts of people.

The servant comes there, but Kunwar ji tells him to leave. Bari Raani maa says she must have taught Gayatri the ways of Rajput instead of covering her mistake. Gaytari says it was her mistake, she should have asked in kitchen about the trends here. But she couldn’t still have cooked non veg, Bari Rani maa says if one gets related to lion, they must also get used to seeing blood. She is Raani of Amirkot now, she must learn to live according to trends here. Bari Raani maa says to Raaj Mata that she has brought a cow between lions, this all had to happen. She leaves the table angrily, saying to Raani ji that this had to happen.
The servant brings water to the brothers, they say they can’t take water and asks about Raaj mata. The brothers say she will call them soon.

Rana ji appears in the corridor but moves on overlooking them. In the corridor, Kokilla was waiting for Rana ji, as soon as he arrives they both discuss that no one in the history of palace left the first cooking like this. Kokilla says a new daughter in law’s arrival is welcomed by Ramain, and they wonder what will happen in the palace in the times to come. Rana ji thinks that this girl isnt worth being a princess.

Swarnlekha stops Rana ji and apologizes for stopping him from behind. He says alright, she is like his sister. Kokilla and Kunwar still talked about pumpkin that was cooked. Swarnlekha says to Rana ji that she wants to commemorate her parent’s house and wants to plant a tree. Rana ji says he will plant it tomorrow. Swarnlekha says she will now sit under the tree. Rana ji says that the tree will take time to grow. Swarnlekha says this is what she wants him to understand, if a daughter takes time to turn to a daughter in law, she will have to take a lot of time to turn to princess.

Rana ji asks if she will teach Gayatri, Swarlekha takes the responsibility at once. Rana ji asks her about the mark on her forehead, she remembers how Laksh was drunk and threw her on the table. She says she slipped, Rana ji says she is like his sister and must tell her if she needs something. He leaves. Swarnlekha thinks there is a lot that he is unaware of, in the palace.Gayatri was worried about her mistake, she says if Rana ji hasn’t eaten anything she won’t as well. Her brothers still waited in the room.

Kunwar ji says to Rana ji that it is a trend of palace that the new princess must be made to sit on her seat, Raja’s and officers come with gifts on the dinner. Rana ji says this time it won’t happen, the finances of Amirkot doesn’t allow them to throw this dinner. With the same money, 25 villages can eat for months. Rana ji and everyone leaves, Laksh thinks this is what he wants, and he wants him to break the traditions and trends. This will break his image.
Swarlekha comes to Gayatri and says that in the palace, a whisper also gets heard. Gayatri asks if she knows what she has done today. Swarnlekha says she heard about it. Gayatri says in her house name of meat is also forbidden, how could she cook non veg. Gayatri says that she told Raaj Mata that she is vegetarian but couldn’t tell Rana ji about it.

Swarnlekha says she must tell her about it then and must not keep it in her heart. The servant comes to tell Gayatri about her brothers, but Gayatri writes a letter for Rana ji. She sends him to give it to Rana ji. Swarnlekha and Gayatri tell each other not to call one another as Raani ji but only take names. Gayatri and Swarna come out of the room, Gayatri is excited to see her brothers who tell her that they have come to take her home. She introduces them to Swarna who tells her to come in, as Rana ji and Raaj Mata also needs to know about it. Gayatri hopes Rana ji must have got the letter.Gayatri and Swarna were coming inside and hears a minister telling Rana ji that if the dinner doesn’t take place, no one will respect the new wedding or the new princess.

The said that his father never over looked the traditions and trends of the palace, and asks about Rana ji’s opinion. Rana ji says no. the ministers complain that if a Prince can’t protect the traditions what use it is of. Gayatri enters the hall, she apologizes for interfering, but says that the royal dinner will take place and it will not burdenize the finances as well. Laksh taunts Gayatri but she says that she can work up in less money as well. Bari Rani maa says she has offered great dinners and the cost cannot be cut. Gayatri says apologietically that she is the daughter of a prince and Gayatri a daughter of a business man. Raaj Mata corrects Gayatri that it isnt about the household, Gayatri says she knows if they take all the ingredients from stores in bulk, they will get discounts on all the items.

She gives them the estimates of everything. Laksh asks where they will get meat? Gayatri says it will be a vegetarian food. Laksh says the guests will not be any cattles but Raajputs. Gayatri argues with him and convinces that respect of a man is because of his thoughts and not his diet, it isn’t necessary to eat meat after the pooja. Everyone appreciates Gayatri but Laksh gets revengous. Ministers asks Rana ji what he has to say now, Rana ji says if this is possible he is ready for the royal dinner. Gayatri thinks she will never break the trust of Rana ji.Bari raani maa says to Gayatri that she has taken a huge burden.

Gayatri takes a leave from everyone, she feels dizzy at once and Rana ji holds her. Raaj Mata asks what has happened to her. Swarna tells Raaj Mata that she hasn’t eaten anything because she is a vegetarian. The brothers tell Rana ji they came to take Gayatri, Rana ji says alright but before that he wants to make an announcement that from today a special vegetarian dish will be made in royal palace. Raaj Mata says that she is happy how Rana ji is taking care of his Rani. Rana ji says had there been someone else he had done the same. The brothers say to Rana ji that they hope they will also welcome Rana ji this way.

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