Once there was a king update Saturday 5 February 2022


Once there was a king 5 February 2022:

Kunwar ji says a mother has the biggest gem in the world, today Rana ji has returned him his mother. She always considered Rana ji as his son. Rana ji asks Kunwar ji to let go, nothing will happen to Bari Rani Maa. Gayatri asks them to leave as she needs rest.Rajeshwari watches the guard, as he moves a bit to the gallery, she jumps into Bari Rani Maa’s room from window. She pours something into Bari Rani Maa’s mouth, notices her breathes. Bari Rani Maa opens her eyes wide, clutches Rajeshwari from shoulders asking if she hasn’t seen a cleverer player. Rajeshwari asks Bari Rani Maa where her brother is.

Bari Rani Maa clutches her ear, she shouts. Bari Rani Maa says she and her brother had come to her crying and pleading. She cleans her hand with Rajeshwari’s dupatta and asks her to get her water. She sits up and straightens her arms, drink water and stands up. She tells Rajeshwari that her brother was only a cloud that thunders. He had asked her for a single chance, he would do anything for her. He didn’t do anything. Bari Rani Maa recalls she had told him that from now on, his life isn’t his but hers, she will ask for it anytime. Bari Rani Maa says she fulfilled his wish, but he proved to be useless. He ran fast in the beginning, and now he has got into the love of Gayatri. Her doubt was confirmed when he offered to return the land and money to Rana ji but asked to keep his lady.

She combs her hair, while saying she had to see defeat for the first time due to Gayatri. She says she hasn’t died yet, because she needs to take revenge from Gayatri of this misbehavior. Her life only has a single meaning now. Rajeshwari asks where her brother is. Bari Rani Maa says her brother has turned to air. She recalls Avdesh came to her and told him that he proved to be useless, he got to know about a secret of Raaj Mata but couldn’t know what it is. Bari Rani Maa slapped him and said she must now go to palace herself. She still has to play Rajeshwari’s plan. She told him to stay away from palace, has he ever seen air? He says no. She tells him to be air now.

She asks Rajeshwari to pass her watermelon, she says a fake coin can be used for once atleast. She got to know there is a secret between Raaj Mata and that stone eyed man. She has to know that secret. She says that she will separate Rana ji and Gayatri. Rajeshwari asks how it is possible. Bari Rani Maa says the key to their fate is here in the palace, before someone else finds the key she wants Rajeshwari to get it for her. She hurries into her bed again and coughs weakly. Rajeshwari leaves.

Rana ji watches his gun. Raaj Mata asks why gun. Rana ji says he has to consider everyone as an enemy. Raaj Mata says she knows keeping Avdesh and Rajeshwari, she has put him into great problem. She tells Rana ji that she has told Rajeshwari she must leave when her brother returns. Rana ji says he also knows that she is worried because Bari Rani Maa is here. Raaj Mata says in Raajneeti, friends have to be close but enemies have to be kept even closer. They must keep an eye on Bari Rani Maa closely.Kunwar ji and Kokilla come to Bari Rani maa. Kunwar ji says he missed her a lot, he thought about meeting her secretly a lot of time.

Kokilla says she had packed her bags as well, but he stopped thinking how he could face her until he takes the revenge. Kokilla says that now she is here. Bari Rani maa says weakly that there will be no revenge from Rana ji and Gayatri, she has come back from death and death teaches a lot of lessons to a person. Kokilla whispers to Kunwar ji that it seems she has high fever. Bari Rani Maa says life has given people second chance, but death gave her another chance. She has decided that she doesn’t want throne but her own family, Kunwar ji, Kokilla, Rana ji, Gayatri and Raaj Mata, Laksh, Swarnlekha. Raaj Mata stood on the door. Bari Rani Maa tells Kunwar ji to forget the throne, those who get throne leaving their owns aren’t the price.

She keeps Kunwar ji’s hand off her body. Raaj Mata thinks she doesn’t know if she is showing off or has changed really, but this time she won’t let her ruin her family.

Once there was a king 6 February 2022: Raaj Mata watches Sartaj drinking, she asks if he hasn’t yet left. Sartaj says he has watched the photos of his… Raaj Mata stops him and leaves.Sartaj hears someone bribing a man for some work. He follows the person and calls who there is. Rajeshwari hits him with a wooden stick and beats him. Rajeshwari thinks he must now see what she does to bring the secret out.

Gayatri distributes money bags among the servants of palace. Rajeshwari runs there crying and calling Gayatri, her clothes were torn and accuses a man of robbing her of her respect. Sartaj comes there drunk. Bari Rani Maa watches this. Rana ji asks Rajeshwari who did this. Rajeshwari says a guest of him and points at Sartaj. Raaj Mata is shocked. Rana ji holds him by collar and says his sin impurified the soil of Amirkot and now will be purified by his blood. He wants to ask him first how he ruined a girl’s respect, and asks who he is? Sartaj looks at Rana ji, Bari Rani Maa watched this from a magnifier. Rana ji asks Sartaj if he fall so low, how he can raise his eyes. Sartaj tells Rana ji that he was attacked, he heard two people planning a death. He may see by himself he is injured.

Rajeshwari says she hit him, else he is telling lie. She tells Rana ji that she was returning to her room when he took her to a corner. Gayatri stops Sartaj. Sartaj says had she known who he is, she wouldn’t have talked to him like this. He asks Raaj Mata to tell them who he is. Raaj Mata says she recognizes him as a guard in Rana ji’s father’s squad. Gayatri says Sartaj’s blood is a bad one who has forgotten that he was born by a woman. Raaj mata orders him to be arrested. Sartaj resists, Rajeshwari calls Rana ji saying he is just kidnapping a man who robbed him of her respect. Had her brother been here, he wouldn’t have left her. Rana ji had beaten Avdesh for saying a word for Gayatri.

Rana ji says alright, Rajeshwari must decide the penalty for Sartaj. Rajeshwari at once says Life sentence. They are all shocked. Rana ji says given. Rajeshwari gets to Rana ji’s feet, she says she can’t get her respect back but it has healed some of her injuries. Rana ji holds her up and says if he could do something else to reduce her pain he would have. Rajeshwari says it is her brother’s right to kill this man, but since that sin was committed under his roof he will take the life of this man. Rana ji announces that three days from now, Rana ji will give death sentence to Sartaj. They take Sartaj along. Gayatri takes Rajeshwari inside. Raaj Mata looks at Rana ji then says he did alright. Bari Rani Maa turns around to go inside weakly.

Rajeshwari sang and danced in her room. Gayatri was passing by and stops at the voice of music. She is shocked to see Rajeshwari dance in happiness. Rajeshwari stops at once watching Gayatri, she says that Gayatri must be thinking how she can smile after what happened yesterday. She says her brother taught her that smile hides all the tears, but some tears can’t be hidden. How she should forget what happened to her in the palace. She tells Gayatri that her brother brought these clothes for New year, but she doesn’t want to wear them anymore. Gayatri says she is worried right now and must not stay alone. Rajeshwari says her tears are with her, Gayatri must leave.

Rajeshwari thinks she must now leave so that she can celebrate now. Gayatri nods and leaves. Rajeshwari dances again. She comes to the mirror and cheers. Gayatri watches her through the glass of the door.Bari rani maa plays chess with herself, she says once she knows the secret of Raaj mata, Rana ji and Gayatri will be finished. Now, she has to turn the game over, she wants to ruin the life and the games of Gayatri now. With the New Year, the sun of Rana ji and Gayatri’s happiness will set forever.Rana ji watches the photo of his father, Gayatri comes with the pooja thaal. Rana ji takes the aarti. Gayatri asks what he is doing here.

Rana ji says what he has tried since childhood, to be like him. He says he is proud to be his son, he always wanted to be like him, talk like him, sit like him. He once told him that his height with be taller than him and he held him on his back saying he is taller than him now. Rana ji says he is upset because of what happened in the palace, his guest looted the respect of Rajeshwari. Gayatri says there were so many gifts. She says even Rajeshwari isn’t as sad as Rana ji is. Rana ji says no lady can fall so much that she ruins her own respect. Gayatri says along with Sartaj Rana ji is also getting punished, a Rana’s work is to announce the punishment not kill someone with his own hands.

She fears if he gets unjust. Rana ji tells her not to worry, what he is doing is the real justice.The guard gets Bari Rani Maa going out of the room. She says she is going to the temple, to pray. The guard isn’t allowed to let her out of the room. Bari Rani maa says he is getting a sin by not allowing her to get to the temple, she agrees to him and says she will take his sin to her own as well. Kunwar ji and Kokilla watched her. The guard takes Bari Rani Maa himself. Kunwar ji and Kokilla comments that Bari Rani Maa has lost her mind completely.

Raaj Mata tells the guard that Rana ji must not meet Sartaj at any cost. The guard leaves. Raaj Mata thinks that the secret that can ruin Gayatri and Rana ji’s life will end with Sartaj for always.
Bari Rani Maa sings Bhajan in the temple. The guard goes out. Rajeshwari comes there, she asks what she needs to know. Bari Rani Maa was singing the Bhajan, and in that tone she tells her that the one eyed man is the secret keeper. She must deal with him. Raaj Mata passes by the corridor. Rajeshwari asks how she will go to meet him. Bari Rani Maa curses her. Rajeshwari watches Raaj Mata coming to the temple, hides behind the idol. Raaj Mata says till yesterday she couldn’t talk, and today she is singing in high voice. Bari Rani Maa stands up, comes to Raaj Mata and keeps Prasad on her hand.

She prays in front of the God and says she doesn’t know how her breathes were rejoined, she only knows she will only sing HIS music. She says she knows that she, Rana ji and Gayatri might not trust her, but there is singer in her, now it will burn all the pages of soul. She calls the guard and asks her to take her to her room. Raaj Mata watches the Prasad disbelievingly.
Sartaj says Raaj Mata wants him to die and that secret also die. He can’t allow him for that. The secret must go out. The guard asks how, he is locked in here. Sartaj says his voice can go out. He asks guard to do a chore for him. The guard comes to a maid and tells her that the prisoner is having vomiting since morning, she must get medicine for him.

The maid leaves, the guard keeps a letter beneath the tea cup she was preparing.
Gayatri calls her mother in the room. The guard follows the maid and watches the letter reach her. Gayatri asks maa about everyone and without watching picks the cup, she tells the maid to get another one. The maid hits the guard, she picks the cup up and leaves the letter on floor. The guard asks Gayatri if this letter is of use to her. Gayatri reads it, it says he has a truth that can change the fate of this palace and Raja. If she wants to know the truth, she must come to meet her alone, Sartaj. Gayatri is worried.

Sartaj was in the jail when Gayatri comes to meet him. Gayatri orders all the guards to leave them alone and not allow anyone to come here. Sartaj says she did right to come here. Gayatri says she will decide it after talking to him. Sartaj says she is brave and daring, she deserves to be a princess. Gayatri tells him to come to point. Sartaj says if she wants to save Rana ji she must save Sartaj. Gayatri says she knew he would ask this from her, she won’t do it. She must save Rana ji from killing him and get his hands blooded in sin. Gayatri says Sartaj committed a sin and is accusing Rana ji. Sartaj says to Gayatri that if Rana ji isn’t stopped from killing him, a son might kill his father. Gayatri turns and says he is still lying.

Sartaj says if he was lying, there should have been more injuries on her body than his face. Gayatri says this is all lie, why a girl would ruin her own respect. He says there is someone else behind this all. Gayatri asks who? He reluctantly says Raaj Mata, she knows if this secret comes out the palace would be ruined. Gayatri doesn’t trust him, but Sartaj says Raaj Mata has an amulet of Rana ji’s childhood, Sartaj’s name is written on it.

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