Never say goodbye update Tuesday 10 May 2022

Never say goodbye 10 may 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish recalling Avinash’s words after seeing a package. He rushes home and calls Vividha. Vividha is talking to Suman on phone. Vividha asks Suman to rest in hotel and says I m sure Aditi’s result will be good. Ravish wishes Vividha answers. Vividha asks Suman not to worry, be with Aditi, so that she feels better. Ravish drives in high speed. He comes home. Vividha asks what happened. He asks where is your phone, did you see any gift box or package. She says no. He says there is no time to say and checks in house. He asks Kalindi did she see any box. Kalindi says no. Bhoomi and Vipul also check for the box.

He says I don’t think there is nothing, come we will go out.Ravish asks them to inform him if they find any suspicious package, don’t try to open it. Vipul says we did not get anything at home. Ravish says its in house. He rushes to Sujata and Atharv. Sujata asks what happened. Ravish asks did you see any package. She says no, I just cleaned the room, what happened. Ravish says nothing. Vividha asks him to say whats in package. Sujata says Atharv was in room and playing, he did not do anything. Ravish goes to Atharv and sees the box with him. He gets shocked. Atharv says I got my video game and smiles. Atharv says Sujata has hidden it in this box.

Kailash sees his wounds on face in the mirror. He says these wounds will heal, but not the wounds on heart, I just want to be away from Vividha, I did what all a father could do, I lost more and got less, all because of you, I will ruin you Atharv. Ravish asks Atharv to give box, its not videogame. Sujata asks Atharv to give box. Ravish asks her to go out. Atharv refuses to go. Vividha asks Ravish whats in box. Ravish asks them to leave. Sujata and Vividha leave. Atharv says its my videogame, we will play. Ravish says I will get better videogame, give this box to me, please. Atharv refuses to give and runs. Ravish asks him to stop.

Kailash sees Sujata and Atharv’s pic and says I m not hiding here as I m afraid, no I m fearless, Uma wants to send me to jail, she does not know me, I can prove my death when I m death. He crushes the pic. Ravish asks Atharv to give box. Atharv refuses. Ravish keeps on insisting. Kailash gets angry and says my Guddi died, I could not go in her last rites, I m being sorrowful here, I m waiting for my time, Vividha was my life, pride, happiness, I have seen swearing and doing my last rites. He recalls Vividha and says she did my final rites when I m alive, its all because of you Atharv, I will not leave you.

Daddy ji asks Ravish whats in the box. Vividha asks Ravish why are you panicking. Ravish says I think this box has bomb. They all get shocked. Atharv asks shall I throw this. Sujata shouts Atharv. Ravish stops Sujata. Atharv asks same. Vividha goes to Atharv and asks him to give box to her. He smiles and asks will you play with it. He gives her box. She asks him to go to Sujata. He agrees. Ravish takes the box and asks all of them to go out. Atharv asks will you play alone with videogame. Ravish shouts and make them go out. They all look on. Atharv says make us play too. Ravish opens box and sees bomb. Daddy ji asks is there any timer sound.

Ravish says no, its not heavy. Daddy ji says I will call bomb squad. Ravish says no, we have no time, please go 100 metres away. Atharv says no, I will play. Vividha asks Ravish to leave it and come out. Daddy ji says same.Ravish says I don’t know intensity of this bomb, I have to defuse this. Vipul says no need to take risk, come out. Vividha says please come. Kalindi asks him to come. Sujata asks Atharv to stand quiet. Daddy ji calls bomb squad. Vividha prays. Ravish wears bomb squad safety suit and comes. Atharv laughs and says he has become balloon. Ravish tries to defuse it. Vipul talks to senior man and says Ravish is trying to defuse the bomb. Ravish cuts a wire. The timer starts. Ravish worries and recalls Avinash’s words. Everyone look on.

Ravish getting worried seeing the timer. Everyone look on and pray. Ravish cuts more wire. Atharv goes to Ravish. Ravish stops and asks Atharv to go out. Atharv says its my videogame, I will also play. Ravish says just go. Atharv says no. Ravish says sit quiet, try to understand, your life is in risk. Atharv says you will save me. Ravish holds head. He removes the safety suit and makes Atharv wear it. The time passes. Atharv sits with Ravish. Ravish sweats in tension as there is just 1 min left. He tries to defuse the bomb. The bomb timer does not stop.

Atharv looks on. Ravish sees just 10 seconds left and cuts the red wire. The timer stops. They all get relieved. Kalindi says you should have come out when we were calling you. Daddy ji hugs Ravish and says I m proud of you, you have done a good job. Ravish hears the beep again and asks how is this sound coming, where is Vividha.Vipul says she is outside. They all go out and see Vividha. Vividha goes away. She sees the timer in her watch. Ravish gets shocked and goes to remove the watch. He throws the watch. They all get down. The bomb explodes in the air. Ravish covers up Vividha. Ravish asks Vividha are you fine. She says yes, are you okay. He says yes. Ravish’s back gets wounded by the bomb. He falls down. Everyone get shocked.

Atharv asks Ravish why did you sleep here, get up. They all worry. Vipul calls doctor. Doctor does the dressing to Ravish’s wounds. Ravish gets conscious and says I m fine now. Sujata asks him to take care and goes. The man says we did not know Avinash will do that, he was in big planning, I m doubtful your family can be target, this mam needs credit, she is army man’s wife, hats off to her, she did not get scared, captain you take care.Vividha talks to doctor. Ravish sees her and recalls the old time. He asks doctor to tell Vividha about dressing, she will do it. Doctor goes. Ravish says I had to tell you, Suman and Aditi are in Mumbai, they should not know this, if they call you, just talk normally.

She says don’t worry, I will manage that. He falls asleep.Later, Vividha gets thinking. Ravish says I m going to other room. She says no, you are hurt, you may need pain killers and care. He says I will manage. She says I know we don’t have relation like husband and wife, but we are good friends. He says yes, so I don’t want to make you comfortable. She says you won’t go anywhere sit. She takes care of him and says you took big risk for everyone, if anything happened to you. He asks would you care if anything happened?

She says yes, even to entire family, don’t do this again. He asks how is Atharv. She says you are with him, he is fine. She gets reminder. He asks what happened. She says reminder. He asks what reminder. She recalls waking up Atharv. FB shows Vividha going to wake up Atharv. Sujata wakes up and smiles. Atharv asks Vividha are you not ashamed to knock young man’s door at night. She asks are you not ashamed to see in young girl’s room. He asks her to take appointment and come. She says no, birthday will be over. They smile. FB ends.

She says its Atharv’s birthday tomorrow. Ravish says I did not know. Vividha says yes, and you gave me a new life, you are his step brother, what you did for him, maybe even own brother won’t do this, Atharv is not in state to know what you did, he does not know to thank you, but I want to thank you, Atharv can’t get a better brother than you. He says he is special to me, relation is made when its kept, I will keep relation in every way, we will go and wish him birthday. She says no, just rest, we will wish tomorrow, he would have slept, I have to be with you now. He looks at her.

He says I m not running anywhere, I think you should go to Atharv and wish him birthday, he will be glad. She goes and sees Atharv sleeping. Ravish wishes Atharv happy birthday. Vividha recalls Atharv.FB shows Vividha hugging Atharv and wishing him happy birthday. He asks did you remember. She says I had reminder in phone, I m joking, I planned your day, we all will celebrate your birthday and dance. He says I won’t party, we will go temple, cook sweets and have a talk. She asks him to take sanyaas. She gifts him clothes and says you will look hot. He laughs. He says some people meet by prayers and some like prayers who make the fate, and you are the one for me. He kisses her. FB ends. Vividha bends to kiss Atharv. Saware……plays………..

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