Never say goodbye update Tuesday 21 June 2022


Never say goodbye 21 June 2022: The Episode starts with teaching telling kids that they will play a game. All kids hide. Teacher looks for kids..Someone comes and kidnaps Madhav. Teacher looks for Madhav and asks where is he? She gets tensed and calls is name. A masked man takes Madhav from there. Vividha and other parents come to school to take their kids. Masked man leaves with Madhav. Vividha turns and looks at the man, but she couldn’t see Madhav. She walks inside the school. All teachers search for Madhav Vividha asks them where is Madhav? Teacher gets tensed and says he is missing. Vividha says what do you mean? He must be in school.

Teacher says we are searching him. Vividha says I left my son here on your responsibility. Teacher says he must have went out. Vividha runs out. The masked man waits for car. Teacher also comes out. Masked man hides. Madhav is unconscious. Vividha finally sees Madhav with the kidnapper. She asks him to stop and runs behind him. He runs while Vividha follows him.Atharv is driving the car and tells Suman that he wanted to give her surprise. Suman asks where are others? Atharv says they will also reach and asks her to blind fold on her eyes. She says okay and blind fold herself. Vividha continues to follow the kidnapper. Kidnapper calls his goons and asks where are you? He says Madhav’s mum is following him. Goon asks him to keep boy in the car decky which is parked nearby.

He keeps the boy in the car decky and runs. Vividha cries and asks Madhav…where are you? She didn’t see the car. Atharv stops the car and tells Suman that they have reached. Suman asks where you are taking me. Atharv takes her home and says we are almost here. He opens her blind fold and says that this is our new home. Suman is shocked to see their old house and recalls all the moments happened there. Atharv says I have seen many houses, but didn’t like any house, but like it the moment I have seen this. I felt connected with it. He asks if she like the new house. Suman nods yes and is tensed.

Vividha calls Ravish. Ravish asks where are you? Madhav’s school must be over. Vividha tells him that she is searching Madhav and tells that someone have kidnapped him. Ravish is shocked and drops the milk bucket on ground. Everyone is shocked Vividha asks him to come soon. Ravish asks everyone to be at home and says he is going to Vividha. Sujata and others are shocked. Atharv asks if she is shocked to see home.Other family members come and see the house. They all are shocked. Atharv says he got the house at half market value as dealer said that the house is cursed. I asked him to give curse in half price and he agreed.

Suman looks on tensed. Vividha searches for Madhav. Kidnapper reveals his face and he is Ankit. He says you have thrown me out of house, now yearn for your son and cry. He says this should be your condition. Ankit asks goons not to take tension and says boy will not trouble you. His goons tell that they didn’t find Madhav in that car. Ankit thinks he has kept Madhav in wrong car and gets tensed. Madhav is in some car. The man in the car asks his kids to sit silently and says Delhi is far away still. Atharv asks Suman to take rest in her new room and says I thought it is for you. Kalindi tells Suman that Atharv has chosen the same room. Suman tells Atharv that she doesn’t like this house and says we shall go. It seems she is worried about the curse. Atharv says it is just a blind faith. He ask everyone to take rest and says he will order food, and very soon he will keep house warming party. He goes. Suman says he is giving us shock and says his past is knocking on his memory, we have to be careful.

Vividha comes back home with Ravish. Sujata asks her not to worry and says you will get Madhav. Vividha says I have seen that man taking Madhav…but. Dadi asks are you sure that he was Madhav. Vividha say he was my son. Madhav is in the car decky. Vividha cries.Ravish asking inspector to find Madhav, Vividha has seen a guy taking him, take army’s help if you want, just get my son. He consoles Vividha and says we will find him some way, I will find out where is Madhav and who is behind this kidnapping, when I find out, that man will regret to take birth. Ankit worries hearing him. Dadi cries and asks him to get Madhav. Ravish hugs her and says I will get Madhav at any cost. Aditi says we should inform Suman. Sujata says no, she is alone in ashram, she will worry, we will find Madhav. Vividha prays in temple and cries.

Sujata asks Ankit to call someone and ask about Madhav. Ankit says what will happen if I call, Ravish called police, we can just wait.Vividha cries and prays for Madhav. Everyone cry. Atharv sees a car in front of the house and thinks who parked this car here. He goes out to see and sees the car dickey open. He sees some shoe popping out and lifts the door to see. He sees items kept. The man comes and covers the door. He asks Atharv what happened, do you have any problem. Atharv says this is my house, your car is parked here, so its my problem. The man apologizes and says we used out for dining and did not get proper parking. Atharv says no problem. The man drives the car fast. The lady asks him to drive slowly. Madhav is in dickey and wakes up.

He says I think that bad uncle is taking me somewhere, how to get out. He thinks of Vividha’s words and prays. The children ask for red water bottle. Lady asks her husband to get the bottle from dickey. The man says this dickey is not working well, it does not open easily. He goes and takes the bottle from dickey. Madhav sees him. The man is irritated and does not see Madhav. He goes back to dickey to shut it well. He gets umbrella and says I got it finally. He leaves.Madhav came out of dickey and the car left. Vividha and everyone pray. Vividha says many problems came in our life, you can’t snatch Madhav, he is the connecting link of all of us, please return me my son.

Ankit smiles and thinks you made me cry, I made everyone cry now, this is called revenge. Vividha says its your responsibility that my Madhav comes back to me, protect him. Vividha prays.Madhav walks on the road. He comes in front of Atharv’s car. Atharv sees him suddenly and applies breaks. Madhav falls down. Atharv gets down the car and runs to Madhav. He asks are you fine, did you get hurt. Madhav asks can’t you see me, is your brakes not working. Atharv sees his attitude and smiles. He says sorry. Madhav argues with him and calls him mad. Atharv asks where is your dad, I will complain about your mischief, and you have no manners to talk. Madhav says my mummy will beat you. Atharv sees the wound on his leg and says show me the wound. Madhav throws soil on him and runs. Atharv says ill mannered, wait…. and runs after him. Madhav hides. Atharv says was this a kid or a bomb ball. He leaves.

Ankir and his friends laugh. Sujata sees them. Ankit argues with her. Sujata says your 4 year old nephew is missing and you are laughing, don’t you worry for him. Ankit says yes, I worry, what can I do, police is doing its work. She goes. Atharv asks Suman and Guddi to come and have food. Suman and Guddi come.Suman signs Guddi and gives her drugs. Atharv makes Guddi sit and serves food. Suman says you sit and have food. She signs Guddi. Guddi says I will get water. He says sit, I will get it, you need rest. He goes. Guddu adds drugs in his food. Atharv gets water. He sits to eat food.

He sees some box and stops. He asks Chintu why did he keep this study items here. Chintu says I was busy. Atharv says its fine, I will keep it and come. Suman asks him to have food. He says just 2mins and goes. He comes back and holds plate. The drugged curry falls down by his hand. Suman and Guddi worry.Ravish comes home. Vividha asks did you find out about Madhav. He says no, but I got call from police station, they got a CCTV footage, where a little kid was put in car dickey, police thinks maybe that boy is Madhav. Ankit worries.

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