My Identity Update Wednesday 16 June 2021


My Identity 16 June 2021: The Episode starts with Neela saying I m going to visit aunt, I don’t want to go but its imp. Avni thinks how to break the concrete. Neela asks her not to worry, and gives prasad. She says I m sure you will be out of here very soon, promise me you will take care of yourself and pray. Avni says yes, but Lord helps those who help themselves, I will help myself. Neela says promise me, you won’t take a wrong step. Avni crosses finger and promises. Neela hugs her. Avni goes. Neela prays that she can free Avni by getting some proof against Vidyut.

A girl tries to run. Goons follows. Vidyut comes in front of her. The girl gets scared. Vidyut stares at Ballu. Avni thinks I need to check what thing can help me in blasting the concrete. She goes. Tara and Sitara come there and get the laddoos. They argue. The box drops.They see a paper and think its a secret letter, maybe Avni wrote a love letter for Neil. Monica comes and stops them. She sends them. She takes the paper and gets shocked seeing the jail’s blueprint. She says it means Avni is preparing to escape.

Avni asks guard about Ali. Guard says Ali is unwell. Avni thinks it will be tough for me to do this without Ali. She collects chemicals. Monica calls Vidyut and says Avni is trying to run, what about our plan. Vidyut says she has to stay here, do anything, she must not succeed. He thinks he will release Avni on parole, then she will be suppressed by his burden. He says you won’t get released if this happens, deal will cancel, you can get a new life of luxuries, you have to pay a price, that’s Avni’s failure. Sunehri hears her and says who wants to break the prison.

Monica thinks Sunehri shouldn’t know about me. She hits Sunehri and goes. Sunehri sees Avni going. She says Avni is planning to run away from the jail, no, if she really goes, this jail will become a hell, Avni brought the peace here, how should I stop Avni, Avni has decided to leave, I will inform jailer. Monica looks on and thinks I will do the rest of the work.Jailer asks constable to decorate the backyard, a big politician is coming today.

Avni hears this and thinks I can escape with ease. She prays. She is called by Neil. Neil says Sunehri told me, one of you have stolen blueprint of this jail. Avni thinks if my cell is checked, they will get the blueprint. Neil says I want to solve the case in a simple way, whoever has stolen it, come ahead and accept your crime. He asks jailer to start checking everyone. Avni gets tensed. Constable gets blueprint from Sunehri. They all get shocked. Avni thinks how did Sunehri get this.

Sunehri says I don’t know about this, I came to told this to you, trust me. Monica says maybe someone has framed Sunehri. Sunehri thinks Avni has framed me. Neil punishes Sunehri. Monica smiles and recalls talking to Sunehri and putting the map in her pocket. Neil says I will investigate the case, your parole will be cancelled, every prisoner will not get any privileges now. He goes. Sunehri asks jailer to listen to her. Jailer asks everyone to keep an eye on each other. Avni thinks I don’t have blueprint, I can’t get an entry in Neil’s cabin, how to save Sunehri.

Jailer says Neil is calling you in interrogation room, Sunehri did a big crime, you can tell Neil, he is your husband, he can help you. Neil interrogates Avni. He says no one can run away from the prison. He asks everyone to leave. Jailer says we will interrogate Sunehri till now. He says no, I will talk to her after some time. Tara and Sitara console Sunehri. Sunehri says Avni has trapped me, she was planning to escape. Tara asks how can you say this, it can be anyone else, maybe Monica is going to escape. Sunehri says no, I have heard Avni talking in washroom.

Monica thinks jail’s security will get tight, then Avni can’t escape, vidyut will get me released.Neil scolds Avni. He asks her not to justify. Avni says fine, extend my punishment, you can’t do anything. He says you think you are innocent. She says I didn’t kill Juhi, you promised me you will protect me, you didn’t listen to me. He says I did what was right. She says even I m right. He says no need to run away from here to prove yourself right, you won’t do anything, Sunehri is in trouble because of you. She says if you can find anything, why didn’t you find out who killed Juhi, why am I still in jail.

He asks her to find answers within. She says I m in jail as you have arrested me. He says its easy to blame others. She says truth is you didn’t trust me, I was always a criminal in your eyes, your thinking didn’t change, you didn’t believe that I can be innocent. He smiles and says yes, I have a proof of your innocence, its torn piece of that blueprint, I know everything about you, even that which you don’t want anyone to know. He burns the map and says I will keep an eye here, you won’t be going anywhere, do you understand that.

Avni asking Neil to punish her. Neil thinks how shall I explain, I want you to leave from here as innocent person, not any absconded criminal. He says what I do is justice, I have taken up your care since six months. DD says there is a call for you, the girl is saying she will just talk to you. The girl says Vidyut kidnapped me and my friends. Neil gets angry and says Vidyut’s free roaming will end today. DD asks about Avni. Neil says don’t worry, be alert. Avni thinks I remember the blueprint, Neil can’t stop me now. Mausi asks why are you worried.


Avni asks is it right to trust someone in love, we don’t cheat person we love. Mausi says sometimes there is an attempt to save us from pain. Avni says I will give food to Sunehri. Jailer stops her and says Sunehri will get same food like prisoners. Avni says please, I will come back soon. Jailer says I m already in tension, Vidyut is coming to see Kaali maa jhanki, fine I will allow you, if Sunehri’s crime is proved, this won’t be allowed.

Neil asks the girl not to worry, they will find her friends. The girl goes. Vidyut comes and says I like this about you, you are always on duty like a watchman. Neil says you are right, I m that watchman, who is honest and dangerous too. Vidyut jokes on him. Neil says let me wipe out the crime, then I will write poems in vacation. Vidyut says good luck for that, lets talk about work, I want you to take charge of my security in that jail where Avni is kept. Neil says sorry, my answer will be no, I m not free.

Vidyut says don’t break my heart, I have to go there, if Neo attacks me… Neil says why is Neo after you. Vidyut says Neo knows he will be caught if he comes in front of me, he is a cheated. Neil says think if Neo comes in front of you, what will happen to you. Vidyut says this time, I hope you catch Neo. Neil says he will be caught sooner or later, don’t worry, don’t feel scared, evil doesn’t prevail where Kaali Maa is present. Vidyut says see you soon and goes.

Neil thinks I have to save those girls and then go to jail, I can’t let Avni fall alone. Avni thinks of the map. She says get prepared, Vidyut is coming. Neil enters the godown and beats the goons. Neil covers himself with the hood. Avni says this time I will confront Vidyut, I m sorry Neil, I m also helpless like you. Avni goes out with guards and asks what happened. The girl says Sunehri’s food had poison, she fainted.

Avni says I want to meet her.Monica makes Avni fall down. She recalls adding poison in the food.Neil hides from the goons and reaches the girls. He finds all of them tied up. He asks them not to worry, nothing will happen to them. He tries to open the ropes. He gets some smell and sees the kerosene. He says its a trap. He gets a knife.Monica asks Avni to say she has added poison in Sunehri’s food.

Mausi says don’t say nonsense. Monica says why can’t Avni do this. Avni says Lord will decide my punishment. They all go to pray. Vidyut arrives. Ballu sees Neil and calls Vidyut. He says the rat got trapped, work is done. He ignites fire to the rope. Neil gets shocked. He tries to cut the ropes.Avni sees Vidyut coming. He goes to hold her. She pushes his hand away.

He smiles. The fire spreads. Neil rushes to save the girls. Avni says don’t dare to touch me, else you will lose your hands. Vidyut says I like your attitude, I was waiting for this moment. She says I wanted to meet you. He says I have been dying to tell you, when you get angry, I find you very beautiful. She asks him to stop joking. He says I m very serious, shall I prove it to you, you are a fire, I m a coal, when we join, we will make this world jealous or burn.

Neil cuts the ropes. Vidyut says a perfect couple made in heaven or hell. She asks is he mad, does he think she will marry him. He says sorry, I forgot to say, this jhanki is organized just for you, so that we can take Maa’s blessings and we will start our new life together, I have vowed to make you a widow today. She gets shocked.He says I will rub off your sindoor from your forehead. Neil gets dizzy and falls down. Vidyut says I will take care of you.

Avni says I will kill you, don’t think a woman is helpless, a woman can become Durga and Kaali, I m enough for you, if anything happens to Neil, I will kill you. He says we have some connection, you read my mind, come on Avni. The girls scream for help. Neil’s leg catches fire. He sees Avni and says I m coming Avni.He gets up and blows off the fire.Neil cuts the rope and frees the last girl. All the girls run out.

Neil asks them to leave fast. Vidyut says if you have vented out all the anger on me, please go and get ready, you have to do Kaali Maa’s aarti, your would be husband has become a MLA now, I will send a special gift for you, to mark the beginning of our soon to be relationship. He folds hands and says Jai Maa Kaali. He goes for aarti. Avni cries.

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