Never say goodbye update Thursday 23 February 2022

Never say goodbye 24 February 2022: The Episode starts with Chintu slapping Guddi. He asks her not to think to raise hand on him, else he will break her hand. Guddi cries and sees Atharv walking in. Atharv jumps high and punches Chintu’s face. Chintu and Atharv have a fight. Guddi asks Atharv to beat Chintu more. Atharv says the day you entered home, I have seen your intentions, you will ruin Guddi’s respect and raise hand on her. Guddi says beat him more Atharv…. Atharv beats Chintu red and blue. Chintu faints. Atharv holds his hand and drags him.

Kailash shouts Maa, Uma, Vividha and comes out. Vividha is praying at the temple. He asks what are they doing here, and gets Dadi, Uma and Vividha go inside the house. He asks them is this necessary to show Kashyap family is doing puja for their daughter, ruin my leftover respect too. Atharv pushes Chintu down on the ground. Everyone get shocked seeing Chintu. Atharv walks in. Chintu hides behind Badri.They all then see Atharv getting Guddi home. Om…..plays…………. Kailash gets super shocked. Vividha cries seeing Guddi. Guddi hugs Uma and cries. Atharv walks to Kailash and looks in his eyes.

Sujata and Abdul uncle come there. There is prolonged silence.Uma asks Guddi how did this happen, tell me. Atharv says ask who did this, this good valued guy of a rich family. Badri says my son can’t do anything wrong. Atharv says we will ask that to Guddi. He asks Guddi not to be afraid and say truth. Guddi goes to Vividha. Vividha sees her torn sleeves and muddy clothes. She cups her face and asks what happened, tell us Guddi. Guddi tells everything to them. Kailash, Badri, Uma and everyone get shocked. Chintu says I did not take her forcibly, she came with me by her wish, she is lying, and since I came, she was after me, she asked me to take her to lake and get her out, before saying anything to me, look at her character.

Vividha gets angry. Atharv asks Chintu not to say a word against Chintu. Badri asks him to shut up, who is he to say in between. Atharv says I can’t stand silent and see if anyone is speaking against a girl, if anyone else here spoke up for Guddi, I would have not said anything, I taught half lesson to this animal and police will teach the rest. Kailash stops him from calling police. Atharv asks why, Chintu can do this with any other girl too. Kailash says I m stopping you from calling police, Guddi is my daughter and this is my decision. Atharv says your right and wrong have led to this day, if you don’t change, such guys will come your home every day. Badri asks Kailash to stop Atharv.

Kailash tries to snatch the phone and it gets high in air. Atharv catches his phone.Kailash asks Vividha to stop Atharv. He shouts this is my family matter, stop it, this is my house, my daughter, who are you to interfere in my matter, I will solve it. Atharv says its not just your family matter, if you suppress wrong happening with girls, such guys will get encouraged, this matter should go to police. Kailash shouts to Vividha to stop Atharv. Sujata says if we let this go off, this will be a sin too. Kailash says you don’t tell me about sin, I will solve my house matters. Atharv says we small people just complain to police, its shameful for you that we care for your daughter more than you. He calls police.

Kailash keeps asking Vividha to stop Kailash.Vividha calls out Atharv. He looks at her. She walks to him and says you won’t call police, its our family matter, Papa is saying right. Atharv and Guddi get shocked. Atharv says this guy calling himself a human is an animal, he touched and beaten up your sister, won’t you tell anything, no one will call police as its your Papa’s command, it came on your Papa’s respect, I was a fool to wait for you in temple, the girl who can’t stand for her sister, what will she stand for anyone else, your sister loved you since childhood, if her love does not mean anything to you, then what will my love mean to you, you are a coward…… everyone standing here are cowards….. Vividha, Guddi and Uma cry.

Atharv says this is big family’s values, just burn these values, if values teach girls to accept insult, a daughter’s wounds and torn clothes are not seen by anyone else. He says you have cloth tied to eyes, society’s name is binding you, everyone in society is mute, deaf and blind, that’s why such devils are born, you presents daughters to them, when a daughter is made afraid, all the coming generation is born cowards, I m not regretting now, I just hate people like you, and especially Vividha, the man who keeps on saying about values and family could not do anything, its just words, nothing else….. Kailash asks him to mind his tongue, by what right are you blaming my family, do you know meaning of family, you don’t even know name of your father…..

Atharv says you always taunt me on father, lets shut this matter today. He walks to Kailash to tell him something in his ear. Kailash gets shocked.Kailash asking Atharv by what right is he interfer ing in his matter. He says you don’t even know your father’s name. Atharv says you always taunt me about my father, let’s end this matter today. He says even if I don’t know my father’s truth, Guddi knows her father’s truth, what will Guddi do now when her father is not supporting her, if this is called father, thank Lord I did not get a curse like a father, I have a mother, who is more than 100 fathers like you clubbed, she taught me to become a man, what did your father teach you.

He says I m not having anger, but I pity on you. Respecting women is real manhood, if you can’t respect woman, you are insulting your mother. Kailash gets shocked. Atharv walks off. Sujata and uncle go after Atharv and ask where is he going, don’t be angry, stop.. Atharv asks Sujata why is she asking so many times, I m going to die. She sits behind him on the bike and says we will go and die together. They leave.Kailash asks Guddi did she had to do this, to run away with a guy at night, you were caught by police, did I give these values to you. I have earned respect all my life and it got ruined in one moment, now Atharv and Sujata will ruin my respect in entire Ajmer city.

Guddi hides behind Uma. Uma says its not Guddi’s mistake, Chintu is at fault. Kailash asks Uma will she cover up Guddi’s mistake, shall I announce her doings on tv, blaming others will not hide our blood’s mistake. Badri says enough Kailash, we have bear enough insult, we will leave. Kailash stops him. Badri asks whats there to listen now, Guddi did all this and Chintu got beaten up, end this now. Dadi shouts and stops Badri. She says all mistake is of Guddi, she ruined our respect. Guddi cries.Dadi says everyone will say this now, but Guddi they will all say wrong. She asks Guddi not to listen to anyone, because if she hears then today, then all her life she has to listen to them.

Dadi takes Guddi’s side and defends her. She scolds Chintu fir saying bad about Guddi’s character, and asks did you see your loose character. Guddi’s mistake is that she is innocent, Guddi could not identify a devil like you, how dare you raise hand on Guddi, I will show you how to raise hand. She beats Chintu with the slipper. Kailash stops Dadi.Police comes there and inspector says we have complaint against Chintu, he misbehaved with a girl, who is Chintu. Kailash says I think Atharv did this, don’t know what revenge is he taking. Vividha says that’s Chintu. She tells Kailash that she called police here, as he said its their house matter and they should decide on it, so she decided this, not Atharv.

Kailash asks you? Vividha says yes, I did this. Badri asks whats happening Kailash, stop your daughter, our friendship will get ruined. Vividha says Papa won’t stop now, Papa has stopped Atharv, now I have called police, my Papa knows whatever I do will be right. She says Kailash will support us, I m sure of it, I filed complaint against Chintu, now my sister and I will give report in police. Inspector says arrest him. Chintu gets arrested and asks Badri to save him. Badri says Kailash, I m sorry, save Chintu please.Inspector asks Vividha to come to police station to file report and asks is there any witness. She says yes.

He asks who. She says Atharv Sujata. Inspector asks will he give statement. Vividha says definitely. Kailash looks on shocked.Later, Kailash recalls what all happened and Atharv’s bitter true words. Vividha hugs Guddi and consoles her. She asks Guddi not to cry, its not her mistake, share things with me, as are best friends, promise me, if you have any problem, you will tell me first, I will always support you, that’s my promise. Guddi hugs her and apologizes. She says I should have understood its wrong, if it was right, I would have not been afraid to tell you. Vividha asks can we put 20 by 20 inch pic in this frame. Guddi says no.

Vividha says same way, every relation has a size like frame size, we called Chintu as Bhaiya, if he did not understand the limits, its his mistake.She asks Guddi did anything happen when you and Chintu went out. Guddi recalls Chintu’s words and says nothing happened. Uma and Dadi hear this from outside the room and get relieved. Vividha asks Guddi not to worry and hugs her. Uma thanks Lord. Dadi says Uma, you were worried for Guddi, look at her, she is mature, everything is fine. Guddi says I will be careful and become responsible like Atharv, I will learn to identify people like him and then trust people, do you understand what I m trying to say, you are very smart.

Vividha asks her to come and have dinner. Guddi refuses and rests in Vividha’s lap. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words.

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