My Identity Update Tuesday 23 March 2021

My Identity 23 March 2021: starts with Avni saying I will fight till Amol becomes Aman. Ali says you know they are dangerous. She asks him not to become her weakness, none should know I m Avni. Neela comes and says I told you, none should know this, thank God he is Ali, if Dayaben’s family knew this, what would happen. She tells Ali that its Avni’s fight, Fatima should not know this. She asks Avni not to meet Ali from today. Avni leaves. Neil comes to Fatima. Fatima says Ali is not at home. She cleans the house and asks him to sit. She gets water for him. He says Ali called Ananya as Avni today, if Ali feels Ananya is Avni, whom he lost in an accident, we have to know Ananya is a clever girl, I don’t want anyone to cheat my friend.

She asks how do you know about Avni. Neil says Ali told me, I don’t want Ananya to use Ali, help me. Fatima says my heart says Ananya is a nice girl, her heart is good, she helped Amol. He says no, its just pretension, we can’t let anyone use Ali’s emotions. She says you care for Ali a lot, just Avni used to take care of Ali, you are a nice guy, why are you going to that Naagin Dayaben. Neil gets shocked.Aman acts rude. Dayaben and everyone dine. Amol gets Ashish’s email. Dayaben asks him to read. Amol reads, dear Amol, mum told me about financial crisis, but try to understand, mum earned all this money on her own, we had nothing in our childhood, none knows better about fighting with small troubles, trust me, she will make everything fine, till I return, she needs your support, I hope you don’t disappoint me, your loving dad, Ashish.

Dayaben says we should face this problem together, I did not wish to hurt you.Fatima says Dayaben can’t be trusted. Neil says I know there is some tension. Fatima says its not just tension, see this pic, Aisha and Avni, they got murdered by Dayaben, she is the murderer of my children. She cries. Neil calms her down. He says I know what happened, sorry, I checked police records, Dayaben also got saved by laws. Fatima says laws are sold easily, she bought everyone, I cried and begged everyone, Dayaben will get my curse, someone will become my voice, that my children will get justice, I don’t think you are be happy in this relation, you are like Ali for me, it was my duty to explain you. He says I know what you mean, but my relation is with Riya, I want you to help me in marriage preparations.

She says you don’t trust me right, you want witness, go and ask Neela, she will tell you Dayaben’s truth. He asks Neela. She says yes, Ashish’s second wife Neela Parekh, Dayaben’s bahu. Neil recalls DD showing Neela’s documents.Dayaben says we will get our house, factory and jewelry back in some days, Riya don’t worry, I m there, Prakash’s company will get us out of this mess. Diksha asks what about Ananya, she is after Neil. Riya says I will see Ananya. Dayaben asks her to keep an eye on Ananya, she blamed Diksha for theft, and eyeing Neil, she troubled Amol, she came as storm in our lives, so who is our enemy, Ananya. Amol says Ananya. Dayaben asks whose life will get storm now. They see Avni. Avni says today, entire family is together, any special occasion planning is going on. Diksha says so you did not hear anything. Avni asks what. Riya says we were talking about you, sometimes mistakes happen in testing people. She shakes hands and hugs Ananya, saying you came as angel in my life, see how my family members treat you well.

Ali comes home. He sees Avni’s pic. Fatima says so you have come, is this time to come home, have food. Ali says I worked hard in cafe today. She asks did you meet your Avni. Ali looks at her and says Avni, how can I meet her, she has left us. She asks really, you were not ready to accept this. He says till when will I run away from truth, I have to accept truth, she is gone, I have to see my life, you also say this. She asks why did you call Ananya as Avni today. He coughs. She gives water. She asks him not to lie, I know everything, Neil told me. He says its nothing like that. She asks him to swear on her head and say Avni is alive. He gets back and says its nothing like that, we should forget past, let me have food now. She thinks Ali does not know lying. She prays for Avni.

Avni talks to Neela. Neela asks her not to use her more, now there is no place for her in her house. She gets Avni’s bags and asks her to leave. Avni gets shocked. She sees Neil hiding and understands. Neela says you were my paying guest, I treated you well as my daughter, you did not pay rent, you always talk to Dayaben. Avni says sorry. Neela says just get out. Avni leaves.Neil asks Neela is she fine, sorry I heard you. Neela says PGs are such. He says but this is Ananya’s house. She says so she lied to you, this is my house, you are Dayavanti’s son in law right. He nods. She asks him to get out, I m not related to that family. He asks her to listen. She asks him to leave. Neil gets thinking about the photos kept there and thanks Ananya for making his work easy.

Neil seeing Avni’s pics. He recalls seeing the pics in her house. He calls and asks someone to set projector. Madhavi Tai thinks what to do, I need money, Avni and Neela are not answering, I m trapped in becoming Avni’s fake mum. She calls Neela. She says now I have just one way. Neela sees the pics on projector. He asks DD to zoom. He sees Neela. He says liar gets caught some day.Shweta says I will send my new servant with samples for chunri rasam. She asks maid’s name. She says she is Madhavi, I will send her. She asks Madhavi not to take leaves. Madhavi says I need money, I will do good work.

Madhavi comes to Dayaben’s house and says Shweta has sent the samples. Kaka informs Dayaben. Amol asks who came from Neil’s house. Kaka says maid. Amol says then who should talk to her. Kaka says sorry. Amol asks him to go and talk. Dayaben says you are like me. Kaka takes samples from Madhavi. She sees the mangoes and steals some. Diksha says mangoes got less in 5mins. Kaka collides with Kaka. Aman scolds Kaka and throws water on his face.

Avni looks on shocked and stops Aman. She gets a jar of water and asks Kaka to throw water on Aman. Aman gets shocked. She asks him not to move, else she will throw water on his face. She asks Kaka to throw it on Aman’s face. Aman looks at Kaka. She gives the jug to Kaka. She stops Aman and says I want you to become a good person, else there was no need to free you from jail, right Dadi. Dayaben gets shocked. Dayaben tries to drop jug. Avni holds the jug. She gives it to Kaka. She asks Dayaben to tell Kaka. Dayaben asks Kaka to do as Ananya said.

Kaka pours water on Aman. Everyone gets shocked. Avni says if you talk to any servant like this next time, then none will be worse than me. Avni gets Neela’s call. She asks did Neil know anything. Neela says no, I m sure he believed us. Avni changes topic seeing Riya. She ends call. She says I m deciding clothes for function. Riya says I have a nice collection, you match from it, I got this icecream for you, have it. Avni eats icecream. Madhavi asks driver will he eat mangoes, and steals some. She sees Dayaben.

She recalls seeing her at home. She runs and hides. She thinks Ananya will fall in trouble if Dayaben see me. Avni catches cold. Riya says its because of icecream. Avni says its fine. Riya gives her a dupatta. Avni thanks her. Riya recalls Diksha giving her a bottle to keep and use on right time.Riya compliments Avni. Diksha comes and compliments Avni saying Riya’s things suit her, be it this dupatta or Neil. Riya asks her to think before she says. She apologizes to Avni. Avni says its fine, I will go and see if anyone needs my help. Avni goes. Diksha tells Riya her plan.

Riya calls her a genius. Avni sees Madhavi and goes after her. Neil thinks whom is Ananya following. Shweta asks Neil to come fast, rasam is starting. Shweta does the chunri rasam. Avni comes to Riya. Diksha puts Avni’s dupatta near the diya. Shweta gets shocked seeing Avni’s dupatta catching fire and shouts.

Neil turns and gets shocked. He pulls off Avni’s dupatta and blows off fire. Shweta gets jerk and leaves the shagun plate. The shagun chunri flies in air and falls on Neil and Avni. Everyone gets shocked.Pandit says this chunri has power to tie groom and bride’s souls, but this chunri fell on them. Prakash says this can happen with anyone, what’s abshagun, we will do this again. Diksha taunts Riya. Shweta scolds Avni for making Riya cry. Prakash asks Shweta to calm down. Shweta says look at this girl. She scolds Avni and asks her to get out.


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