Once there was a King update Sunday 13 march 2022

Once there was a King 13 march 2022: Raja sits straight as the teacher allows him to take a break for meal time. Jeewan reminds he had been punished for the day. Bindu advocates Raja, but Jeewan further teases him and forbids Bindu talk to him. He takes the seat to keep an eye on Raja.

Rani comes to help Juman, and explains she got late because her shoe broke. Juman gives her tray to be taken to school. Rani comes to find Raja as cock. She mocks him, they ask who is Rani, if a maid? Rani says she isn’t any maid, she is Rani Gayatri; Rani Gayatri lived in this palace and was never afraid of anyone. Kaal enters, the kids go to their seats. Kaal asks if she knows the story of Rani Gayatri, she denies. He takes her along.

Raaj Mata had been stitching till late. She had bad cough when a manager lady comes to ask her go and have food. She notices blood in Raaj Mata’s cough and was worried for her. She accuses Raaj Mata to be suffering from TB, Raaj Mata herself was shocked but her cough didn’t stop. She was worried what will happen to Rani then.

Rani calls Kaal as monster and asks where he is taking her? Kaal says this word reminds him of an animal in himself. Rani asks if that animal is hungry or not? Kaal takes her to store room and lights candle over Gayatri and Rana ji’s blood stained photo, he narrates her the story Ek tha Raja Ek this Rani, thinking how he had killed Rana ji and Gayatri. He tells her that he was the monster who killed them, she also spoke just like Rani. Rani had been crying. Kaal tells Rani he played Holi once in life only and that with the blood of Gayatri.

He observes Rani and asks if she is afraid? He laughs hysterically blowing the candle off and locking Rani into the store room. Rani calls for help from behind, then prays holding her locket. Suddenly she comes to confront a man, it was Raja who lights his torch light.

Raja offers her water, she calls Kaal as monster. Raja tells her he is his father, she must stay away from him else he will fry her one day. Rani hold his hand being afraid, and asks if he went to find her there? Raja informs her he went to play there. Rani thanks him for helping her. He replies as mention not. Jeewan comes clapping, and calls him wild son of a wild man who isn’t worth being a Prince. Raja holds his collar, Jeewan asks him to prove being a prince then and push this girl away. Rani was sure Raja was a nice guy, but Raja corrects her and pushes him away. Jeewan leaves. Rani was angry at Raja.

The doctor tells Raaj Mata he only hid it because he never want her fell weak. Raaj mata was worried for her condition, the doctor says it is a contagious disease and she must stay away from anyone. He told Lakhan about her treatment but after his injury, it might not be possible. He advices her to take care of herself. Rani comes home and hugs Raaj Mata that she will never go there, he killed Rani Gayatri. Raaj Mata pushes her away, and cries asking her to go away and not touch any of her things. Lakhan comes and sends Rani away. Raaj Mata tells him to take care of her Rani now.

Rani had been crying outdoor, Lakhan comes to hug her. He forbids her cry. Rani tells him she is crying because Raaj Mata is now ill. She informs Lakhan her dog is also sad, he didn’t eat the bread. Lakhan tells Rani that Raaj Mata has an ailment in which she isn’t allowed to meet someone. Rani shares Raaj Mata’s love compelled her cry, she assures she can stay away from Raaj Mata for a few days.

Bindu was playing with her doll, Jeewan comes to her and asks to meet Swarna as may be her father is alive. Swarna cries and asks Jeewan who told this to you. Jeewan hands her the letter, Swarna reads the letter reading if she wants to know about Bindu’s father she must come behind palace after 10. Swarna asks who gave this, Jeewan didn’t recognize the man and runs away. Swarna hugs Bindu.

Lakhan brings milk to Rani, she engulps it clipping her nose. Lakhan appreciates her. She laughs that she appears to be a joker as he has made dis balanced pony tails on her head. Raaj Mata gives her a flying kiss, Rani was determined to work in palace for her treatment.

On the way to school, Rani takes permission to ask Lakhan who a servant is, if someone brings food and water for someone, is he a servant. Lakhan says that if a man works for someone, he is called servant. There is a difference between slave and servant, people were slaves in old times. He wonders where she gets such questions, she points towards her head and runs towards school. Lakhan follows her as she had left her lunch box. Rani runs away from school door, Lakhan wonders where she is going.

Bari Rani Maa thanks Jeewan by gifting her with something to take the letter to Swarna. Rani hids herself from Lakhan, he thinks it must be a misunderstanding else why would Rani come here. Bari Rani Maa spots Lakhan, then wonders how he would come here; she was just playing with Swarna. Rani comes to Bari Rani Maa, and calls her a witch again, informing she works here. Bari Rani maa asks her to do her own job only.

Jeewan’s birthday was being celebrated, Kaal gifts him with a gun. Rani watches Jeewan take an aim of a bird. Raja goes to pin Jeewan down on floor, wondering if he dare kill a bird. Kaal, Bari Rani Maa and Rajeshwari also come there. Kaal asks for the gun, then tells Raja there are two ways to live in this world. If he wants to live his head raised, he has to cut the necks of others. He must become as Jeewan is, and he will teach this to him. He holds the gun in Raja’s hands, takes an aim of the bird. Raja shuts his eyes, Kaal was hit by something on head. Rani hides herself behind the couch, Raja watches her there. Kaal questions who dare hit him, everyone was quizzical. Raja gives Rani a cover.

In the evening, Rani was cleaning the table. Rana comes to thanks her. Rani stops him and asks who would say sorry for pushing her away that day, she works here doesn’t mean she is a slave. Her grandmother gives her food with love, she gives him food as her work. Now their country is independent, her father says everyone is a slave of his own thoughts. She calls Raja a slave of his fears, and Jeewan a slave of his bad habits. He pushed her just because Jeewan asked him to.

Lakhan was worried for Rani, Raaj Mata assures Rani must come back soon. She comes home, Lakhan asks where she had gone? He scolds her why she went to the palace? Rani says she went behind the palace, if someone is ill at home they must tie a thread on a tree behind palace. Lakhan hugs Rani. Rani tells Lakhan there is no monster and witch in the palace, there is a Bari Rani Maa and a Maharaja, she is a grown up child now.

Lakhan demands Rani to promise him she would never go to palace. She holds her eyes, then looks towards the temple and thinks she has to do this sin, to save her grandmother.
A servant brings to Bari Rani Maa the register of work of all the ladies working in Nari Niketan, he sas Bari Rani Maa must take these decisions. Rajeshwari takes the register instead and reminds the servant that Amirkot’s Rani is alive yet, Bari Rani Maa has grown old already. Bari Rani Maa snatches the register and says she is already burdened and must leave these chores to her.

Rajeshwari comes to Kaal who was getting a massage, she complains if she doesn’t have any respect in front of outsiders people will mock her. She sits beside him, and wants to be with him everywhere. Bari Rani Maa doesn’t take her anywhere. Kaal asks what she wants. Rajeshwari says she wants to go to Nari Niketan and wants to be a part of the work there. Kaal allows her, and orders the servant to carry on his massage.

Rani holds an apple from the table, Bari Rani Maa hits her hand. Rani asks why she hit her, if she had to steal she would have taken hidden. Bari Rani Maa says in palace one only gets salary. Rani says she would get it at the end of the month, she wants to have fruits right now. She tells Bari Rani Maa that country is now independent and anyone can have fruits. Another maid comes to apologize Bari Rani maa shutting Rani’s mouth.

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