My Identity Update Saturday 27 March 2021

My Identity 27 March 2021: starts with Fatima keeping pillow under Dayaben’s neck. Dayaben asks her to get her free, she is dangerous and can do anything. Fatima tells her about the disease, everyone has seen how she attacked, she needs help. She gives her injection and makes her sleep. Madhavi tells Avni that watchman was here, so she met her late. She asks Avni how is she. Avni says I m fine. Madhavi says I have to tell you something. Avni goes to get water. Neil calls Madhavi and says I m watching you from window, if you cheat me, you will go jail. She says no. He asks her to tell Avni that her relative called her, we are tapping the phone, just make Avni busy in talk.

Madhavi lies to Avni. Avni asks why are you worried. Madhavi drinks water. She says I called Neela as madam on the gas incident day, I felt Neil heard me. Avni says no, else he would have asked me many things, he is worried for me, he is a nice guy, I can trust him. Neil hears her. Avni says he helps me always, who does help like this. Madhavi says yes, but he is a policeman. Avni says no, he is not like other policeman, he can’t do wrong, I m not afraid of her, he saved my mum’s life, I can’t forget this.
Madhavi asks why did you make me your mum. Avni apologizes and says I m sorry, I have no option that to live such life. She goes to window. DD tells Neil about her. Neil hides. Avni sees the moon and says if I got such life, I have to live. Neil sees her looking at the moon. Neela introduces herself to Shweta. Shweta says I did not hear about you before, its good you came for Neil and Riya’s marriage. Diksha comes.

Shweta says junior Dayaben. She hugs her. Diksha says mum went out for 2 days, so I m managing everything. Shweta sees Avni and says Ananya is like a stone in our way, I have superb plan to move her. She calls Avni and asks her to dance in sangeet. Avni says I wish I could, but now I can’t. Diksha says you have to dance on legs, not hands. Shweta says Neil was saying you should perform first. Avni says sure, I can do this for him. Shweta takes her to practice. Diksha says Ananya agreed by Neil’s name.
Aman collides with servant. He says sorry, I will clean it Kaka. Avni looks on. Aman acts good. Avni asks Kaka to get cloth, Aman will clean it. Diksha sprays oil on the floor. Aman puts some glass pieces. Avni rehearses. Aman throws the ice to her side. Avni slips and falls down. Neeela looks on and gets shocked. Neil comes and holds Avni in time. Music plays. Neil lifts her in arms. They have an eyelock. Diksha does shayari. Neil asks how did this happen. Shweta says Kaka was getting cold drinks and did not clean well, maybe he missed glass pieces. Diksha scolds Kaka. Shweta takes Neil. Avni sees Aman and goes to him. She asks him does she think he is responsible for all problems in his life. She sees Shweta hiding and says I know you leaked gas in my house, I will take you to jail if you don’t change. Aman says stop dreaming, none can touch me till my Dadi is there. Avni says your Dadi has no money for your bail.

Aman says Dadi can get all lost money back. She asks how will she do this. He asks why do you think we are getting Riya married to Neil, we will have Prakash’s money soon. Shweta gets shocked. Avni asks is this marriage a deal. Aman says yes, my Dadi has much of mind than heart, this is my house, my Dadi said its my property. Avni says if Neil knows this… Aman says he won’t know, he is like a puppet toy, he will show us dance. Shweta goes. Avni says you don’t know you made my work easy, I will not get afraid of you. Shweta says this marriage is cheat, they are cheating Neil and my family, I have to find truth. She goes to help Avni. Avni says I will manage. Shweta says I know you don’t like lying, you can fight with anyone for truth. Avni says yes, I can’t tolerate lie.
Shweta says we are same to same, I don’t like you, but did I lie and show love. Avni says no. Shweta asks her will she answer her true. Avni says I don’t lie. Shweta says I was passing by Amol’s room, I heard you both talking, tell me true, is this true that Neil and Riya’s marriage is business deal, I have only son, don’t lie. Avni says what can I say, how can you believe a characterless girl. Shweta says sorry, I said that in anger, its about my son’s life, I can’t see his life ruining, Neil was telling me Ananya is a nice girl. Avni says Neil and Riya’s marriage is just business deal for this family, its happening for profits, not relations. Shweta gets shocked.

Shweta worriedly calling Dayaben. She says she disconnected, where did she disappear after planning all this. Dayaben calls Ketan. Ketan is with Prakash. Prakash asks him to answer call. Ketan answer calls. Fatima takes the phone. Dayaben says leave me, let me go home. Fatima says her granddaughter’s marriage was happening, but groom’s family took baraat back. Dayaben gets angry. Fatima asks her to beat her. Doctor gives injection to Dayaben. She says I m not mad and falls asleep. Fatima messages Ketan from Dayaben’s phone. She writes she is fine but she will take time to find out matter, apologize to Shweta and Prakash on my behalf. Ketan replies I will manage.
Prakash says it would be good if Dayaben was here when papers are getting signed. Ketan says yes, but she has to go for imp work, pandit ji said this time is auspicious. Prakash says its fine. Avni and Neela look on. Shweta comes and takes the papers from Prakash.

Riya talks to jeweler. Ali calls Riya’s choice perfect and asks her to try. He compliments her. She says thanks, but I will wear what Neil likes. He says I will click pic and we will send to Neil, let’s see what he says. Shweta says Ketan, most auspicious moment will be on marriage day, we will sign deal on that day. Prakash says yes. Shweta says leave this deal, we should see our children are happy and marriage happens well, Dayaben should be here to bless us. Ketan says yes, but this is just small formality. Shweta says you are giving us daughter, can’t we give you time to sign papers. Avni says I told you mum, I can’t move back from my motives. Shweta says you can put price of your daughter, but I will not do deal of my son. Prakash asks what are you saying. She says I m saying right. Ketan says no, our children love each other so they want to marry. She says no, I heard Amol myself, he said their family is bankrupt, they are doing this marriage to get our money and property, am I not right, we are not interested in this marriage and deal. Avni and Neela smile. Shweta tears the papers. She says you should have told this before, I think you should call Dayaben and tell her this marriage and deal won’t happen. Ketan cries and says what will she say, she is counting her last breath, she is heart patient. They get shocked. Ketan says it was her last wish that Riya gets married, now maybe this dream won’t fulfill, I can’t tell her, her heart is very weak.
Prakash asks is Dayaben heart patient, I got to know this today. Ketan says just I knew this, we have spent all money in her treatment, you tell me, if mum thinks you will manage her sinking business, what’s wrong, fine if you think its a deal, don’t say we are doing our daughter’s deal. Prakash says no Ketan, I m sorry for what Shweta did. Shweta tries to say. He asks Shweta to wait, he is talking to Ketan.

He says I trust Dayaben and can’t hurt her more, I will leave now. Prakash and Shweta leave. Ketan smiles. Avni and Neela look on. Shweta stops Prakash. He asks is this way to talk, I have to get insulted. She says Ananya did not tell me about Dayaben’s illness. He says enough, you can’t talk this, one day you will sink Neil’s happiness. He leaves. Shweta says because of Ananya, I fell in my husband and son’s sight, I will never forgive Ananya. Neil gets Riya’s call. She says its one hour now, I have sent pic, you did not reply. Neil says I did not get any pic. She checks and says sorry, pic is not sent. Avni cries. Neela consoles her. Avni says I reach destination and then lose. Madhavi sees them. Avni says this is not fair. Neela says we can change it in our victory, trust me.

Avni says Dayaben has shot me 15 years ago, I still have pain in my wound, you are saying about trust, shall I trust Lord, I don’t trust Lord, system could not do anything in 15 years. She cries. Neela consoles her and hugs.Dayaben thinks its same ward where Aisha was admitted. She says no, I will not stay here, Fatima wants to make me mad. Fatima asks doctor to see her.

Neil sees Fatima outside hospital and asks her where is she going. She says graveyard, some of my relations are buried in grave and few shattered. Neil drops her to graveyard. She cries at Aisha’s grave and apologizes. Neil stops and looks on. Fatima promises Aisha to punish her culprit, I was alone till now, I thought my girl got shot by the bullet… She sees Neil and asks what are you doing here.

Neil says I know sorrow to lose dear ones, I will share your sorrow. She says you are going to get related to one who gave this sorrow, law is blind and does not see Dayaben’s crime, I just want to see her destruction, she has shot my little Avni 15 years ago. He says if Dayaben is culprit, I will get her punished, I will get justice for Aisha and Avni. He sees Madhavi’s ten missed calls and goes. He meets Madhavi and asks what happened. She says I was scared by you, now I m not scared, one who uses innocent person is not a good man, why are you after Avni, forgive her if she did mistake, much wrong happened with her, I saw her crying, she is a brave girl, I felt bad and thought what am I doing, you gave me two hours to find out, will you put me in jail. He asks what do you mean.She asks him to arrest her, does he rule if he has gun and uniform, that girl has bullet mark on her chest since 15 years. Neil recalls Fatima’s words and thinks Ananya is Avni.

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