My Identity Update Thursday 4 March 2021


My Identity 4 March 2021: starts with Avni recalling Dayaben’s words. Little Avni comes to her and smiles. She holds Avni’s hand and takes her inside Mehta house. Avni sees Dayaben doing aarti. Diksha comes and falls down. Dayaben and everyone laugh. Dayaben gives aarti to everyone. She gives it to Avni. She asks do I know you. Avni says I know you very well. Riya introduces Avni as Ananya, her friend. Diksha asks from which family are you. Avni recalls Dayaben’s words and takes her blessings. She sees Aman’s pic. Dayaben says so you are Riya’s friend. DD asks Neil to listen, its just small tika. Neil says what nonsense. DD says Mata ji said small tika is necessary. Neil says my sherwani looks fancy dress. DD and Neil’s mum compliment Neil. DD says I applied him black tika. She says you did good
work for the first time. Prakash says I m asking your mummy to give me breakfast, she did not get time from makeup, she did not let me eat, so I got sandwich in hand.

She says he is always eating something or other. Neil says promise me, you won’t call me Tillu outside, I have worn this dress for your happiness, but I m not comfortable. She says I will call you Tillu, and its costly dress, wear it for one day, I did not tell rate to Prakash. Prakash hears and asks why is this dress so costly. She says see our son, not money. Prakash and his wife argue. They all go. Neil sees the ring. He thinks of Avni. Avni says I know you well, I m your biggest fan, Ananya Verma. Dayaben asks did we meet before. Avni says no, I did much research on you. Dayaben asks why, what do you want from me. Avni says permission, to write a new history, in which your story will be read, I m a writer, its my passion to inspire new generation.Dayaben says much is published about me, what will you write new. Avni says whatever you did, book will fall short for it, your story can inspire women, can I write your story.

Riya says you said you were my fan, today you are saying you came to meet Dadi. Avni says what shall I do if house has so much talent. It was my fate to meet Riya, I know everything about Dayaben, how a lady raised three children, you inspired me. Dayaben says I don’t want to open past. Avni says my future depends on it, I can make a biography of you. Dayaben says fine, we will talk about this tomorrow, enjoy with Riya. Avni goes with Riya. Dayaben goes to welcome guy and family. Avni thinks to exchange bangles in room. She sits to pick purse. She does not see Neil. Neil greets Dayaben. She praises him.
She introduces Diksha to them. Prakash likes decorations. Riya says what kind of smile shall I keep on my face. Avni asks her to sit and see her magic. She makes Riya ready. She says your family is so lovely, who else are there in your family, your dad, cousins, sorry to ask. Riya says my dad went out for business conference, I m the only princess of my parents. Riya gets a call from Aman. Avni looks on and recalls Aman.

Avni says you were looking so happy on call, who was it. Riya says my brother. Avni says you said you are only child. Riya says he is my cousin Amol, he is studying graduation in UK, he is coming India next week. She recalls Neela’s words and goes. She gets lipstick. She sends Riya. Avni calls Aman. He answers. She cries hearing him. Dayaben asks Riya to come fast. Avni says we will be together very soon. She takes bangles to change.Neil’s mum Shweta saying we did hurry in keeping engagement. Dayaben says no. Shweta says we would have arranged it in five star hotel. Dayaben says don’t worry, this is shagun’s function, we will do real engagement when Riya’s dad comes, we will do as you said, in five star hotel. Prakash says we know. Dayaben says my dear grandson Amol is coming after 2 weeks. Shweta says it means you did not get happy by our coming. Neil says mom please.


Neil compliments Dayaben for arrangements, and says I like simple marriage, no show off. Shweta says we will do grand functions, we will ask Bollywood designer to design clothes. Dayaben holds head. Neil says I m against this, you won’t bear all expenses being girl’s family, we will share the costs of marriage. Prakash gets
tensed. Coffee falls on Neil. Neil says I will go and clean it. Dayaben says come, I will show washroom. Neil says I will find it.
Neil goes. Avni tries changing bangles. She swaps bangles. A bangle falls down. She sees Neil and hides. She picks bangle. Neil comes and asks where is washroom. Maid tells him. He does not see Avni’s face. She turns and goes. She says now I have make these bangles reach Dayaben’s purse. Riya asks how is lipstick looking. Avni says perfect. Diksha comes and asks them to come. She takes shagun bangles. Riya says I m not getting the feel, like prince charming comes to take princess in fairy tales. Diksha asks her to come. Riya says if I take simple entry, it will look plain, there should be music. Avni plays music. Riya hugs her and thanks. Diksha forgets ring.

Avni says I will get ring. Avni stumbles. Neil holds her hand. They see each other. Mere haath me…..plays……….. She says any girl would reject you seeing this fancy dress, you came after me again. He says its my right to follow, I m policeman, so thief ahead and I follow. Shweta sees them and says this is that girl who did accident, she does not know driving, but argues, see my Tillu will teach her a lesson. Avni stumbles. Neil holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. Riya clicks their pic and posts on fb. She introduces Avni to him. She says Ananya, he is my would be fiance Neil. Avni gets shocked. Neil introduces herself. Avni shakes hands. She says your fiance. Riya takes him. Avni says when will he leave me, Riya’s fiance is a policeman, now I have to put these bangles in Dayaben’s purse to stop engagement. Dayaben announces Riya and Neil’s engagement. Avni sees Dayaben holding her purse. Riya says this is not fair, such plain announcement. Shweta says she is right, Riya and I have fine tuning.

Riya asks Avni to sing and dance along. Dayaben asks Avni/Ananya to come. Riya insists. Neil says Riya, your friend is boring, she can’t dance. Avni think this is chance to dance and change bangles. Avni and everyone dance on Gallan Goodiyaan. Riya takes Dayaben for dance. Avni keeps bangles in it. Neil makes Riya wear bangles. Avni looks on. The bangle breaks and falls down. They all get shocked.
Shweta looks at Dayaben and says these are not bangles, which I have sent for Riya, this is fake, how did this happen. Dayaben gets shocked. Prakash asks Shweta to listen. Diksha says Shweta gave fake jewelry. Shweta argues for insulting them. Neil says wait, let me check. Neil says its not those bangles which mum has sent.

Prakash says Shweta is right, its ancestral bangles. Shweta says its too much, we shall leave. Neil says please calm down, listen to Dayaben. Shweta argues.
Avni says wait, you can’t blame Dayaben without thinking. Shweta asks who are you to say, you always blame, you broke my car. Avni says you can tell anything to me, I can’t see Dayaben’s insult. She asks Riya about taking bangles to jewelry shop. Riya says yes, I took it to adjust size. Avni says maybe jeweler changed bangles. Dayaben says yes, anyone can cheat seeing costly bangles. Avni asks Dayaben to call jewelry shop and solve matter. Dayaben agrees. She gets her purse to have phone. The bangles fall down her purse. Everyone get shocked. Avni smiles.

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