Never say goodbye update Thursday 12 May 2022

Never say goodbye 12 May 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish asking Wasim to stop. He asks him to surrender, as the death is infront of him. Wasim says who are you scaring of death, we will teach you to get scared, we will ruin your country. Wasim catches a soldier and asks shall I kill him, Ravish shoots Wasim. FB ends. Ravish says what can they plan against me and my family. Atharv asks Chutki to tell him if she is hungry, he knows kitchen. Vividha asks Aruna to ask for any help. Aruna says you did a lot. Atharv asks will Chutki stay with me.

Ravish comes and looks on. Vividha says Chutki will stay here with her mum. Chutki asks Vividha why is Atharv like this, he behaves like a kid. Atharv says because I m mad. Vividha says Atharv’s mind and heart is like a kid. Chutki says I sleep with my mumma, I get scared without her. Atharv says okay. Chutki names Atharv as chotu. Atharv gets glad and says we will play together. Ravish smiles. Aruna thanks Ravish.Later, Aruna goes to the room given to her and gets a phone and sim. She calls someone and says mission accomplished, I will talk later.

Atharv hears her and asks why are you hiding. She gets angry and asks what did you mean. He says I m very smart, answer me. She takes a knife. Chutki comes there. Aruna hides knife.Chutki asks Atharv to go, good night, you are still a kid. Atharv says thanks, bye. He leaves. Its morning, Suman meets Ravish. She asks why did you not tell me about the bomb in house, you should have told me, I m glad everyone is safe, who is that woman and her daughter, how did you permit Atharv to get anyone at home. He says I will find the job for that woman, then she will leave. He says you got habitual to wounds and pain, for outsiders.

He says Atharv is my loved one. She says this is your voice, but the words are of your dad, what better present could you give him on his birthday. I m making all the dishes of your dad’s choice today.Sujata wishes Ramakant and sees the pic. She thinks this picture has our memories, Atharv always scolded me when I did puja for you. She recalls Ramakant and cries. She keeps all his fav things ad touches his pic. Suman tells Vividha that all this is Ramakant’s fav food, I used to cook his fav things on his birthday, he used to teach table manners to Ravish. She says we will keep this plate as bhog in temple, I will prepare for aarti.

Vividha compliments Aruna and Chutki. Aruna says no need to do all this, I did not see new clothes before, thanks. Vividha says you look good. Chutki says I always look good. Suman looks on. Aruna goes to help Suman. Ravish talks about work on call. Suman asks Aruna to pass the sriyantra. Aruna sees the things and says its not there. Vividha says its there, look. Aruna says I did not see it. Vividha says it happens. Ravish looks on.

Chutki goes to have food. Atharv says don’t eat this, its Suman’s. Chutki says but its food, I m hungry. Atharv says eat something else. Chutki makes the food plate fall, while Atharv was taking the plate from her. Everyone get shocked. Suman goes and scolds Atharv. She says this was for Ramakant, you ruined this and the day’s state also. Sujata and everyone come and look on. Suman asks Atharv what’s his problem. Ravish says maybe it happened by mistake. Suman says mistake is rectified, not made a hobby, don’t know what all does everyone has to bear, this guy gets something to spoil, what were you doing with this plate. Atharv gets worried and sees Chutki. He says I was hungry, sorry this fell down.

Suman says could you not wait or ask anything, don’t you get food here, this plate was for Ramakant’s bhog, you ruined it. Ravish says so what if Atharv eats food from Papa’s bhog, he is his son. Suman says Sujata and Atharv will have rights in this house, but not on my emotions, I have bear a lot, but this is limit of indiscipline, Atharv will be locked in his room from today. Sujata cries. Suman scolds Atharv. Atharv promises he will not do this again. Suman does not listen.

Ravish asks her to calm down. Suman says all preparations for Ramakant’s birthday spoiled, don’t you feel bad of what he did. Chutki speaks up and says its not Atharv’s mistake, he was not eating anything, I was hungry, I wanted to have food from the plate, he was stopping me, don’t lock him please. They all get shocked. Aruna scolds Chutki. Suman gets angry.Suman saying my patience is breaking down. She asks Sujata to manage Atharv. She asks Aruna to control her daughter, next time she will be punished, not forgiven.

They all do puja for Ramakant. Atharv and Chutki play. Sujata says I have waited for Atharv to grow up, I was sure he will do something big, as his thinking was different, now I feel all my dreams will break down, I will not see it becoming true. She cries. Vividha says sun’s first ray is enough to end darkness, miracles are called miracles as they can happen anytime. Arun looks around. Vipul sees her and asks how did you come here.

She says I was lost in this big house. He says how can you be lost when I m here, I m there if you need anything. He holds her and asks how is your health, better than before? She says yes, better. Ravish comes and asks what is the matter. Vipul gets shocked and says no, I was asking her welfare. He goes. Ravish asks Aruna is she finding anything.Sujata thanks Vividha for help. Vividha asks her not to thank. Atharv asks Sujata to give him gift as she promised. Aruna says I was finding my room. Ravish says your room is there. She says I have forgot the way.

He says you did not tell about yourself, from which place are you. She says I m not from Delhi. He says our country is big, where did you come from. She says Mumbai. He asks where is your husband, he should have been with you to take care of you. She says yes, he is not here and we don’t care. He asks does he know you are in this state, I will talk to him, you are his responsibility. She says no, he is not with us. He asks the reason. She says he died. He says sorry to hear that, you saw good urdu.

Sujata cries seeing Atharv. Atharv says what you have given to Atharv is not got in markets, your love and values, don’t leave the courage. Sujata says I have seen hope turning int disaster, I m scared, any disaster can happen before miracle. Vividha pacifies her. Aruna calls someone and says I think Ravish doubts me, I think we have to make this plan work out soon, send some items soon, I have just one gun now. Atharv comes with Chutki. Aruna hides the gun. Atharv asks did you see my videogame. Chutki says Atharv wants videogame. Atharv says we will find it. Arun asks them to go to garden and play.

Chutki says yes, I have an idea. Chutki looks for the spin toy. Aruna asks her to go out. The gun falls down. Atharv picks it and thanks Aruna for the toy. Arun gets shocked. Atharv asks Chutki to come and play. They run out. Aruna runs after them to stop. Aruna sees Suman and asks Atharv to return the gun. Sujata goes to kitchen to talk to Vividha. Ravish gets a call. Aruna tries to hear Ravish’s conversation.Chutki asks Atharv do you know using gun. He says I can use gun with closed eyes, I know shooting.

Sujata says Vividha, you heard what Atharv said, he won gold medal in shooting in college, he can shoot by hearing sound, it means his memory is coming back. Suman asks them to stop making noise. Atharv gets blindfold and says I can shoot with closed eyes. Daddy ji comes and asks whats happening. Atharv greets him. Everyone come. Ravish gets shocked seeing the real gun. He asks how did you get the gun. Atharv asks him to see the gun. Suman says they are playing with toy gun. Ravish says its not toy gun, its real gun, everybody get down. They all get shocked and get down. Ravish asks Atharv to return the gun.

Atharv refuses and says I will shoot. Ravish says give it to me. Atharv asks where are you. Sujata says Atharv can shoot without seeing on sound. Atharv asks who is coming to me, I will shoot. Ravish slowly walks to him. Aruna sees a vase and makes it fall to divert Atharv’s attention towards Ravish. Atharv shoots and Ravish gets shot. Everyone get shocked. Atharv says thanks, I have shot it. Aruna smiles. Suman shouts Ravish.

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