My Identity Update Tuesday 6 April 2021


My Identity 6 April 2021: starts with Bebe saying I will pull Neil’s ears today. Shweta asks will Ananya stay like this till he comes, not nice. Bebe says no, when will this come to use. She opens the handcuffs by using the hairpin. Avni thinks to go and help Neil. She thanks Bebe and hugs. She says I have urgent work, I will go. She goes. Shweta says I want to confess something, I always heard what you said, I kept fasts and learnt cooking, you did not ask me for breakfast, why this partiality. Bebe says yes, have breakfast. She feeds the salty Muesli to her.

She scolds Shweta and says I have seen you adding salt in it, Avni has eaten it for my happiness, look at yourself. Dayaben comes home and sees Khanna house board. She recalls the auction. She thinks Avni can’t hide her truth, she can’t fill poison in my life. Guard meets her and tells about Neil’s family members going out. Dayaben says illegitimate blood in my house, but not for long time. Avni waits for auto. She thinks to reach Neil. she calls Neil. Dayaben comes and asks what’s the hurry Avni. Avni gets shocked seeing her. Neil calls Avni and thinks why is she not answering, I have handcuffed her. She calls Shweta and asks about Avni. Shweta says Bebe opened her handcuffs, I don’t know where Ananya went.

Dayaben aims gun at her. Avni asks why do you want to kill me. Dayaben says you made me homeless, you snatched everything, Riya’s marriage broke. She sees the bullet mark and recalls shooting at Avni. She says this time, I will shoot at your head. Avni says this wound marks are sign of my victory, you still need this gun to win, this is your failure. Aman hits on Ananya’s head and takes her. Avni says you are threatening me again. Dayaben says maybe you don’t lose courage, because of my Ansh in your bad blood, how did you get saved. Avni says to end you and get my brother Aman back. Dayaben says he is my grandson Amol. Avni says he has forgotten his identity, I will make him Aman, you have to die. Aman ties Ananya. He calls Dayaben. Dayaben says he will live for 100 years. Aman says real Ananya is with us. Dayaben says fine. She tells Avni that she is fool to lose the chance, she could have got her arrested by giving statement, but she is not clever. Avni asks her to shoot and holds the gun.

Dayaben says no, I won’t kill you easily, I will make your life hell, you are still helpless lonely girl, it happens as I want, I made Ashish away from Aisha, I will keep Amol away from you, when I get done with fun, I will kill you. She goes. Avni asks why are you running, shoot. Neil comes and stops Avni. He says no use to kill her, you are not a criminal, calm down. She says sorry, I flowed in emotions. He says I promise we will take revenge, did she doubt, does she think you got scared of her. She says yes. He says it means the Ananya Verma she is following is real, our plan is working. FB shows Neil telling Avni that Dayaben will get fake Ananya. He asks Ananya to perform in front of Ketan. He gives her a note to her. Neela sees Dayaben and acts with Ananya. FB ends.

Neil says Dayaben’s bad time started, let her feel she got Ananya, don’t be sad, you were waiting for this time, we will send her to jail. Avni hugs him. Riya sees Ali worried. She asks what happened, you look irritated. Ali says she is not answering my call. She asks Ananya, maybe she is busy with Neil, they kept me away on holi day, they wanted to get married, else they would have been pulling each other’s hair, they look happy now. He says I have work, you manage here. He goes. Riya says you and Ananya spoiled everything, see what I do.

Aman asks Dayaben who is Avni. She says don’t you trust me, I will tell everything when right time comes, she is a bad news, are you with me. He says yes. She hugs him. Ananya bites Diksha. Diksha screams. They see Ananya. Dayaben pulls her hair. Diksha says small vamps take tuition from my mum. Ananya asks them to leave her.
Dayaben asks Ananya who is she. She scares her. Ananya says I can’t tell you. Diksha says tell us. Ananya says I will say, tell your son not to beat me, I m Ananya, I m just roaming as Avni, but who are you say, did Neela send you, I will not tell anyone. Dayaben says you leave Avni’s identity, I will leave you. Ananya asks what do you mean. Dayaben says time has come to tell everyone that you are Ananya Verma. She feeds her water.

Bebe telling about treasure hunt, we should do something, I feel much bored here. Shweta reads and says team A are Neil and Avni, and we are team B, winning girl will get gold earrings and winning guy will get Murabba cooked by Bebe. Shweta and Avni read the riddles. Bebe counts and asks them to run. Shweta looks out in lawn. Avni gets another clue in fridge. Neil and Avni see Shweta and Prakash and go. Shweta checks fridge and gets clue. Shweta reads next clue.Neil and Avni read next clue from the maid. Shweta understands the riddle and runs. Bebe gets the flowers and dances. She gives a flower to Bebe. Bebe says great, Shweta got it, clue was simple, check the next one. Shweta says yes, I will solve it. She reads the riddle. Neil understands its shoes.


Avni says I know,but look there, now do acting as if we are still thinking. She asks Neil to clean dirt before coming. She signs Prakash. Prakash tells Shweta about it. Shweta says doormat.Shweta gets the clue. She says I m the winner, congrats, I want to dedicate my winning tag to my mummy ji and Papa ji, and to Bebe and my darling husband. Bebe gives her earrings. Shweta gets glad and shows to Avni. Bebe asks her to go and wear it. Bebe says Shweta does not cheat today to win, someone else did cheating today. She sees Avni and says you thought I did not see anything, she has given all clues to Shweta, I m inspector’s Bebe, Neil lost, so I will feed Murabba sandwich to Prakash, ask Avni if she wants to feed you by her hands, its her wish. She goes.

Prakash says one who wins by losing is called Baazigar, you are real champion. Avni smiles. Neil says treasure hunt game was fun. Avni says yes, but don’t know what is Dayaben planning. He says my Papa says, people forget living present in worry of future. She says you are lucky, your dad is so good. He says you are very nice. She smiles and says thanks. He asks why, for calling you good. She says no, I got a happy family feeling in this house, I got some happiness here, don’t know what will happen tomorrow, I will always keep memories in my heart. He says that side. She says you forgot my heart is on right. He says so you take wrong decisions. She throws pillow. He says thanks, I needed this.

Dayaben says just one night, you have to say truth. Ananya says if Neela knows, I will get caught. Dayaben says I will see Neela. Ananya agrees and says I will go far. Dayaben says you can go anywhere, I don’t care. Avni talks in sleep. She says you can’t harm me Dayavanti. Neil hears her and calms her. He says Dayaben lost to you, she can’t do anything, its okay. She holds his hand and sleep. Its morning, Avni wakes up and sees Neil by her bedside, sleeping on the ground. She says I murmured something at night, did I trouble him. He wakes up. She falls over him. Baatein kuch ankahi si….plays…. He says sorry, I did not do anything, maybe you saw a bad dream and held my hand. She says sorry your sleep got disturbed. He says no problem. She says I don’t get bad dreams every day. He says I know, its fine, I did not feel bad. He goes. She thinks its enough, I can’t trouble Neil more, I should free him from this marriage soon.

Bebe asks them to have Murabba too. Prakash says I saved it for last, so that the taste travels on my tongue all day. Bebe says you made me glad. She compliments Shweta for earrings and jokes.

Neil says you forgot me Bebe, give me some sandwich. Bebe says have it from Avni, she has won today. Neil asks Avni to share the sandwich. Avni gives him. Bebe says what are you doing, feed him by your hands, it increases love.

Avni feeds the sandwich to Neil. Dayaben comes and calls out Avni. They all get shocked. Shweta says you here, what happened, who is Avni. Avni worries. Shweta taunts Dayaben for getting mad. Prakash says there is no Avni here. Dayaben holds Avni’s hand and says you feel you can cheat them Avni, like you cheated me by changing name. Prakash asks what are you saying. Bebe asks Prakash why are you talking to her with respect, how dare she enter my house and point finger at my bahu. She asks maid to kick out Dayaben. Dayaben stares at her maid and stops. She says I have proof, this girl is Avni, not Ananya, she is a fraud and liar. Neil looks on. Dayaben asks do you want to meet real Ananya. She calls Ananya. Ananya comes in. Dayaben asks her to say who is she. Ananya says I m Ananya Verma. They get shocked.

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