My Identity Update Thursday 11 February 2021


My Identity 12 February 2021: starts with Avni seeing the goon with tattoo in hand. She recalls fake police and tells Ali that the fake police are goons. Ali says it means Aladin will also be here. Ketan says no one should know about him. Goon says it will be done. Ketan gives them money. Avni and Ali get shocked seeing Aladin. Ketan goes. The goons laugh and count money. Ali holds shelf and pot falls. Goons ask who is there. Ali and Avni run. Dupatta falls down on Ali. Ali acts and says I look cute. Avni says super cute. She gets an idea. Ali asks why do I feel you got some idea. She says I got a filmi idea.

Hemant says I have to ask many questions, I will leave now, I bought a hospital. Neela says you did good, its same hospital where Aisha died. Dayaben gets shocked. Hemant asks what. Neela says yes. Hemant says then we can investigate well, all staff can be questioned, we can reach truth, but Neela if you are wrong, you will be punished, if this is true, then none can save Dayaben from punishment, I will end hospital work and meet. He goes. Dayaben gets asthma attack. She falls down. Neela and Hemant stop and come back. Neela asks maid to call doctor fast. Hemant asks what happened. Dayaben worries.
Ali dressed as girl dances. Goons get busy after Ali. Avni tries to wake up Aladin. She signs driver to come. Avni drags Aladin. All the goons fall drunk. Avni and driver take Aladin in the taxi. A goon comes out and sees them. Avni gets scared. The goon gets dizzy and falls down. Ali comes out.

He sits in the taxi and they leave.
Inspector checks hospital footage and sees Dayaben. He says excellent, I will inform Avni that I got proof against Dayaben, no one can save her now. Avni and Ali get Aladin to Fatima and Tiku’s place/Asha’s house. The boy who cured Avni, treats Aladin by herbs. Ali says I m sure Aladin is thinking of sweets now, so he is smiling. Fatima says Aladin’s life is in risk. Aladin gets semi conscious and asks for water. The boy asks Ali not to give him water now. Ali asks why, who are you to tell me, he is my friend. The boy says we can’t give him water. Avni asks Ali to get aside, he knows what to do.

Inspector calls Avni and she does not see the call. Ali asks why are we getting Aladin treated by fake doctor. Avni says Akash is not fake doctor, he studied medicine and knows herbs. He treated me also. Avni asks why is Aladin not getting conscious. Akash says he is given heavy dose of sleeping medicine, his state will not be fine, he will have headache, stomach ache, nausea, and weakness.Ketan comes home and asks what happened, how is Dayaben. Doctor says she is resting now, she got panic attack and can get heart attack also, I think she is worried, she needs complete rest. Dayaben makes doctor tell all this and is fine. Doctor says don’t give her any tension. Avni answers inspector’s call. He asks are you okay, I m calling since long.

She says sorry, phone was on vibration. He says its good news, we got first proof against Dayaben, we can start interrogation, your idea worked, come soon. Avni gets glad and thanks him.
Avni tells Fatima they got proof against Dayaben. She hugs Ali happily. Akash wishes Avni all the best. She thanks him. Avni asks Aladin to get up and talk to her, she needs him now, how can he sleep. She cries. Fatima consoles. Akash says Aladin will get fine till tomorrow night. Ali makes Akash away and asks Avni to come. Avni says no, stay here and take care of Aladin, I will go alone and meet inspector. Ali agrees. Avni says I will come back soon, this time I will win, enemy will cry now. Fatima hugs her. Hemant consoles Ketan. Ketan sits crying. Hemant says Dayaben will get conscious, don’t cry like kids.

Dayaben smiles and calls Ketan. He answers call and asks Maa are you fine. She asks him to come to her room, don’t shout, talk slowly, don’t tell anyone and come to my room. He says fine, I will come. She says he has no sense. Ketan says Maa is not able to talk well. Everyone go to Dayaben. Ketan asks Dayaben are you fine and hugs her. Dayaben says I m fine, nothing happened to me, calm down. She sees Hemant and starts acting. Hemant asks how are you. Doctor asks why did you all come, she needs rest, go out. Ketan says Maa called me here. Dayaben says I m fine, don’t increase my work, phone call would have connected by mistake. Hemant asks since when did you start getting treated by Allopathy. She says you called him, I called my Daai. Hemant asks doctor from which hospital are you.

Doctor says city hospital. Hemant asks Neela is it same hospital which we… Neela says yes. Hemant says its good. He asks doctor about Aisha, whose death happened one month back. Dayaben acts to get unwell. Hemant says we will talk downstairs. He asks Dayaben to take rest. She worries. Hemant, Neela and doctor leave. Inspector and Avni come there. Neela asks Avni are you fine. She hugs Avni. She asks why police… Inspector says we have to question Dayavanti, where is she. Dayaben gets shocked.

doctor saying Dayaben is unwell. Inspector says we need to ask few questions. Hemant asks Avni what’s the matter. Avni says we have proof against Dayaben. Avni shows them the video. Inspector says Dayaben said she did not come hospital that day and in this footage, she is seen, you can check the date and time. Dayaben worries. Doctor lies that Dayaben has come for checkup, her BP was high. Inspector asks him to show visit papers. Doctor says sure. Avni asks why did she lie. Doctor lies. Inspector says make sure I have all documents. Doctor says okay, I have to check patient now. Inspector asks Avni not to lose hope. He goes. Dayaben smiles. Avni goes out of home and is upset. Neela gets Aman. Avni smiles and runs to Aman. She says Aman has grown up. Neela says yes.


Avni says sorry, you have to be alone for some time if we have to stay together always, every time clue gets away. Aman makes sounds. Avni says yes, I remember what mumma said, get up after fall every time, I will never lose, I will find proof. She gets a call and says yes, I m Kabir’s partner Avni, your consignment will reach on time. Neela asks what’s the problem.
Avni says just Aladin knows about consignment, but he is not in senses. Neela says I will come along. Avni says no, be with Aman, keep me informed about Dayaben, she got to know about my company, I don’t want her to win, she will play some trick, Fatima and Tiku will be with me, this is first big project, I don’t want to lose it, I have to keep Asha’s name high. Neela nods.

Ali and Avni check for documents. Ali jokes. Avni asks him not to joke. Fatima asks when is consignment coming. Avni says tomorrow morning, just Aladin knows details, he won’t wake up till tomorrow night. Fatima cries. Avni asks her not to worry, we have 6 hours till morning, I will do something. Ali asks her not to take stress, we will get any other consignment, come we will find proof against Dayaben. Avni says no, mumma’s name is linked with this project, Fatima has mortgaged her house, Fatima and Tiku will lose home, I won’t let this happen. Fatima says don’t worry, I can sacrifice 10 houses for you. Avni says no, we can’t lose soon. Fatima and Avni hug.
Ketan takes care of Dayaben. She asks what’s bad news, say it, I can bear it. He says Aladin has run away from goons’ clutches. She says what’s new, you have history to make people run, did we lose consignment.

He says maybe not, I will give you good news, just Aladin knows about consignment, and I also know it, goons have given sleeping medicine injection to Aladin, he won’t wake up. She says if Avni loses first consignment, she won’t get other consignments, I will see how she does business. Its morning, Avni says we just have two hours now. Akash says don’t worry, I gave him medicine, he will wake up now. Avni asks Aladin to get up, our consignment is coming. Ali says he got conscious, I saw Aladin’s hand moving. Akash says get back. Ali asks why, you are saying as if Aladin will kick me when he gets up. Aladin gets up and kicks him. He falls down. Akash says now you know why I said that. Dayaben taunts Ketan. She calls a village lady and asks her to do work. Ketan asks what will she do there, she is a village woman. Dayaben asks him to take the woman along. He goes. She says I have to meet Hemant, I have to keep an eye on him now, and I have to meet Diksha too.
Aladin vomits. Avni asks are you sure, what happened. Aladin gets weak. They make Aladin sit. Avni asks him to say about consignment truck. He runs to bathroom. Fatima says he got conscious, now everything will get fine. Avni knocks door and asks Aladin is he fine. The woman sits in driver’s sit. Ketan asks her to sit aside.

The woman asks for car keys. Ketan gives her. She starts the car. He sits beside. She drives.Avni asks Aladin is he feeling between. Aladin hugs her. She says sorry, you had to bear this because of me. Aladin tells her consignment details. Avni thanks him. She asks Fatima to take care of Aladin, I will go. Ali and Akash say we will come along. Fatima asks her to take them. Aladin says I will come along. She asks him to sit, Avni will manage. Akash says we will just go and come. Aladin tells consignment code work. Ali jokes. They smile. Avni, Ali and Akash leave. Ketan asks the men to give them items and leave, what’s need of code. The man asks him to say code, talk to one who has sent you. Ketan threatens him. He signs his goon. The village woman kicks down a man and makes other one fall down with ease. Ketan and his goons get shocked. The village woman sits in the truck and signs Ketan. Ketan sits. She drives the truck. Goons drive Ketan’s car. Avni, Ali and Akash are on the way to godown. Avni sees the truck and reads number. She says that’s our truck.

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