Never say goodbye update Monday 20 June 2022


Never say goodbye 20 June 2022: The Episode starts with Guddi seeing Vividha’s sketch. She gets angry and even today I m in same state because of Vividha, she does not let me live with peace. Someone wearing mask enters Aditi’s room. Ravish wakes up and does not see Vividha in room. He goes out. Someone/Ankit goes to Aditi. She wakes up and sees him, shouting to Ravish for help. The guy shuts her mouth. Aditi kicks a side vase and breaks it. Ravish knocks the door hearing the sound and calls out Aditi. The guy holds Aditi and shuts her mouth. Ravish worries. Ankit says its love, I m not hurting you, if you shout, I will stab you, just do as I say. Aditi gets shocked.

Ravish breaks the door and enters. He aims at the guy. Vividha hugs Aditi. Ravish takes knife from his hand. Ankit reveals his face by removing the black mask. They get shocked. Vividha slaps Ankit. Uma, Dadi, Suman and Sujata come there. Ankit starts crying. Uma consoles Aditi.Dadi beats Ankit and scolds him, asking did we give this values to you, to misbehave with a girl. Ankit apologizes and says forgive me, this won’t happen again. Uma asks do you know what you did, Aditi is Ravish’s sister, Ravish did a lot for us, Aditi came here for 2 days, you showed your cheapness. She pushes Ankit.

Ankit cries and apologizes to Ravish. Ravish says I can risk my life for my family, I can fight with any trouble, when none trusted you, I trusted you, you tried to misbehave with my sister today. Suman looks on. Ravish says I will not kill you Ankit, because you are Vividha’s brother, get out of this house, if I see you around, I m ready to go jail in your murder blame. Vividha asks Ankit to leave and not show his face again, we will not forgive you for this, get out. Vividha and Dadi ask him to leave. Ankit says please don’t do this. Uma says your birth is stain on my life and name, get out. She pushes him. Suman stops Ankit. She says you all can’t make him leave house. Uma says no, after what he did with Aditi, he can’t stay here. Suman says I know you worry for Aditi, if we make Ankit leave, it will be impossible for his future to get fine, don’t know what will he do, atleast we can keep an eye on him here.

Vividha says there is no chance of him getting better, he can’t be forgiven. Uma, Dadi and Vividha ask Ankit to leave. Suman says try to understand me. Sujata says Aditi is your daughter, Ankit and Aditi can’t stay under one roof now. Suman says I know, Lord blesses my children, nothing will happen to them, give Ankit a last chance, let him try, hate his doings, not Ankit, we are his family, its our duty to change him. Vividha and Ravish disagree with Suman.Ravish says its impossible for us to forgive Ankit, if you want him to stay here, then fine, but Ankit if you badly eye my sister, don’t have any hope from me, I will kill you.

Guddi gets a red tie for Atharv. Atharv say red tie. She asks him to wear it, it suits him. Vividha makes Madhav ready for school and asks him not to spoil clothes. He spoils his hair. She says I just set your hair. He says you are making me Champu, this is my style. Guddi makes Atharv ready and hugs him. Chintu comes and says sorry. Atharv asks why sorry, I m hugging my wife. Chintu asks for some money. Guddi says no need to give him money. Atharv says Guddi refused, now convince her. Chintu asks Guddi to please give money, I m ready to do anything you say. Chintu touches Guddi’s legs and flirts. She smiles. Atharv looks at himself in the mirror. Chintu signs Guddi. She says leave, what are you doing, stop your drama, tell me how much money you want. She gives him money. Chintu thanks them and leaves.

Vividha worries for Madhav. Madhav asks her not to cry, teachers will take care of me. She says I can’t stay without you. He says I m going school, I will come back, don’t cry today. She asks what’s today. He says something good will happen today, don’t know, I feel so. He goes. She says his feelings are always true, something good will happen. Atharv gets a call. He says the surprise is ready. Guddi asks him to take her somewhere today. He agrees and says this day is good. He smiles.


Atharv calling Suman. Suman disconnects. Vividha asks Madhav to stop mischief and runs after him. Atharv calls again. Madhav takes the phone. Vividha takes phone from him and asks why did you touch Suman’s phone. She answers call. Atharv gets shocked hearing her voice. She says Suman is busy, you can give me message if its urgent. Suman gets tensed. Vividha says hello…….and waits for other person to answer. Jaana na dil se door……..plays……….He recalls hearing same voice in his dream.Suman asks Vividha to disconnect call, it may be call from ashram, there is much network problem. Some guys come to Vividha’s house.

Ankit meets the guys and asks them to do something to take revenge from Ravish, I can easily help you, for free. The guys see Madhav playing and says we want him.Vividha feeds Madhav. Suman stares at them. Sujata gets laddoos and says its Madhav’s first day at school today. She goes to give food to Uma. Suman’s phone rings again. Atharv waits for her to answer. Vividha says I will answer. Suman makes excuse and says the ashram guy talks a lot, I will talk later. Suman says I will see how Vividha stays without Madhav all day. Vividha takes Madhav.Suman calls Atharv and makes excuses, saying I did not have phone. He says a girl answered call, her voice… Suman says there are many servants here.

He asks can it happen that I met that girl and heard her voice. Suman says no, you never came here. He thinks of Vividha’s voice. She asks what happened. He says I was thinking of that voice, I think I have heard her many times. Suman says how can this happen, you can’t know them, are you fine. He says yes, I want you to come back today, I prepared big surprise for you. She asks what surprise. He says if I say, it won’t be surprise, are you coming, or shall I come to pick you. She says no, I m coming. He says the surprise will bring glow on your face. She thinks what surprise did he prepare now.

Madhav takes elder’s blessings before leaving for school. Suman gets her bag. Vividha asks where are you going. Suman says I have imp work in ashram.Vividha says you are going soon. Suman says I want to spend time with you all, but its donation matter. Ravish asks Madhav to take Suman’s blessings. Madhav does not move. Ravish insists and takes him to Suman. Suman blesses Madhav.He gets away from Suman and goes. Ravish calls out Madhav. Suman says just one month, then I won’t have to bear any such misbehavior.

Vividha and Ravish take Madhav to school. They explain Madhav for not misbehaving. Vividha says if Madhav cries… Ravish says you don’t know him, his work is not to cry, but make others cry. Vividha says its first time you are going away, don’t cry. Madhav says I m not crying, you are ready to cry, don’t cry. He hugs her and goes. Ravish asks Vividha to come. She says I will stay here and come with me when his school ends. He says what will you do staying here for 3 hours. She says I don’t feel to leave him alone. He says he is not alone, teachers and children are here, I know its tough for you to stay away from him, but he went happily, don’t worry. They leave.

Chintu and Guddi talk. She asks what was his drama, we can’t afford any mistake, Suman will kill us. Chintu says Atharv won’t know anything. Atharv comes and asks Guddi to get ready fast. She asks why, you had urgent meeting. Atharv says yes, but it got cancelled. Suman is coming back, I planned surprise for her, everyone get ready. Guddi asks what is he doing now. Kalindi says how will we know.

Chintu says maybe he planned party. Kalindi says no, I feel it will be shock for us. Teacher asks Madhav and kids to hide, she will find them. Someone goes to Madhav.




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