My Identity Update Wednesday 7 July 2021


My Identity 7 July 2021: Saisha continues praising Mitali and wishes Avni was like that. For one day, she would fight back instead running away. Avni says she is no police officer. Saisha asks why can’t she change? Avni says for her and goes away. Saisha asks for me?DD reminds Neil about Mitali’s birthday and they have to give her surprise. Neil seems upset and says he understands she has done a lot for him, but what surprise every year? He is not coming to her birthday, so go and tell her. Mitali hears and leaves sadly.

Later, Mitali is having dinner alone. Lights go off and Neil and others surprise her with cake. Mitali says they managed to surprise her this year too. Neil hopes she liked their surprise. She says she expects more from him. He gets nervous. Mitali says she is just kidding. Neil says he couldn’t find her favorite flowers, so he brought different ones. Mitali says he brought with so much love, from today that’s her favorite flowers.Avni is looking at note left by Neil. She says only Neil could have made her feel better during that time, but whoever sent that note to her, thank you.

Other hand, Neil gives money for flowers. In change, flower guy gives him 500 rs. note. with thank you written on it. Neil asks from where he got that? Flower guy says it must be from customer. Neil asks whether he knows that customer. Flower guy says no. Neil recalls seeing same note before and remembers about Jaan Didi. He wishes to meet Jaan Didi once. He will have to do something tomorrow.Goons who were at Saisha’s place come to some lady and thank her for their bail.

Saisha is pretending to be studying economics, but she is reading something else. Avni catches her and finds out Saisha was reading about Karate. Saisha says she wants to attack back at goons. Avni recalls herself practicing Karate and tells her by fighting, you gain nothing. Saisha says so she means they should be afraid of everyone? Avni tells her if she studies now, then she will get her admission in those karate classes. Saisha is happy.Neil is doing a radio show on love. Other hand, Avni is looking at her and Neil’s photo.

Neil tells his and Avni’s love story on the show. Avni says if she didn’t have Neil’s love memories, then she would have died long ago. She will spend her whole life with those memories. Mitali is listening Neil’s show and looks at his photo. She hopes Neil can start a new life with her. KK is also listening the show. He says Neil is very gifted. He is sure Neil has fallen in love. Neil plays a song.. Both him and Avni remember their dance. Saisha dreams dancing with KK.

Avni calling home. Bebe and Shweta talk to her, thinking she is a girl wishing to talk to Neil. Avni cries hearing them. Shweta says lovers ring the bell, as we ring the bell in temple, I m sure this girl is in love with Neil. Bebe takes the phone and says whoever you are, Neil won’t entertain you, he is just of his wife, avni, who left him ten years ago, Neil is living with her memories, now call only when you are done with talking to us, turn on the channel Raabta and listen to Neil. Neil reads the lines and asks what kind of lines are these.

KK laughs and jokes. He says say these lines with feelings like you really want to be my children’s mum. Neil says now I m your rehearsal partner, I m not doing all that. KK says its imp to crack this scene. Neil says I have a solution, if we can find that girl who has sung that song then. KK says her voice was so beautiful. Neil says we have to call all participants in event, then that girl will come, you will get publicity to promote cultural events. KK says superb plan, how will we host this party. Neil says leave it to me. He calls DD and says a party has to be organized.


Shweta talks to Miyati about Neil. Mitali says Neil is really good, he appeared happy. Shweta says its because of you, you have been there for him. Mitali says I will stay with Neil forever. Shweta blesses her. She tells Bebe that Neil is happy, Mitali is his good friend. Bebe says Mitali has feelings for Neil. Shweta says you feel she likes Neil, we should focus to unite them. Bebe says no one can come in Neil’s life other than Avni, you will have to take care of Neil in my absence, you are not capable of doing anything.

Its morning, Saisha says all participants are invited in KK’s holi theme party, wow, my wish turned true. She asks Sunehri did she fall in love with anyone. Sunehri thinks of DD and says no. Saisha asks who is DD, whose name you were uttering in sleep. She shows the video. The kids tease Sunehri. Kids think what to wear in holi party. Saisha says we have money problem, we won’t bother Avni, we shall rent the clothes from my friend’s laundary, Avni won’t know it, we should lie to her.

They see Avni at the door. Avni says you all didn’t finish breakfast yet. Mowgli says we don’t want to go in party. Avni says you will not wear someone else’s clothes. She gives them clothes. They all hug Avni. Sunehri smiles. Avni says this house is made for these kids, they should get a new life, they will get all the happiness. Sunehri asks will you come in party. Avni says no, media will be there. Sunehri says kids won’t go in party without you. KK talks to media. Sunehri thanks Mitali and says kids made this gift for you.

Mitali thanks her and says send me details of family, I assure you no one will bother you, I m also coming in KK’s holi party. Sunehri says kids will be happy meeting you. Avni makes kids ready and makes excuse to avoid party. Saisha gets upset. Avni says we will also get ready once you all leave. Saisha says you will wear dress of my choice. Avni gets ready and comes. They all compliment her. Sunehri says Saisha always tries to bring Avni back. Avni says but I m Nilanjana, not Avni.

KK introduces Neil to Bunty Agarwal. DD says Mitali called me for some case, we will come later. Sunehri sees DD and hides. She collides with him and falls in his arms. She says sorry. He says sorry and goes. She sees Neil there. She thinks of Avni’s words. Saisha asks for her phone to call Avni. Sunehri says I will call her. Saisha says I will meet KK, wow. She hears about lawyer Mehra. She asks are you lawyer Mehra. Mehra says yes, what’s the matter. She says its your nephew’s marriage today right. He denies and goes.

Saisha calls Avni and says Mowgli is unwell, come soon. Avni worries. Saisha tells kids that Avni lied to them, today will be fun day for her. Avni comes there and thinks where are the kids. Neil thinks that same familiar feeling again. Tere dar par sanam….plays….

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