My Identity Update Monday 25 January 2021


My Identity 25 January 2021: Starts with Asha seeing Avni thinking. She asks what happened, you did not write anything. Avni says its not easy to write script. Asha says it looks tough till you do it. Avni asks how will I get succeed. Asha says its not so easy, you have to fail and fall, so that you get up and succeed, you have to know why you want to make this story. Avni says to make movie. Asha asks is there no other reason, what do you want to say by this story, when you don’t find way, you have to go there from where the journey started. Avni says as I asked you, who I m. Asha nods. Avni thanks her.

Avni thinks and writes. She sees Bappa idol and prays. She starts writing the script on her life. She writes am I a drop of water, or a river….. what’s my name, shall I say whats my name. Neela calls Aladin and says I don’t know why you are helping Avni, thanks. He asks did you call me to say this. She says I called you for imp thing, I want to help Avni. He says its good. She says Avni will not take my help, Asha and Avni will think I m helping them to take revenge from Dayaben, but truth is I genuinely want to help Avni. He asks what way of help. Neela says Dayaben will not let Avni make movie, she will use money and power to withdraw investors, but she can’t buy me, I m not scared of her, whatever she did with me, she cheated me, I will never forgive Dayaben and her family, and teach her such lesson which she never forgets. He says you want me to take money from you and not tell Asha and Avni, then promise you will not backout. He asks do you think so. He says I accept your offer. They shake hands.Aladin comes and asks Asha to give sweets. Asha is sad and shows Avni’s script. Aladin reads it and says Naamkaran. She says Avni wrote this. He says what, a 10 year old girl can’t write this. Asha says its pain which came out as words, what type of mum am I, I could not know her pain. He asks where is Avni. Asha says she will come from school. Avni comes happily and asks why are you two seeing me like this. Aladin says Guru ji, how did you do this. She asks what. Asha shows the script and asks how did you write this. Avni says I wanted to write film script, don’t know how I wrote this. Aladin says we will compose this poem and make song for our movie, its title song. Avni understands and says well done.

Asha asks but how did you write this. Avni says I was seeing Bappa movie and did dhyaan, then wrote this. Asha thanks Lord and hugs Avni. Aladin says start writing scenes, I forgot to give big news, we got financier. Avni asks whats the name. Asha asks how did you get financier soon. Aladin asks them not to bother. Asha says say truth, whats the name. Aladin lies seeing noodles and says Champak noodles, he is noodle company owner. Asha asks really. Aladin does drama. Avni laughs.
Avni says we should give role to Aladin in our movie. Asha says yes, he is big drama king. Avni says now our movie will be made. Asha hugs her. Aladin says don’t start family drama, call the team. Hemant asks Neela to see the clothes. Dayaben says I will do grand marriage. Neela asks why to do show. Dayaben says its not show, Hemant is Devpurush, we should do this to have prestige in society. Neela says what society, it bends infront of rich and crushes poor, right. Dayaben says yes, money has much power. Hemant says Lord will not see rich and poor, what you sow is what you reap. Neela agrees. Dayaben sees the news about Avni. Neela says there is Avni’s news in this, she is my Avni. She praises Avni. Hemant says you showed this four times. Dayaben says its all nonsense, a little girl can’t write a film. Neela says kids are smart these days, eight year old make a movie before, I m excited to see Avni’s movie. Dayaben asks her to focus on marriage. Hemant says Dayaben is right. Dayaben says Mehta family will go ahead of Mehta blood. Neela jokes and asks about Ashish. Dayaben says Ashish went out for some work, to end before marriage.
Aladin asks Avni to make budget. He tells about songs, scenes and shoots. Avni says its 8 scenes. Aladin says confirm it, 10, it will be 40mins. Ali asks what are they saying. Avni says we are discussing film format. Aladin asks what about distribution. Avni says but we distributers back out then. Aladin says we will sell movie to tv channel, we want 40 lakhs finance. Avni asks who will give this money. Aladin says Champak noodles. Ali says I got hungry hearing name. Aladin says if our quality is bad, no one will buy our film, we want editor, music, lights, equipments. Avni says you forgot actors, we want such actors whom Dayaben can’t buy, if they leave half movie, movie will get shut. Aladin agrees. They sit thinking. Ali also thinks and says Dayaben can pay money, but can’t buy me, its good joke right, sorry. Avni says you solved the problem. Aladin says now Dayaben can’t do anything. They laugh and dance.


Avni saying its not impossible to convince mumma, we have to make her agree if we have to make this film. Angie likes Ali’s idea. Ali asks whats my idea. Avni says to cast the people on whom this story is being made. Ali says its good, but what does this mean. Asha gets snacks for them. Avni tells Asha that they decided that actors should be from real life. Asha asks what. Aladin says it means Avni will play her role and Aisha will play her role. Ali gets glad and says it means I will do my role, I became superstar. Angie says film did not start now. Asha refuses and asks them to take professional actors. Avni says if Dayaben buys those actors, films can get shut.Asha says I can’t do this. Avni says fine, we will do mock shoot and see. Aladin likes the idea. Ashish is at bar and drinking. Malhotra hugs him and says when did you start drinking. Ashish says since living got tough, you always said Ashish you have a drink. Malhotra says wine is bad, don’t sink in it and ruin career. Ashish says I had some wine, you manage my career.

Malhotra says fine, you have to be careful. Ashish asks him to drink. Malhotra tells about Avni’s movie, she is writing and producing it, I got profit from it. Ashish asks how. Malhotra says I liked their proposal, then I got fat amount to cancel finance. Ashish smiles and says Maa… Malhota asks is your mum fine. Ashish says yes, she is fine, others get unwell by her. Malhotra says I felt bad about Avni, she is talented girl, my broker said no one is ready to finance her movie. Ashish gets Aladin and Asha’s pic. A man comes and greets Malhotra and Ashish. Ashish gets angry seeing the pics. The man says some big people are not letting the girl make movie. Malhotra says that girl is not saying her father’s name, once film comes out, all the truth will come out. The man says it will be entertainment.Ashish gets worried. His phone falls. The man says that father will get scolding, see the story, the illegitimate child will stain her father’s face by movie. Ashish gets more pics. He drinks more wine and breaks glass angrily. His hand gets hurt. Malhotra asks what happened, why did you break glass. Ashish gets angry. Malhotra stops Ashish. He pays money and leaves.

Avni knocks door and calls out Asha. Asha wears the old dress and comes. Avni smiles and asks her to come. Aladin smiles seeing Asha. Avni sees him lost and pinches his hand. He asks what is it. She asks are we ready. He says yes. Aladin says rolling, acting. Asha gets tensed. She says I can’t do this. Avni calms her down. She asks Angie to give water. Asha drinks water.Asha says I can’t do this. Avni signs Aladin. Aladin nods. He records them without saying he is recording the moment. Asha and Avni have a talk. Avni asks Asha about her life. Asha tells her life’s beautiful decision to give birth to Avni. Avni asks did you not feel scared. Asha says your Papa was not with me, but he accepted me, if not in front of society, I was sure my child will get a father, like time passes, when you started walking, my fears got less, my courage increased, like Lord is saying I m with you. Aladin looks at them.

Asha says I will say a story, when you were in my womb, I had brinjal, you did not like it and kicked me a lot, Fatima named you toofan express. Avni laughs. Aladin smiles. Asha says you are Lord’s gift, I feel my existence by your existence, I gave you birth, but truth is you gave me birth, I was giving birth to you without wedlock, I just have a dream that my Avni earns big name so that I can say this is my Avni. Avni cries and hugs Asha. They all smile. Aladin shows the video to Avni. Avni cries. Angie says Asha is great actress. Ali says when I act, you all will cry. Angie says we are afraid of that. Aladin says Ali will make everyone smile. Angie says there is surprise for Avni and gets a board, with Chamko productions written on it. Aladin says not bad. Avni likes it.

Avni asks can I borrow this laptop. Aladin asks why. Avni says I will show clipping to Asha, so that she can know she can face camera even today. Aladin says take it. They wish her all the best. Asha sees the black beads in the box. Ashish comes there drunk and says you look beautiful, where are you going, you used to get ready for me, why did you get shocked, did you do wrong or get caught red handed, I was not going to come, why did you get ready then. He asks her to say why is she getting ready.

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