My Identity Update Sunday 20 June 2021

My Identity 19 June 2021: The Episode starts with Avni getting the current shock and falling down. Gurumaa and everyone hold her. Avni tries to get the phone. Gurumaa takes the phone and gives it back to the jailer. Avni looks at her. Vidyut welcomes Neil. He says I m very much happy seeing you all here. He tells waiter that these are his special guests, look after them. Prakash and Bebe look on. Vidyut says Neil you are my special friend, commissioner tell Neil, I will get a drink for you.

He asks Neil to get a drink for him. Neil asks what did you say, this is not my job. Vidyut says I think you are given my security responsibility, if anyone adds anything in my drink, I will die and blame will come on you. Neil get dizzy. He says alright, its…. he gets a drink for Vidyut. He says I m a little drunk, but…. Bebe holds him. Neil says everyone will get drunk now, none of you will feel bad, this is Vidyut’s party. He dances on Nashe se chad gai… commissioner asks Neil to stop it and behave himself. Vidyut says let him enjoy.

Neil says teach this man to behave well. Neil starts insulting Vidyut. He says I hate you a lot, I will destroy you. He starts beating up Vidyut. They stop Neil. DD takes Neil. Vidyut asks commissioner to take action. Gurumaa threatens Avni and goes. Jailer asks the prisoners to write letters. Avni looks on. She hears Sunehri and Monica’s talk. Avni demands to write a letter, else she will go on hunger strike. Jailer says fine, write your letter.

Shweta asks how did Neil get drunk. Prakash says I didn’t see him. Bebe says let him sleep, he will get fine when he wakes up. Neil recalls Vidyut giving him a drink. He has thrown the drink and acted to have it. He says I wanted a day off from your security duty so that I came close to you Vidyut.Jailer says Avni will help you run away, I will just help you at the back end. Vidyut calls Gurumaa and asks how are you. She says fine. He asks is my Avni fine. She says she is fine, I will meet you once I m out of here. He sees Avni’s pics.

Gurumaa says once I get out of here, I will make Vidyut forget Avni completely, till then I have to see this woman. She sees Avni’s letter and says she has written apology for her mum in law, send it. She washes her hands.Neil says sorry Sir, I know I have crossed lines. Commissioner asks him to take leave for a week. Shweta says I won’t show him. Prakash says Avni has written letter from jail. Neil takes the letter and smiles. He goes. Bebe says I don’t understand what’s in his heart. Neil finds the letter sticky and smells it.

He holds the letter over the candle and reads she has to free Gurumaa and Neela is in captivity of Vidyut. Prakash asks Neil to listen to him. Neil says please don’t try to stop me, I m leaving the city, please don’t stop me. He sees Ballu and smiles. He leaves. Ballu informs Vidyut that Neil is done. Vidyut says I had to do that so that I can get Avni and my mum out of the jail. Neil gets rid of Ballu. Avni says I have to get down and wash my hands. She goes to wash hands. She gets the phone. She thinks to call Neil quickly. She gets a video.

She sees Neela asking for water. Gurumaa threatens her and asks her not to use her mind. Avni says if I want, I can kill you right now, you want to escape, fine get ready, you will escape the way jailer has planned for you.Ballu saying Neil is gone, your car is ready. A man hires Neil as replacement guard. Vidyut says I didn’t see you before. Ballu says even I didn’t see him. Vidyut asks how did you get him here, will you protect me this way. The man says he is Onkar Singh, he is replacement for Sukhwinder, his leg broke up.

Vidyut checks the file and reads out. He says so Onkar Singh, you have worked at big place, your are trained in martial arts. He checks the last reference. He says we will ask Sodhi about you. He calls Sodhi and asks about his security person Onkar Singh. Ali says he is extremely good and trustworthy. He praises Neil. Vidyut thanks him and ends call. He coughs. He says I feel I have seen you before. He falls down and coughs.

Ballu asks the men to get injection fast. Neil looks on. Vidyut sees Neil. Ballu asks him to help him, go and get water. Neil goes. Ballu shouts for ambulance. Ballu gets the passport. He talks on call and says I want a non stop flight, if I don’t take Vidyut there, he will get unwell. Neil recalls the video, where Vidyut pays the doctor for an illegal operation. He thinks they are taking Vidyut to Mexico, what’s happening.The goon says Neela has to die after two days. Neela acts to get a fit.

The man says ambulance has come, we have to take the long route. Ballu asks him to hurry up. He asks the man to ask Dr. Saxena. Neil asks DD to get the doctor’s list with last name Saxena. He asks for all the info.Avni cuts the wires. Sunehri looks on. She says you run Avni, I will see how you escape. Doctor instructs goon to treat Neela. Neil reaches the doctor and beats him up. Neil gets a number from his phone. He calls DD and asks for help. He asks DD to trace a number.

DD says I m going for an emergency. Neil asks him to give his access code, its very imp for him, he is still protecting the law when he is not on duty. DD says I trust you. Neil checks the details.Avni asks did Neela get water. Gurumaa says my men would have given her water, a daughter like you is a mum’s pride. Avni says I have cut the wires, be ready in evening, jailer said she will manage. Gurumaa asks her not to worry.

The goon checks Neela. She gets up. She beats the goon. Neil is on the way. Constable says the way is blocked here, how will you go, turn your vehicle. Neil goes the long way. Avni asks Gurumaa to get ready. Gurumaa says I m waiting since long. Everyone drinks tea. They get dizzy. Gurumaa asks what happened. She stops Avni and says some sedative is added in their tea, they won’t die, stay here. Constables take everyone. The lights go. Jailer signs Gurumaa.

Nurses treat everyone. Tara says Avni and Gurumaa aren’t here, where is Sunehri. Jailer says they maybe in the cell. Sunehri stops Gurumaa and says you are not going to escape, I will also flee along, else I will fail your plan. Avni says don’t do this. Sunehri says I have to escape. Neela hides from the goons. Avni asks Sunehri not to do this, she is helpless. Sunehri says take me along. Gurumaa says you can come along. Avni says she is not part of our plan. Gurumaa says I have to leave from here.

Sunehri says you will leave me behind, I will go fast. Gurumaa asks her to hurry up. Avni thinks of keeping glass pieces to hurt Gurumaa. She stops Sunehri. Sunehri asks her to leave her Gurumaa says I have to leave, I m going, come along. Avni says she can’t go first. Sunehri falls on the glass pieces and gets stabbed. She falls down. Gurumaa and Avni get shocked. Sunehri says save me….

Neil comes to the godown. Neela runs. He tries to stop her and call out. Vidyut’s goon come. Neil lies that he couldn’t stop the woman. He shows the other way. Neela thinks why will he hide, he is Vidyut’s man. Ballu stops Neil and asks won’t you come. Neil goes with him. Neela gets into a car and tries to start. Ballu holds her hand. Neil looks on.

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