My Identity Update Monday 19 July 2021

My Identity 19 July 2021: The Episode starts with Avni saying you won’t be able to support Saisha always, as life is not like films. KK says even you were illegitimate but you always fought with the world, do you want the same pain for Saisha. She says I want Saisha to become stronger, I don’t need to give her legal surname, you need a legal surname and your mom’s permission to love someone, I m cancelling this alliance. She goes. Kamini asks are you out of your mind.

KK says Saisha is a nice girl, she will get my name after marriage, me and my PR team will manage, Avni refused to adopt Saisha and asked me to take a stand if I truly love Saisha, I truly love Saisha and I will marry her. Kamini gets angry. She says this trouble didn’t end, you all don’t know who am I, I will not get that orphan home, don’t know what’s her background, someone having good status will get related to us, I will do anything to stop this. Neil takes Saisha to Aisha’s grave.

He says this is Avni’s Aisha Maa, Ashish’s wife, she never got status of his wife, she never cared and just loved Ashish, she accepted being his children’s mum, she always waited for him, knowing he will never come, because Ashish was marrying someone else, Dayaben has taken Aisha’s life, Avni didn’t wish you to fall in trouble, she has a fear for you, she doesn’t want you to marry KK, he listens to his mom, he never takes his own decisions just like Ashish. They come home.

Neil says Ashish married Neela, she learnt about Aisha and their children, she realized he is a weak person, Neela named her life to Avni and loved her a lot, love is selfless, Avni loved you selflessly, she saved you from your father, who didn’t even want you to stay alive, she fled to save you and left me behind, the only man who loved her immensely, ten years, Avni stayed alone so that she can save you. He thinks of Avni.

He says maybe I can never forgive you, she has given me pain, she could have spoke to me and we could have found some way, Avni loves you a lot, she gave you a chance to make an identity, Avni did this so that you learn to live head high, seeing you forgetting her values, she is trying to hold it, I don’t think there can be any higher true love than this. Saisha says I should say sorry to her. Avni looks on.Media comes and asks Avni where was she till now, what about Vidyut, will you accept your plans, tell me.

Neil calls DD and says reach home fast. Kamini says once the news channels telecast this, Avni and Saisha will get defamed, they will go away from us. She laughs. Bebe, Prakash and Shweta come out. Prakash asks media to leave them alone. Reporter asks Neil how did he know that his wife is alive. DD comes there and stops the media. Constables arrest Avni. Saisha runs after her and calls her out. Avni is taken away.Saisha takes an auto and goes after the police van. Kamini, KK and Rahil see the news.

Kamini asks KK do you wish to get related to them, Avni has jailed someone for ten years by a false blame. Rahil says its okay, don’t panic. She says Manmohan tell the media that we have no idea about it, tell them that KK is so shocked that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She goes. KK says dad, I need your help. Rahil says our hands are tied, just Kamini rules here, sorry. He goes. Shweta says Avni got arrested again, you lost Avni once, not again.

Prakash says just think what Avni did for this family, her way maybe wrong, but her intention was right, don’t let history repeat itself. Kids ask why did police arrest her. Shweta says why don’t you say anything. Bebe says you couldn’t defeat Vidyut in spite of being a cop, as Vidyut was a snake, Avni had to do this to defeat him. Shweta says yes, Avni wasn’t wrong, just look at these children, why don’t you say anything.

Neil says I have left my duty, all these things are not in my control, I can’t do anything. Saisha says I want to meet Avni once, please. Inspector asks her to sit and wait. Another inspector sees her and calls Kamini. He says have some green tea, let me deal with Avni lawfully, she is very smart, lets see, she faked her death. Kamini praises him. He says they won’t trouble you and KK. He goes to Avni and says how does it feel to get a life.

He asks did you do everything alone or with someone else, did you had any enmity with Vidyut, you have several accusations on you, truth can save you, speak up. Neil gets lawyer and asks inspector to stop shouting on Avni. Inspector says ex officer Neil came to save his wife, you know very well to manipulate law, I will get your wife punished. Neil says court shall decide about her, I shall do what I feel right, okay, thanks. They leave. Reporter asks him about the case.

Neil says Avni got bail, the truth is, Vidyut attacked Avni, she almost got burnt, she ran for her life, if somebody runs or hides for saving life, is that a crime, I don’t think so, law runs on facts, Vidyut has confessed his crime in front of me, police has no proof that Avni is responsible for it. Reporter says I understood, I will ask your question. He says we all know Saisha is illegitimate, does Avni know about her parents. Avni and Neil get angry.

Avni scolding the reporter. He says I m doing my work to find truth, Saisha is an illegitimate, society doesn’t accept such girls. Avni says I don’t like such society who raises finger on innocent. She scolds the reporters and gets angry. Neil smiles. Avni holds Saisha’s hand and goes. Avni comes home. Samrat hugs her. He says when did you become so tough and brave, we love you. Bebe thanks Lord. Sunehri says Avni, actually…. Saisha is very upset, we should keep her away from this mess.

Avni says Lord Krishna left the battle field and then fought too, I have left battle once, this time I will fight, I will retaliate, we will go back to Kashid today. Saisha says KK didn’t call today. Avni says that story is over now, I know its difficult for you to move on, but you have to. Saisha cries and goes. Neil thanks the lawyer. Avni asks Neil what will he do. He says you don’t need to worry for me, I prefer to live with truth, our paths are different now, maybe it can’t be same now.

Prakash comes to Neil. He says you are a sensible guy, I have seen more of life, I want to say something, I want to share my experience, whatever happened between you and Avni, it was bad, if you really want peace, just forgive Avni wholeheartedly. Neil asks are you serious. Prakash says people do a lot to save love, I understand, you had to go through a lot of pain. Neil says I don’t love Avni. He goes. Samrat asks Saisha to come, Avni has booked cab, everything will go fine.

Saisha calls KK and says Avni wants to take me to Kashid, if you really love me, we will elope and marry. He says okay, meet me at Shiv temple. She agrees.Shweta and Bebe cry. Avni hugs them and cries. Saisha hides and leaves from there. Bebe gets some shagun plate and asks Avni to have it, she has a right on it, don’t refuse. Avni accepts. She asks where is Saisha. Kamini asks Rahil what are you saying. He says our son has eloped. She asks what.

Avni looks for Saisha. She calls Saisha. She gets Saisha’s letter. Saisha writes, sorry Jaan didi I love you but I love KK too, I know you will forgive me.Saisha reaches temple and thinks of Avni. She says so sorry, I have no choice, I can’t lose you and KK. Pandit asks what are you doing here. She says I came for marriage. He asks where is the groom. She says he will come. Neil gets on call and says I will send Saisha’s pic, circulate it and find her.

Avni says Saisha didn’t understand. Neil says KK’s phone is not reachable. Avni calls on KK’s landline. Servant says Kamini and KK went out. Pandit asks how much time more will he take, call him. Saisha says he will come. Neil takes DD and Mitali’s help to find Saisha. Mitali says Saisha has thrown her phone in garden, she knew we will try to trace her, Avni don’t worry, we will find Saisha. KK comes to temple. Kamini comes there.

He gets shocked. He asks are you serious to marry that illegitimate girl. KK says yes, I love Saisha, I want to marry her, mom please don’t stop me. She says you haven’t done any work by yourself, you are marrying without my consent. He says I never questioned you, I have grown up now, I can take this decision myself. She says I think my son has grown up in right sense.

She cries and says I never let our family face any problem, I worked harder than you to make you a star, I wished you get stardom and I get contentment, what’s the use, every effort got waste, now Saisha is most imp to you, if you think you are doing right, who am I to stop, go and marry, you will fall in my eyes forever if you go ahead, you will die for me, you will get married there and I will do your Shraddh at home, think again, will you choose your love or your mom who gave you birth.

Mitali says KK’s cook made the last call to Saisha. Avni says we have one way, we need to meet Kamini, only she can help us now, she doesn’t want Saisha and KK to unite.

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