My Identity Update Saturday 13 February 2021

My Identity 13 February 2021: Avni seeing Asha’s pic. Aa leke chalun mai….plays….. Avni recalls Asha and cries. She hugs the pic. She fixes the pic frame on wall and says there are good people in the world too, I m sure some miracle will happen. Fatima cries and says why did Dayaben do this. Avni knocks door. Aladin sits crying. Avni asks what are you guys doing. She says nothing will happen by crying, we have to become strong and fight against Dayaben, we have to get her punished, I can’t do this with you two. Aladin hugs Avni. Fatima comes out of room.

Avni hugs Fatima and says we have to become strong, we have to get Dayaben punished and get justice for Asha. Fatima agrees and says I was stopping you from walking on this way, from today I promise I m with you in this fight, you are not
alone. Aladin says yes, you taught us till we don’t win, we should not lose, till we make Dayaben reach jail, we will not lose, I got the taxi driver’s details. Aladin and Avni meet the taxi driver. Avni asks are you sure that driver stays here. The man says yes, I told him you are going to meet him today. Avni says none should know of this meeting. He asks her not to worry and come. Ketan asks Dayaben if she is going somewhere. She says yes, I have to get Diksha home. Ketan sees the lady Jamla.

Dayaben says Jamla will stay here, why did you come. Ketan says Avni went to meet taxi driver, but Sashank is keeping an eye on them, we will know about Aladin too. She says good, I will manage that taxi driver. She asks Jamla to come.
Avni sees the driver walking on support. The driver says I can’t forget that day, I was driving the taxi when this accident happened, I felt everything got ruined in a moment, I got handicapped. Avni asks how did this accident happened. He says it was planned to look like accident, the man was waiting for us, like signals got green, they have hit us. Avni asks why did you not do police complain. He says don’t you think I did not complain, police was bribed, they have shut case saying brakes failed, insurance company gave half money for the taxi, it was just loss for me. Avni says you have this support, me and my brother lost our mumma forever.

She asks will you tell this in police station, will you come along us, so that the culprit gets punished. Aladin and Avni request. The man look at his wife, She signs no. Dayaben gets Diksha out of hospital. Diksha argues with her. Dayaben says I had reason to send you to mental hospital, calm down, then I will tell you, you spoke all that in front of Aladin, you would have gone to jail, its better you came here, did anyone give you mental shocks here, thank Lord you got saved, come home and rest now. Diksha asks about Aladin. Dayaben says its long story, I have some little work. Diksha sees Jamla in car and says there is someone in car. Dayaben says don’t get scared, she is ours. They leave.
Avni and Aladin meet inspector. Avni says we did not have proof and case got shut, but now we have proof. She asks inspector to talk to driver, he was driving taxi at Asha’s accident time. Aladin says he is ready to give statement in court. Inspector says officially case got shut, if you insist, I will talk to senior and open case again.

Avni smiles. Driver gets a call and says there is network problem here, I will just come. Avni says we got new witness, please reopen the case. Driver goes out and asks who is it, talk loudly. Jamla goes to him and attacks him. He falls down. Jamla goes. Inspector waits for the driver. Avni goes to see and sees crowd. Avni gets shocked seeing driver and asks him to wake up. Dayaben talks to Jamla and laughs. She asks Jamla to make a medicine for Avni’s mind, she is very clever, we have to slow her down. Avni sees inspector talking to the driver and taking his statement. Inspector comes. Avni asks did he say about accident. Inspector asks her to stop making story, I came to help every time you called me. Avni asks what. Inspector says I got statement, he said it was an accident, not a plan. Avni says you are mistaken. He says you said everything wrong. Avni says he told me all this. Aladin says yes. Inspector says you make stories in mind.

Avni says something is wrong, you saw that man going out and falling unconscious, maybe something happened there. Inspector says another story is made. Avni asks man to say truth to inspector. The man says what to say if nothing happened. Avni asks did anything happen with you, how did you faint. The man says I came with you to police station as you were insisting, I fainted as I was hungry, please go. Inspector says you can’t waste my time, don’t know what goes on in your mind. He goes. Avni cries.Dayaben saying Jamla, I want to go on vacation, we have to keep Avni’s mind calm. Diksha comes and greets Jamla. She jokes on Jamla. Dayaben says make medicine for Diksha also, go. Jamla goes.

Dayaben asks Diksha to talk less. Ketan asks what’s happening. Dayaben says you always question. Diksha laughs. Dayaben says why did Lord give me such children, we used to do work more in village and kept mouth shut, here in city, you just talk, take care now, we have to go office. They leave. Diksha teases Jamla.Aladin signs Ali to talk to Avni. Ali asks why is she silent, we are together after long time. Aladin says we will find proof, don’t worry. Akash says yes, I can’t see Avni sad. Ali asks him to do lungi dance to make her smile. Avni says its not time to joke. Ali says you are staring as if you will go inside home and find clue to give inspector. Aladin gets idea and asks Avni did you check Dayaben’s bedroom. Avni says no. Aladin says maybe proof is infront of us. She says its wrong.

He says we have to do this to find clue. Akash says we have to face invited problems too. Riya comes and argues. She says I will tell Dadi. She sees Akash and says you here at my home. Akash says yes, why can’t guests come here. She says no. He says I have seen you somewhere. She says I m Riya, we are in same class. He gets back. He says yes, I was thinking. She says I will tell everyone that Akash came my home to meet me, wow. Avni smiles and says sorry to disturb. Riya says don’t think to disturb us else… Akash says you are so rude. She says sorry.

Avni says Akash, you go home, sorry I can’t invite you inside home, Riya does not like. Riya says she is joking, leave her, come home, you all can come. Aladin says universe helps us if we like something. Ali sees Diksha and asks him to manage her, she has come to help. Diksha smiles seeing her. Avni says I will find proof, you handle her. Aladin says not again.
Neela asks Hemant to investigate in hospital. He asks her to stop it, why to repeat mistake and do sin. She says if we don’t help Avni, it will be sin, she is fighting alone. He says I know you love her, but eyes are to see truth, mind makes us see what we want, I know Dayaben since many years, I know she is small thinking, but she can’t kill anyone, doubt that cleared that day. Neela says she is culprit, I know it. He says if innocent is proved culprit, then how will we forgive ourselves. She says give me last chance for Avni’s betterment. He says I m saying you for Avni’s betterment, I will not permit, let Avni live, help her come out of sorrow, don’t talk in this matter. He goes.

Avni and Ali go to check Dayaben’s room. They check the room. He checks cupboard and asks her not to disturb. They try to get clue. He gets chocolates and eats. He asks her to have chocolate to get energy. It falls. She bends to pick and sees a old trunk. She checks it. Jamla comes and shuts trunk. They get scared. Jamla makes them out and locks door. They run. Avni tells some plan to Ali and asks him to come. They go to her room and sees Jamla sleeping there. Ali says Jamla took your room. She says she has keys. Ali says we have to wait for her waking, else you ask her for keys, think how to get it. She says I will get it. He says I can’t put you in dangerous thing. He goes to get keys and gets scared when Jamla opens eyes. Avni comes to him. Jamla sleeps.
Avni tries to get keys. Jamla turns her side.

Ali makes her turn by tickling. Jamla moves and they get scared. Avni prays. The rat comes and frees keys from Jamla’s saree. Avni gets keys and they run. Jamla gets up and sees keys gone. Avni opens the lock and checks the old box. Ali asks her to hurry up before Jamla comes. Avni gets Asha’s purse and her Id. She cries seeing Asha’s pic. She says its mumma’s purse. Ali says how did this come here. Avni says don’t know, mumma had this at accident time, my doubt was right, Dayaben got this accident done.

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