My Identity Update Thursday 25 March 2021

My Identity 25 March 2021: starts with Dayaben seeing Avni and worrying by recalling the same finger gestures. Diksha asks Ananya to go. Dayaben shouts to Avni asking her to leave. Avni thinks she is hiding something and goes. Diksha jokes on Dayaben for having mental illness. Dayaben asks all of them to leave. She stops Ketan and says I will find out about Avni, none should know about this.
Its morning, Ketan says mum went out and will come back by night. Diksha says I know she went for treatment, I will also get my treatment done. Avni joins for breakfast. Aman drops chutney on her plate and says sorry. Neil comes and meets them. He greets Ketan and hugs. Ketan praises Riya’s choice. Riya asks Neil to have toast. Neil says no, sorry I came as a cop, not Riya’s fiance today, Amol have breakfast, then we will go police station.

My Identity 24 March 2021

Amol asks why, Ananya took my case back. Neil says just do as I say, I want to get your signs, I came to pick you, come. Avni thinks why is Neil taking Amol to police station, does he doubt on me.
DD eats snacks and tries coffee. He gets Neil’s call. DD answers on speaker. Neil asks did our sketch artist reach. DD sees Ali and picks phone. He leaves. Avni says don’t know where Dayaben went. Ali calls Avni and says I heard Neil and DD talking about sketch artist and Amol, go and find out. Avni thanks him. She tells Neela that Neil took Amol to police station, he called sketch artist to make your sketch.
Dayaben meets inspector and says you helped me in case 15 years ago. He says how can I forget, Avni died and fell in the lake, there were many crocodiles in that lake, her dead body was not found, she could not survive. She asks are you sure she did not survive. He says yes.

She recalls Avni’s words. She thanks him. He asks her to call him if she needs help. She says Avni can’t be alive. Shweta says how can maid go this way and gets angry. Avni comes and asks for Neil. Shweta asks what is it. She asks her to call Neil and smiles. She says I wanted to thank him for last night, I did not wish to come, but could not stop. Shweta asks what happened last night, you are shameless to come here. Avni asks her to ask Neil than asking her. Shweta asks driver to get car fast. Avni smiles. Neil asks Aman to cooperate with police. Aman thinks if I make Ananya’s mum’s sketch, she will fall in problem, its best chance to make her out of home. He says okay, I m ready. He describes Neela. Shweta comes shouting and meets Neil, asking her what was he doing with Ananya at night. Neil stops her and asks why is she shouting. She says Ananya came our house. He asks did she come home, why. She says I m also asking same, why was she smiling taking your name, I m ashamed to think what’s happening between you both. Neela, wearing a burqa comes to meet Amol and shows her face.

She scares him. She says I don’t want to hurt you, but I can do anything if needed. Neil asks Shweta to please leave. Shweta goes. Neela gives a pic to Aman and asks him to tell about her to sketch artist, else he knows what she can do. She passes by Neil and leaves. Sketch artist says I could not concentrate in noise. Nei asks him to continue. Amol sees Madhavi’s pic and describes. Neil checks the sketch and dumps it angrily. He looks at Aman. He gets bangle piece and asks who came. Aman says none. Neil scolds the staff and runs out to see. He sees a car leaving. He says Ananya’s car, who was with her.
Dayaben goes to hospital and imagines little Avni. She gets scared. Neil asks Aman who came. Aman says no one, I m not lying. Neil asks him not to get scared. Aman says sketch is made, can I leave. Neil says take his signs and send him. Aman goes. Dayaben asks doctor is there any way to know who came to take file.

Doctor says we don’t keep old CCTV footage, many workers came that day, we made everyone’s photo pass, I have sent nurse to check. Dayaben says I will not go without checking the photo.Aman getting some box. He asks Rajat are we doing wrong. Rajat says you have to sort out your problem, are you ready. Aman says yes. Avni asks Neela not to worry, Neil will give me a chance to explain. Neela says i did not feel good to threaten Aman. Avni says we are doing this to show him right path. Neela says yes. DD says why will Ananya say story to Shweta. Neil says we have to find out. He calls Avni.

Aman thinks you wanted to reform me, see what amazing thing I do. He drops the chemical gas bottle. Neela and Avni get shocked. Rajat asks did you shut all windows. Aman says yes. Rajat says I locked main door, now they can’t get saved. Neela and Avni cough and hold breath. Everyone see the gas. Madhavi asks them to call police. She calls police. DD tells Neil about gas leak incident at Neela’s house. Neil gets shocked. Neil and Dd reach there. Madhavi says madam is inside, save her, its Neela’s house. Aman and Rajat hide. Neil and DD tie kerchiefs on their face and enter the house. Neil asks Avni to answer. They break the windows. They get Neela out. Neela says Ananya is trapped inside, get her. Madhavi says relax, they will find my daughter. Neela shouts and enters the place again. Neil asks her to relax.

Riya calls DD and asks for Neil. DD says Neil is finding Ananya, there is gas leakage in her house. Riya gets angry and says why does Ananya not leave Neil. Rajat asks Aman to chill, everyone thinks its an accident, we will party. Hetal shows sherwani for Neil. Riya scolds her and says its nonsense, servant’s taste is better. Ketan asks them not to shout, Prakash is going to come. He goes. Aman asks Riya what happened. Riya says Neil went to save Ananya from some accident which occurred at her home, I just hope Neil can get feelings for her. He asks her to hope for the best, maybe Ananya’s chapter ends in this accident. She says not bad, you look young, but your mind is devilish.
Diksha comes and asks who was talking about devil. She dresses up like Dayaben.

She says mum is not here, someone has to manage home, don’t worry, I have come, I will manage everything, stop crying Riya, go and tell Shweta that Neil has gone to save Ananya. Neil looks for Avni. Neela and Madhavi pray. Neil finds Avni and holds her. He asks her to open eyes. He says Juhi, you can’t leave me again. DD shouts Sir. Neil moves and a pillar falls beside. Neil asks DD to call doctor. Shweta and Riya meet in cafe. Shweta says Neil went after Ananya, he argues with me, she came home and was acting, I don’t understand what’s happening. Riya tells about accident. Shweta says it should happen with her. Riya says Neil went to save her. Shweta says maybe that girl is doing drama to be helpless, why is Neil not understanding, she can brainwash but he will hate her before marriage.

Ali looks on. Fatima asks him what is he seeing, any spirit’s shadow. Ali asks what will Shweta do that Neil hates Ananya. Fatima says why do you care for Ananya, tell me. She gets the bill and goes. Neil asks Avni is she fine. Neil’s tear falls on her face. Avni opens her eyes. She looks at him. Their old moments are seen. Madhavi asks Neela where is she going, Avni needs her. Neela says no, I trust this guy, nothing will happen to my daughter, stay here, I have to find out who did this. She goes.

Ali stops Riya and asks why are you trying to separate Neil and Ananya. Riya asks how dare you, you want me to see drama silently. Ali says if Neil loved you, he would have been here, till when will you run after him, open eyes, maybe you deserve something better. Riya asks him to shut up, he can’t understand why she is doing this. She recalls Dayaben’s words. She says I love Neil and won’t let him go away. Ali says fine, when you want to know how special you are, come here. Riya smiles and leaves.

Ali says Avni will succeed in stopping this marriage, Avni changed bangles because of her motive, I m Avni’s best friend, she does not need to tell me anything. Neil asks Avni is she fine, what happened. Avni asks him to stop saving her life. Madhavi gets water. Avni says Maa. Madhavi says I m fine, Neela is also fine, have water, don’t worry. Neil looks on. Madhavi takes her. DD says Ananya did not know you were acting, why did you call her Juhi. Neil asks what. DD says yes, you called her Juhi. Neil says I was acting, I told Ananya about Juhi once.

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