Never say goodbye update Friday 25 February 2022

Never say goodbye 25 February 2022: The Episode starts with Guddi saying I will ask you from Vividha in next birth. Atharv says Vividha did not regard me hers in this birth, who has seen next birth, Vividha’s chaper is closed forever. Vividha cries. Atharv asks Guddi to have more food. She says I m done. He asks her to cancel crying program and gets down by ladder. Guddi turns and sees Vividha. She asks how can she refuse to Atharv. Vividha asks what are you saying. Guddi says there is limit to lie to oneself, Atharv has got beaten up, lost house, and saved me all because of you, when he has beaten Chintu, he said how dare Chintu raised hand on his house’s girl, he regards us as family and you could not accept him, he just feels for you, you are unlucky that you could not understand his love, none has his love, don’t let him go, please. Guddi goes.

Sujata asks Atharv did she feed Guddi. He says yes. She says good, Guddi was very worried. She washes utensils. He asks her to go and sleep, I will wash all this. She refuses. He lifts her and says I will take you. She says if I fall down, my bones will break. He asks her to promise, she will go to room. She promises him. He drops her. She goes. He sits to wash utensils.Uma comes and says you do this too. He says sometimes. Uma thanks him for saving Guddi. Vividha and Sujata look on. Atharv talks sweet and asks Uma not to fold hands, you are mother and mother’s hands are to bless.

Uma says what you did for Guddi is…. Atharv says Guddi is part of family, I mean you are neighbor and I can do this for Guddi, don’t thank me. Uma smiles and says I can see and hear Sujata’s upbringing clearly today, its very easy for anyone to like you. She stops herself from holding Atharv’s face. Vividha smiles. Uma gets tearful eyed. Atharv holds Uma’s hand and keeps her hand on his head, saying I m very greedy for blessings, bless me fast. Uma smiles and blesses him. She tells about Sujata seeing them while hiding and smiling, you make Sujata’s name shine. She tells Sujata that your happiness is justified, I always agreed that your son is one in a million, I said it today. She goes.

Sujata and Atharv smile. He sits washing utensils. Vividha smiles seeing him.Uma locks the main door. She sees Dadi staring at her. Dadi asks where did you go, to meet Atharv….. Uma gets tensed. Uma says I thought to thank him as he did lot for us, you told me this, that’s why I went. Dadi asks really? She smiles and says you did great, don’t know what happened to Kailash, you have done right thing, but I don’t like you meeting Sujata and Atharv. Dadi thinks Atharv is just mine and smiles.Kailash comes in balcony and sees Atharv. Atharv rests to sleep. He does not get sleep.

Sujata sees him restless and asks are you not getting sleep. He asks her to sleep and says I will sleep. She says sleep always came to my eyes from your eyes, when you did not get sleep, you used to find sleep in my lap, come.Vividha looks for Atharv from her balcony. She recalls their moments, and Atharv’s moments. She cries recalling his words. Atharv rests in Sujata’s lap. She asks him to sing a good song. He says no, I don’t wish to. She says fine, then hear it. She signs Ek pyaar ka nagma hai……. Vividha hears Sujata too. Atharv and Vividha get tears. Sujata asks Atharv to sing too.

Atharv gets sad and sings Tu dhaar hai nadiya ki….. along with Sujata. Sujata hugs him. He says I will go and sleep now, I will get sleep. Vividha goes out and sees Atharv resting in his place. She hides as he turns. She smiles and walks to him. She sits by his side and leans. He wakes up and gets shocked seeing her. He asks what are you doing here at this time, what will Kailash or anyone think if they see you here, please leave from here. Vividha holds his face and gets close to kiss him. They close eyes and have a passionate lip lock. Music plays…………….

She gets away and he holds her hand, getting her closer. He cuddles her and they kiss again. Jaana na dil se door………….plays………. They hug and smile.

Atharv and Vividha kissing. Vividha smiles and wakes up from her dream. She recalls the dream and smiles. Guddi asks her did she accept it now. Vividha asks what. Guddi says what happened before, which you did not accept, love. Vividha smiles. Guddi recalls Chintu and cries. Vividha asks her why are you crying. Guddi says nothing, I m fine. They hear music playing. Dadi comes there with the music player, and dances on Manma Emotion Laage….. Vividha smiles and says great Dadi, you started to dance on Varun’s songs too, now Ranveer will cry. Dadi says I told Ranveer that I will dance on Guddi’s fav song. She asks Guddi to come and dance. Guddi refuses.

Dadi asks why, your sad expression, change this, this does not suit you. Guddi says I don’t wish to dance. Dadi asks her why is she feeling bad, when she did not do any mistake. Guddi says its my mistake. Dadi says mistake is of not trusting person, mistake is of person who breaks trust, you are innocent, forget everything, come, I m Kailash’s mum, I will ask him to forget anything, he is like coconut, he is strict outside but soft at heart. She makes Guddi and Vividha dance with her. Uma smiles seeing them. Kailash too looks on, standing behind Uma. He makes a face and leaves. Dadi takes Uma for dance. Vividha sees the window open and goes to stand in fresh air.

She sees Atharv sleeping. Atharv wakes up. Jaana na dil se door……………..plays………….. He rests again. Uma sees Vividha at window and looking at Atharv. Vividha does not get to see Atharv well and goes. Dadi tells Uma that I made Guddi’s mood well, take food for Kailash.Vividha goes and sees Atharv in the stable. She could not see him well and gets restless. She tries to see him from other door. Jaana na dil se door…………plays……………… Uma sees Vividha and asks what are you doing here. Vividha says I was cleaning the door. She sees Atharv gone.

Kailash hears the cow’s moo sound and sees Atharv talking to someone to get aid for his dairy farm machines. Atharv works in the stable. Uma gets tea for Kailash. Kailash looks at Atharv and is lost. Uma says I had to tell you something, if you don’t get annoyed, if Guddi is fine today, its because of one person, that’s Atharv. Kailash sees Atharv talking on video call for expanding his business. Uma says our Guddi has seen which we could not see, we have seen Atharv is a milkman, but he has his own factory, his dreams are bigger than his factory, maybe that’s why…… Kailash reacts and leaves in hurry.

Vividha goes to pray at the temple and has her mind all occupied by Atharv. She looks for Atharv. Music plays…………….Vividha sees Atharv exercising and moves back to stare at him further. Sujata smiles seeing her. Vividha stops seeing Sujata coming in between her sight. Sujata asks how are you. Vividha says I m fine, how are you. Sujata asks why did you step back. Vividha says I was seeing how temple looks from here, it looks good. Sujata smiles and says it looks great, signing towards Atharv. Vividha smiles and pats her head. Sujata goes. Vividha walks to Atharv and stops hearing Dadi.

She sees Dadi standing in balcony. She goes and sits in temple. Dadi blushes seeing Atharv, and likes his body. She calls him sweet Malpua, and says he could talk to me for a while, Haye, he is not looking at me, how shall I catch his attention. She laughs and gets a gulel. She kisses a flower and aims. She hits a flower at Atharv.Abdul uncle comes on the bike and gets in between. He gets hit by flower and asks why Maa ji, why are you hitting me with flower. Dadi says look at your age, why will I hit flower at you. Atharv smiles and says it was for me, and got on you by mistake. He kisses the flower and throws back to Dadi.

Dadi smiles and fixes flower in her hair. Atharv gives her a smile. Vividha looks on. Dadi says Suniye, I need to thank you for what you did for Guddi. Atharv says you spoke like strangers, when its love, you should not thank, but say love you, if age did not play with us, Guddi would have been my grand daughter, love you. Dadi smiles. Vividha says he is flirting with Dadi openly, its limit of shamelessness.Atharv wears his kurta and tells Sujata that he is going to market to get vegs, tell me if you want anything else. Sujata says nothing. He says fine, I m leaving. He wears his helmet and starts the bike. He leaves. Vividha runs after him and falls down. Sujata calls out Vividha, and Atharv stops. Sujata asks are you fine. Vividha says yes. Atharv parks his bike and walks to them. Vividha smiles and gives her hand.

He forwards hand and touches Sujata’s feet, to seek blessings. Atharv says bye and leaves. Vividha gets up and goes her home. Sujata asks Abdul uncle am I seeing what I m thinking, and was it happening what I m seeing. Abdul uncle says shayari. Kailash looks on and gets angry seeing them laughing.

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