My Identity Update Thursday 29 July 2021

My Identity 29 July 2021: The Episode starts with Neil saying when two adults have a fight, they don’t stay together, but they love their child. Mowgli says but I will stay here with my mumma. He runs. Sunehri asks Avni why are you stopping your tears, so much happened, you are pretending like everything is normal. Avni says divorce had to happen, I want Mowgli in my life, I have to make children’s lives better, we forgot to follow up on adoptions, lawyer didn’t come, we will go at those addresses.

They leave. They come to some house. The lady says maybe you got wrong address, that couple doesn’t stay here. Avni gets shocked. She says sorry for trouble. She says we should go to that address to find about family adopting Daisy. They go. A lady says that family doesn’t live here.Avni says this is also wrong address, Jeetu is missing, thank God Daisy isn’t adopted yet. They leave. They go to check about the NGO. Sunehri says there is no NGO here.

Avni says I m worried for Jeetu, where is he, how did lawyer not check background, he said everything is fine. Sunehri says I will call and ask him. Avni says wait, we can’t call, I feel its a well thought plan, we can’t call anyone.Mitali asks Neil about colors. He says change the colors, color it your way, I m bored with this. The servant asks shall I keep this. Neil sees the frame and recalls Avni.

FB shows Neil saying we will have our romantic pic in this. Avni says someone will be coming, I will love him more. He asks who. She says our baby. He says I will also love him more. FB ends. Mitali sees frame and says I don’t think this will match with wall decor, keep this, we will… She leaves the frame and turns. Frame breaks. Neil asks what did you do, you should have been careful.Avni thanks lawyer. He says I m doing overtime, you said kids need good family. She says you have come as an angel for us, I forgot to get stamp paper.

He goes to get stamp paper. Avni checks his phone and takes the number. He comes back and says shop was closed, I will get stamp paper tomorrow. She gives his salary. He thanks her. She leaves with Sunehri. They check the number and see Kamini’s name. Avni recalls Saisha’s words. She says we can’t take Neil’s help. They leave. Mitali says frame was old, it broke, we can get same frame again. Neil says we can’t get same frame, Avni got this, we had to fix our family photo in it. She looks at him.

She says actually I understood this, it has your memories with Avni, how will you make place for me, remember what I told you, move on only if you are sure, and see I don’t think… Neil says I just flowed in emotions, frame won’t be in this room, we will get new frame for our family, I promise I will move on, I want to live a new life with you. She says I know Avni is a good person, I respect her, you will always have place for her, I don’t think Avni should have a place between us. She gets a call She says I have to go police station, its urgent. She goes.

He sees the frame and sits sad.Kamini asks Saisha where are you going. Saisha says mall, I booked a cab. Kamini says cancel it, KK’s wife can’t go in any cab, we have some standard. Avni comes home. Kamini sees her and says you are coming every day, any special reason. Avni sees Mitali. Kamini gets shocked seeing police.Mitali says you have to come with us for interrogation. Kamini argues.

Mitali asks her to come along, they suspect her to be involved in Sukoon ghar kids’ disappearance. Kamini asks do you have any proof. Mitali says we have enough reason to take you with us. Avni asks her why is she scared if she didn’t do wrong, else you will get defamed in media.Avni waits outside. Mitali questions Kamini. Kamini says I have to inform my husband and son. Mitali says answer me first.

Kamini says why, I have to call my lawyer, why will I kidnap kids. Mitali shows the lawyer and says look at our evidence, you have five mins, keep your answer ready. She goes. Kamini gets angry. Mitali comes to Avni. Avni thanks her for help. Mitali says don’t worry, we will find Jeetu, relax, you didn’t have food, you go home and rest. Avni says no, don’t know how is Jeetu, Kamini is behind this. Mitali asks her not to take tension and goes.

Mitali saying time up, your aide has spoken up, you won’t keep any demands now, tell us where did you keep Jeetu, if you help me, I will appeal for your punishment to get less. Kamini says fine, I will cooperate, then I will make a call. Mitali comes to Avni and tells about three address. Avni says we have no time, Jeetu is in trouble. She checks addresses and says I heard that man telling about the godown, I think Jeetu is there. Mitali says you can’t come alone, you trust me right, I will update you on time. She goes. Kamini calls someone and says just run, police is reaching there. The lady prepares to leave before police raids.

Mitali says there is no one here. The couple takes some kids in a van. Avni prays for Jeetu.Mitali stops the van and gets the kids. Avni hugs Jeetu and says I won’t let you leave like this again. She thanks Mitali. She says you are an angel for them. Mitali says thanks, you told me about godown. Neil comes and says Mitali told me, you got Kamini arrested. Mitali says yes, Kamini wasn’t saying anything, its good lawyer told the truth. Neil says why did Kamini do this.

Avni says to take revenge from me because I got Saisha married to KK.Mitali says Avni would have got framed, its good Avni helped police. Avni says I can’t think Kamini would fall so low. Saisha cries and says sorry, Kamini did bad. Avni says its not your mistake, you have warned me about Kamini. Saisha says Mowgli should stay with you, none can love us more. She hugs Avni.Avni asks Jeetu why isn’t he eating. He gets sad.

She says those people were bad. He says we have no time or parents, will just bad happen with us. Avni cries. She says I was also a little kid like you, I didn’t had a home and family, but I know I was special like you all are special, one who has no name can decide on own, we become what we want, we will play a game today, you can become anything you want. Bum bum bole….plays…. Avni and kids dance. Avni’s lawyer asks her to be careful, opposition lawyer will try to hit on her weakness and prove her wrong.

Avni says he will question on my leaving, I will appear wrong. He says we have to be prepared. She stays hopeful. Its morning, Neil’s lawyer calls Avni for questioning.He asks where did you stay with Mowgli. She says Kashid. He asks what did you do for son’s security. She says I used to get donation at orphanage, I used to give tuitions also, Mowgli has seen me working. The lawyer says kids should get the right environment. She says I m running my orphanage from Mumbai now.

He asks were Nail and you divorced ten years ago.She says no, it happened few days back, but we got separated. He says Neil thought his wife died in the fire accident, he felt it was his mistake, so he left his police duty, you stayed in a lovely beach house and ran an orphanage.She says I wanted to save them from a wrong man.He says you are saying about Vidyut, he died in the hail, right upbringing is needed for a kid, I want to know more about you, you are Ashish’s daughter.

She nods. He says Aisha was Ashish’s unwedded wife, you know what are such children called, you are Ashish’s illegitimate child. Neil looks on. Avni cries. Her lawyer tries to defend. Neil’s lawyer says its about a child’s life, Mowgli has to deal with it.Avni says you are right, society has a right to give medal, I have learnt the meaning of illegitimate word, Aisha has raised me well, Neela came in my life after Aisha’s death, she raised me like her own child.

Neil’s lawyer says you have a police record by Ananya’s name, when you got free from these cases, you got Vidyut in your life, he fell love with you, he wanted to marry you, this was not possible without your encouragement, there is no fire without a spark. Avni cries.

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