My Identity Update Sunday 11 April 2021

My Identity 11 2021: starts with Bebe saying I doubted on that day when I went to get Maddy, she was hiding something, Kulbhushan was drinking wine and misbehaving with her. Prakash and Shweta ask why did she not say. Bebe says Neil got married that time, I did not wish to upset everyone, Kulbhushan wanted money, Maddy’s leg broke and she could not travel. Neil says no, Kulbhushan has beaten her and broke her leg, he is like a kidnapped and wanted ransom from you, he has many cases against him. Maddy calls Bebe and asks for help. Prakash checks call disconnected. Bebe cries. Neil says I will go to embassy and get Maddy, don’t worry.

Avni digs the ground along with Ali. Amol comes there and helps Avni. She gets shocked seeing Ashish’s skeleton. Avni does the last rites. Neela and Fatima cry. Avni hears clock ticking 12 and thinks its my birthday today, I could not become your daughter, you did not do my Naamkarann but I will do your final rites, meet mum and tell her I want normal family in next birth. She lights the funeral and cries recalling Ashish. Neil says please let me go there, its imp. Senior says its about laws and action, Maddy’s statement will be taken, matter will get clear till tomorrow. Neil gets angry.

Neela comes and thinks why is Neil worried. DD says you here… Neela says I came to meet Neil, we got Ashish’s body and did last rites, its Avni’s birthday today, she is much upset, what happened to Neil. DD says you don’t tell Neil that I told this to you. She says I won’t.Avni is at Chamko cafe and gets Aman’s call. He cries and says sorry. He ends call. She calls him back. He does not answer. Neil sits crying and thinks of Bebe. He prays Lord to show some way. Ali gets a cake and wishes happy birthday to Avni. She asks what’s all this. He says I cut this cake every year and prayed for your wellbeing, today you are with me, how shall I live this chance. She says sorry, I can’t do this. Her call connects to Neil. Neil answers her. Ali says you are free now, you don’t need to be in this marriage, enough of this drama. Neil gets shocked hearing this. He ends call. Ali says cut the cake. Avni says thanks but I have to go to Neil, he looked worried. Neela calls her and says Neil is in problem, your friend’s dad is in embassy right.

Avni says yes. Neela tells everything. Neil and Prakash fail to help Maddy. Neil throws things. Avni comes home and looks on. Neil sees her and says I hope everything is fine, congrats, you won finally, its okay I can manage, I don’t need your help, after all we both should move on, right Avni. He gets sad and goes to change. He cries in bathroom. Avni stands at the door and cries. They recall each other. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays….. Neil says Avni is just a case, her file is closed forever. Avni says I just want to help you, I won’t get away from you completely. He says emotions have no place in a policeman’s life. He sees Avni sleeping

He gets DD’s message. He goes to sleep. Avni wakes up and messages. She recalls Neil’s words and packs her bag. She thinks Neil is in much worried, he should sleep well. She makes his pillow properly placed. He holds her hand. She cries and gets away. She recalls her marriage and thinks our motive got fulfilled, there is no need to keep this relation, how to leave Neil in this statement.Neil waking up and looking for Avni. He recalls his words. He sees the bag and thinks where did she go. He sees Bebe praying in temple and sits by her side. She asks did Maddy not come. He says I found a contact, Maddy and Kareena will be with us soon. He calls DD and asks did you contact. DD says yes. Avni comes home.Bebe asks where did you go. DD comes and says someone came to meet you. Bebe asks who. They see Maddy and Kareena and smile. Bebe hugs them and cries. Prakash asks are you guys fine. They nod. Bebe asks how did you come. Maddy sees Avni and says she saved us. DD nods to Neil.

Maddy says if Ananya was not there, we would have not come here alive, Lord has sent her as guardian angel. Neil asks how did you do this. Prakash says Neil we could not do anything, but she did this. Avni says no, my friend’s dad is on good post in UK embassy, he helped, thank Lord they are fine. She asks Kareena not to get scared, this house has magic, all your pain and fear will disappear, I m saying by personal experience. Bebe smiles. Bebe holds Maddy’s hand and sees wounds. She recalls Neil’s words and faints. Prakash asks Neil to call doctor. Doctor checks Bebe and gives medicines. Prakash takes doctor along. Maddy says its happening because of me. Neil asks her to go and rest. Avni says will go and see dinner arrangements. Doctor tells Bebe’s health condition to Prakash and asks him to take good care. Neil asks Bebe not to worry. Bebe says anything would have happened if Ananya did not help. Avni asks Prakash why is he crying, he has always given her courage. He says my life is in Bebe, she has tolerated many sorrows for her, when I see her like this, I break within. She says everything will be fine. She tells Akbar and birbal’s story. She says this time will pass and gives him water. He thanks her.

Neil comes and looks on. She asks did you see worlds best papa mugs in gift shops, it looks its made for you. Prakash smiles.Maddy thanks Shweta. Shweta says someone thanked me. Maddy says Ananya helped us. Kareena says I will go washroom, don’t go anywhere. Shweta says we are here, go. Maddy says Ananya informed police, we were locked in basement, I was shocked knowing Ananya has sent help, I thought Neil has sent police. Shweta thinks she should stop it now. Kareena knocks door and asks Maddy to help, its dark here. Shweta calls Neil. Avni says we are here. Maddy says Kulbhushan kept her locked in basement, so she is afraid. Avni recalls her childhood moment. Neil asks Avni to listen.

Avni asks him to wait. Avni says I will teach a magic trick to you Kareena, take a deep breath, open the door knob slowly, push the door. Kareena does so and comes out. She hugs Avni and thanks her. Avni says its okay. Maddy says Neil, how did you find her, she is too good. Kareena says yes, she is my super bhabhi. Avni recalls Neil’s words.Neil rehearses to thank Avni. He says I did not think this can get so difficult. Neela calls him and asks are you happy now. He says thanks for helping Maddy. She says thank Avni, she did all that, its her birthday today, wish her, I have a request, I wanted you to do something that makes her happy, make her feel special, her face should have smile, make her birthday memorable. He says thanks for telling me about her birthday, it will be special. He says how can I be so stupid, I scolded her and asked her to leave from the house. He sees a letter and recalls the box.

He reads letter and says now see Avni Aisha, this birthday will be your life’s best one. He calls DD. Neil talks to some party organizers. Neil says DD you can’t do anything well, go and get best decorators. DD asks him to get a good gift for Avni. Shweta comes and hears them. Neil says I don’t know her likes, so I m organizing this surprise party. DD laughs and says you accepted Ananya is my bhabhi. He goes.
Shweta asks Neil did you accept Ananya. Neil says no. She says she is playing game with you. He asks why do you always shout, if Bebe hears then. She says sorry. He says you won’t share fake marriage truth with anyone. She promises. He says Bebe will feel bad if we don’t repay Ananya for her favor, so I was doing this.

Shweta says I got it. He asks her to remember promise. He thinks I really want to see Avni happy. Avni sits by Bebe’s side. Avni says its your medicines time, you cheating. Bebe smiles. Avni says Maddy and Kareena are fine, why are you worried. Bebe says how shall I thank you, you know I cursed myself that I did not raise children well, seeing them together, I got glad, Neil’s grandpa got paralysis and all responsibility came on me, Prakash then got married to Shweta. Avni says Shweta is nice, don’t say bad to her. Bebe says you don’t know her, she is not such she looks, I have seen both my children marrying by their wish and ruining their house, but now I can proudly say Neil took right decision of his life, he got a good hearted girl like you, I like you a lot, will you leave me ever and go.

Avni recalls Neil’s words. Avni hugs Bebe and thinks I wish this could happen, I wish I could tell you my and Neil’s marriage truth. Bebe says say you won’t go. Avni nods. Shweta says you united the family. Shweta looks on and thinks Ananya will keep family united when she stays here, I will make her out of the house.


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