Never say goodbye update Sunday 10 April 2022

Never say goodbye 10 April 2022: The Episode starts with Suman asking Ravish to make Vividha comfortable. She says she is nervous as she is new here, assure you that you are with her, protect her, I know how is life without love, I don’t want the same happen with Vividha, find out whats the matter. Daddy ji comes and says Suman is right, talk to Vividha and try to solve her problem. Ravish goes. Daddy ji tells Suman that Ramakant is no more, I m sorry from his side, I know he has troubled you a lot and I could not do anything. She asks him not to apologize.

She hides her tears and talks to her. He says you are a army’s daughter, army’s wife in true sense, you know to hide pain and fight with problems.Suman says its one month that Ramakant passed away, whenever I see his pic, I think of the other woman who would be crying seeing his pic, I just have her memories, and I have to share it with the other woman. Daddy ji says its just your memories, you don’t need to share it, Ramakant was my son, what he did with you, I can never forget it, I promised your father that I will make you my bahu, I fulfilled it, and I could not assure your happiness, it was because of that woman Sujata. Ravish hears them.

Suman cries and says I m worried for future, not past. Daddy ji asks what do you mean. Suman says its an age that happiness came in this house, I m scared, Ramakant’s death may become a reason for Sujata and her family to get rights on this house. He says till I m alive, Ramakant’s past will be fall on our house’s present and future, no one can enter this house, just you and Ravish have right on this house. Ravish looks on and goes to his room.

He asks Vividha are you feeling better. She says yes, I know we promised each other that we will not question each other, I m not asking you to share your problem with me, but you can share it with your mum. He says I know this matter will come out one day, but this is not the right time. She says I think you should sleep for some time, you will feel better. He says I don’t sleep in day. She says you are not in tension always, I will get warm milk for you. She goes.

Ravish says you want me to tell this to Suman, you don’t tell Suman will be most hurt by this, she will not be able to bear this truth, how will you know, you are not related to our past. Vividha goes to kitchen. She cries and says what is the truth that Ravish is not able to say, I m getting so much love and respect here, I does not want to hurt them more, but what to do.Atharv feels unwell and shouts. He holds his head and falls down on the bed. He looks for some way to escape. He knocks the door and shouts open….. Vividha passes by that room and stops.

Atharv tries to open the cupboard and falls down. Vividha says this sound is coming again and goes to check. She sees the sound coming from the cupboard and asks who is there. She gets tensed, while Atharv is hitting the cupboard door by his head. He hears her voice and tries to shout. She hears him and says Atharv….He gets to the cupboard door and sees clothes. She opens the cupboard, while Ravish holds Atharv, shutting his mouth and lowers the door. Vividha just sees the clothes. She says whats happening with me, I m hearing sounds, seeing Atharv….

She says maybe Maa is right, I m imagining all this, I have to believe this that Atharv will come back in my life, I have done very bad with you, I don’t want to do bad with a good man like Ravish. She leaves. Ravish and Situram make Atharv lie down on the bed. Ravish gives him injection. He says I m here for your help, relax…… Atharv calms down. Ravish says its good I came on time. Sujata holds Ravish.Ravish says I told you that Atharv should not come out of this room, then how does he come out again and again. He calms down and says I m sorry.

He says look I know you don’t want to stay here, but try to understand, you have to stay here, let me do my duty, see his state is so weak, I have no other option that to keep him here, where did you go by leaving him alone. She says today Atharv’s father….. its one month now that he passed away, so I went to temple, I know you stopped me from going out, I could not stop myself today. Situram goes to guard outside. Sujata says I went by back door as you said. Ravish asks are you sure no one has seen you. Sujata says yes, but… He asks what happened. She says my puja plate is not there, if anyone sees it then… He says nothing will happen. She says there is a pic in it, my and Ramakant’s pic. Ravish gets shocked.

Vividha recalling the incident. Aditi asks are you fine, mom told me you fainted, I just came from tennis class. Vividha says I m fine now. Aditi asks her to sign on joint bank account form. Vividha takes form. Aditi asks her to sign as Mrs. Vashisht. Vividha asks shall I do this later. Aditi says sure, but sign on it, else mom will scold me. Vividha asks where is mum. Aditi says actually…..Daddy ji sees Suman crying and asks can I come in. Suman says yes. He asks what happened, will you spend all tears of life today.

She says don’t know, Ramakant were together, but we had no love. She says I will go and see if pandit got all items of puja. She goes.Ravish asks Sujata to think well and say till when did she had the plate. Sujata says I had plate in temple, I kept it down when I was coming from back door, I will go and check. Ravish says wait, I will see, you take care of Atharv.Vividha goes to Suman. Suman plucks flowers. Vividha asks shall I help you. Suman says yes, but you should rest. Vividha says I m fine, Aditi told you about Ravish’s Papa, its one month since he passed.

Suman says yes, he will never come back now. She gets sad. Ravish comes there and sees the aarti plate. Suman tells Vividha that Ramakant liked white flowers a lot.Vividha asks are you okay, even if husband is army man or civilian, wife should not hide the sorrow, if you share the sorrow with anyone, your heart burden will get less. Suman hugs her. Ravish sees them and takes the aarti plate silently. The photo flies and he does not see. He shuts the door and leaves.

Suman says I m lucky to get such bahu, its my good deeds, did Aditi give you bank papers. Vividha says yes, I will sign on it. Suman asks her to pluck flowers. Sujata says the pic is not in the plate. Ravish says mum is in garden, if she sees the pic. Suman goes to pluck flowers, and sees the pic. Ravish says take care of Atharv, I will just come. Sujata asks Atharv to lie down, he will fall. Ravish makes Atharv lie down well, and tells Sujata doctor said his condition can change, we have to be strong, it will take time, calm down. He says I will just come. Atharv holds his leg and stops him. Ravish says relax, I m here.

Suman picks the photo and sees Ramakant and Sujata. She recalls talking to Daddy ji. She says I want to see who is that other woman in Ramakant’s life. Daddy ji says she will never step in your life, why do you want to see her. Suman says I have right to know who is that woman, who is part of Ramakant’s life. Daddy ji shows Sujata’s pic to her. FB ends. Vividha comes to Suman and asks what happened, is everything fine. Suman says yes. Vividha says I have plucked flowers, shall I pluck more. Suman says no, its fine. Vividha takes the rest of the items. Suman says Vividha and faints. Vividha gets shocked and shouts to Ravish, Daddy ji and Aditi.

Ravish is with Atharv, sitting holding Atharv’s hand, while Aditi is listening music. Vividha makes Suman sit in the car and takes her.Ravish sees Atharv slept, and talks to Sujata about shifting them. Sujata asks why is he doing all this. Ravish says its my duty, my Papa left a letter for me, its his last wish, I had to find you and Atharv and get your rights, which you did not get till now, I m glad this started, I have to make Atharv equally rightful for everything which Ramakant had, I thought to share everything and then go my way, but I did not know when I get you, Atharv will be in this state.

Sujata says Beta, I know you are not my son, but you are my husband’s son, this is Ramakant and your mum’s values, that you are not fighting with your stepbrother, but wants to fight for stepbrother’s rights, any mother will be proud to call you son.Nurse takes the pic from Suman’s hand and sees Vividha. Vividha worries for Suman. Nurse keeps the photo under the pillow. Suman is treated. Ravish takes care of Atharv, and says I m going out, if you need any help, you can tell me. Sujata stops Ravish and says whtever you are doing for both of us, thanks, but till when will this treatment go on, how long do we have to stay here. He says don’t worry, let Atharv get well, I will manage, Atharv will get his share.

Sujata says we don’t want any share, my son is very qualified, he will make everything for himself I just want to see him getting fine, we never expected any share. She cries. Ravish says be strong, everything will be fine, I did not wish to hide both of you, but… Sujata says you are doing this for two mothers, I understand your mum will be hurt knowing this, you took big risk, how will you explain your mum, wife and family, you are newly wed, any marriage is based on trust and you have risked that trust for us.

Vividha goes to make a call. She calls Ravish and gets number unavailable. She thinks of landline number and calls. She tells Daddy ji about Suman. She talks to doctor. Doctor asks her to sign on form, it needs family member’s sign, what relation do you have with Suman. Vividha says I m her bahu. Doctor asks her to sign, I have to put this in record before treatment. Vividha takes the form.

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