Never say goodbye update Sunday 20 March 2022

never say goodbye 20 march 2022: The Episode starts with Ramakant getting ready. He gets unwell. The officer says you are unwell, we will go to doctor. Ramakant says I m fine and gives him address. He faints. The army officers take him to hospital. Doctor says we are treating you now and have to inform your family members. Ramakant tells his officer to listen carefully, I have to meet Kailash. He asks his officer to call Kailash, I had to meet him and its very important, just call him. He gives his phone. He gets more unwell and doctors treat him.

Kailash is angry on Atharv, who made influenced all the house women. He answers a call. Atharv tells Vividha that he wants to show Kailash’s true face to her. She says I know him well, he worries for me and cries, because he loves me, that’s why he gets angry on you, I want everything to get fine between you and Papa. He says fine, will you let me show you what I want, you will face truth today, look there. He shows Kailash’s car coming. Vividha says oh my God, Papa…… Atharv asks her to go and hide behind the tree. She says we promised we won’t hide anything from each other. He says you will know everything, go and hide right now.

Sujata asks Uma are you worried for Vividha, its justified worry as Vividha is a girl, but I know Atharv well, do you trust him. Uma says more than my own son. Sujata says they both will come soon. Dadi asks Uma where is Kailash, did you not ask where is he going. Uma says no, he went out. Dadi says this is your problem, you can’t control husband and kids, you are responsible for this. Sujata tells Dadi that she has made Kailash adamant and a devil, Uma did not know anything when she married Kailash, Uma was ignorant when she came in this house, you know your son is mad, did you teach Uma to control Kailash.

Kailash meets Atharv. Vividha hides and looks on. Kailash asks where is Vividha. Atharv says she went home, I need to talk to you. Kailash asks why did you call me if she is not here. Atharv says I want to talk to you alone, Vividha’s presence and absence does not matter, we will talk directly, are you ready.Dadi says whats this Sujata, I did not let Uma get anything less, but Uma has responsibility, I know Kailash is spoilt and gets angry, whats wrong, can’t Uma bear him, she is his wife. Sujata says I will show you what Uma bears. Uma stops Sujata. Dadi says what happened to Sujata, why is she behaving such, Atharv is such understanding boy, I think he went on his father.

Atharv says I know you hate me, you don’t want Vividha to marry me, your problem is my lost family background, I can’t do anything about it, your second problem is I m misbehaving and hot tempered guy, sorry this won’t change. Vividha says Atharv has gone mad, he is spoiling things. Kailash says I know, you won’t change, why did you call me, to insult me?Atharv says no, I would have insulted you infront of everyone if I wanted, I called you to say truth, you don’t want me and Vividha to marry, Vividha feels you love her a lot and that’s why you are doing this, truth is you love yourself, your ego, pride, you don’t love anyone else, I know Ankit kidnapped Vividha and your mind was behind it. Vividha gets shocked.

Atharv asks Kailash to say truth, there is no one around us, speak out everything. Kailash says I did not come here to hear your nonsense, tell me what you want to say. Atharv says I know you can go to any limit till future but not let me and Vividha unite. Kailash says I don’t want to hear your nonsense.Atharv says I called you to talk about business, not nonsense, I have a proposal for you, you know Mathura Das, he is most respectable man in the society, I contacted him, he agreed to make you sarpanch again, his rate card was high, I arranged money and settled it, anyways you will get your lost place back and your egoistic head will get high, you wanted this right, second proposal is you wanted to take business ahead by Chintu’s father, that did not happen because of me, my investors are happy with my dairy farm, they will open a restaurant for you and invest in your catering on my saying, is not this great, now third and imp thing, I know you won’t let me and Vividha marry as I m a milkman, I have a solution, I will marry Vividha and settle outside Ajmer, you can tell anything to society to make your name, you can lie you got Vividha married to a big industrialist and Atharv got killed in an accident, I don’t care what you say, I just want to get Vividha, this can safe your ego too, but you have to agree to this to get two benefits, this is a package deal, tell me what does your mind say.

Kailash smiles and says you want me to give my daughter to you, whom I feel useless, just because I can get my position, power and money back.Atharv says yes, I want this, you can do this happily, this will be always secret between us, that’s why I called you alone, Vividha will not know of this, don’t worry, think of this good proposal, I know your mind started running, problem is you hate me a lot, I know you want time, I will give you time till tonight. Kailash looks around. Vividha hides. Atharv folds hands. Kailash leaves. Vividha asks Atharv what did you do, how did you give such proposal to Papa, when did you do this, you did deal with those big society men.

Atharv says I had to take support of lie to say bitter truth, I won’t say sorry. She says my Papa has no ego for power and money. He says its yours and Kailash’s test today, you will see Kailash’s true face, this was just a trailer, you did not notice, he was so excited hearing proposal that he forgot to ask about you. She says no, my Papa will pass your test easily, you see.Kailash thinking of the society people scolding him. He recalls Atharv’s proposal. Vividha comes to him and thinks whatever Atharv says, my heart knows my Papa is not like that Atharv is thinking. She asks shall I apply oil to your head, your see will go. Kailash says no need, it will be fine. She says no, your headache increased a lot these days, I know its because of me, society people are pointing finger on you and raising many questions, don’t worry for me, take care of your health, its very important for all of us.

Kailash says its late now, you got tired, you all much work all day, go and rest, I m fine. She hugs him and cries. She says I miss you a lot, like we used to talk before, I miss old time, I think we should spend time with each other. He nods and holds her hand. She leaves.He sees Atharv from the window. Atharv smiles. Kailash goes out to him. Atharv folds hands and greets him. Kailash looks around. Atharv says don’t take tension, everyone slept or preparing to sleep, its just you and me, one to one, man to man, tell me what did you decide. Kailash asks him about his words, whats the guarantee that you will do what you said. Atharv says I have courage to do what I don’t say, I have come fully prepared. He shows the document to Kailash and says I got this to make you sure, I won’t disappoint you, this is investors’ intent letter and society approval letter to make you sarpanch. Vividha hides and looks on.

Atharv says this is land approval letter, I m shifting my factory to Nasik, society will not know where did Atharv and Vividha go, your problem solved, what are you thinking, I m waiting for your yes, I won’t give papers, promise me you will become my Sasur ji after taking it. Kailash smiles and takes the papers. Atharv smiles and Vividha gets shocked. Vividha recalls scolding Atharv and her belief on her Papa.Atharv signs Vividha. Kailash goes to temple and prays. He then burns the papers. Atharv and Vividha get shocked. He goes to Atharv and throws the papers down. Kailash asks Atharv what did you think about me, you felt you know Kailash Kashyap, if you knew me, you would have not tried to bribe me, you want to do my daughter’s deal, what do you think of yourself, I love my daughter more than my life, will I do her deal, or will I let you do her deal. Vividha smiles.

Everyone come there by hearing Kailash shouting. Kailash asks Atharv what did you think I m shameless and mean, I will give my daughter to you by this, let society go to hell, this business, restaurant is for children, I can’t sell my children for this, I can give my life for Vividha, you want to bribe me and buy Vividha. I m worried for business and society, its not for myself, I was a tea seller, if I have this now, I want Vividha to have this too for her future, I m against you, I hate you, I don’t respect you, I have seen one thing in you, self esteem, you did this thing today and you cleared my misunderstanding today, you made yourself fall in my eyes, such cheap thinking to bribe father and get daughter, you are not a big businessman. He shows the ashes and says you did big mistake thinking to buy Vividha, this can’t happen, Vividha’s value for me is a lot. Atharv says whatever, you want to say you won’t let Vividha marry me.

Kailash says you never understood me, I will say again, listen to me, I will not get Vividha married on the basis of greed and bribe, elder’s blessing is necessary for marriage. Kailash sees Sujata and asks Atharv to tell his mum to meet him tomorrow, some things look good by elders. Everyone smile. Atharv gets shocked. Kailash leaves. Guddi says Papa said yes and hugs Vividha and Atharv. She asks Atharv to smile, did he not hear Papa said yes. Sujata thanks Lord. Guddi tells Uma that Vividha is going to inlaws. Dadi says Kailash said yes for Atharv and Vividha’s marriage. Atharv and Uma get thinking.

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