My Identity Update Friday 23 April 2021

My identity 23 April 2021: starts with Avni asking Ali what are you doing here. Ali says sparking started, so I came to check. Shweta says he was helping me. Avni asks what happened to you. Ali says just some wound. Avni asks do you think its small wound. She asks Shweta is she fine. Shweta says yes. She thinks I wanted something else to happen. She says I was excited to see DVD, but this fuse had to blow at this time, I feel someone has blown this fuse. Avni says no, it would be overload by party lights, it will get fine, I was also excited to see DVD, come I will apply ointment. Shweta says I will apply medicine, I m like his mum. She insists and asks Avni to go. Neil comes and says I will apply medicine, mom its your party, everyone is waiting. Avni goes to get medicine. Neil asks Ali is everything fine.

Ali says no, nothing is fine.Dayaben meets Gurumaa and says pandit ji had to go tonight, I don’t need to see any kundli, Neil is busy at home, its the right chance. Gurumaa stops her and says its different feeling to breath in free air, be ready tonight. Dayaben asks will you take me out of jail. Gurumaa smiles. Ali says its small wound, it will get fine. He thinks how to tell Neil about the wound Shweta wants to give to Avni. Avni gets medicine.Shweta goes to see guests. Avni applies ointment and says sorry, tell me is it hurting. Neil says he will tell me, he is my friend. She says he is my friend since childhood, if you come close to him, I will file case on you. Neil says I m top cop and have law and order in my hand. He asks Ali to say whose friend is he. Avni asks why do you want to get embarrassed, I m his best friend. Ali says no, my best friend is DD. Neil laughs. Avni says I will see you later, we have to get plan B in action. Neil asks will you help. Ali agrees. Neil tells the plan.

Dayaben wakes up. A lady gives her phone and nods. Dayaben says Gurumaa does not forget anyone’s favor, now I don’t have to wait for Riya’s call. Shweta and Riya argue. Riya asks her to attend guests. Shweta says one who is useless, has no place in my house, pack your bags and get out after party. Riya says fine, I will go. Shweta goes. Dayaben calls Riya and asks is Avni exposed. Riya says no, Ali spoiled everything, I have decided to leave from here. Dayaben asks did you get mad, you can’t be coward, till Avni’s truth comes out, don’t move back. Riya asks what shall I do. Dayaben asks her to face fears and become like her, the family should be at home, you will not think to leave that house till Avni is kicked out. Riya agrees. Dayaben thinks till Neil is at home, I have no risk to go out, I will inform Gurumaa. Bebe jokes on marriage. Shweta hears her.

Ali tells everyone that they will start a story of three best friends (Shweta, Prakash and Shweta’s lover). Ali and Avni dance on Aye sanam hum to sirf tumse pyaar karte hai……. Riya goes to Ali’s house and says I can’t disappoint Dadi, Ali would have kept birth certificate here. She looks for it. Ali, Avni and Neil dance on wo sikandar…….. Riya sees a box. Ali goes away from Avni. She shouts no and cries. Is tarah aashiqui ka…..plays… Neil says fate has something else for them. Neil comes to her. Ali hugs him. Everyone claps.

Maddy says its Prakash and Shweta’s story right. Bebe nods. Riya gets Avni’s childhood pics in the box. Neil cheers Avni and dances on Main koi aisa geet gaaun…..They hug. Everyone claps. Prakash and Shweta smile. Neil proposes Avni and makes her wear the ring. The skit ends. Shweta and Prakash exchange varmala. Bebe thinks maybe I can get Neil and Ananya’s marriage with blessings. Ali says you were right, Avni’s happiness is with this family, with someone else. Neela holds him. Riya smiles and says that’s it Avni, now you and your duplicate fraud life will end, Avni Aisha…..Neil and Avni smile.

Neil saying I just had hatred in my heart when we got married in that situation. Avni says you had full right to do so. He says you understand things late, you are tubelight. Neela hears them. Bebe calls Neil. Neela goes to Avni and asks did you hear what Neil said. Avni says he hates me. Neela says he said he used to hate you, past tense, you go and ask him, tell me what answer he gives you.Gurumaa comes to Dayaben and asks who is troubling you. Dayaben says I will say everything, but not here. Gurumaa says I heard there is police risk today in going out. DD interrogates the bar owner. Riya says I got original certificate in Ali’s cafe. Dayaben asks her to do her work and blesses. She says I will never forgive you Ashish, you gave your name to that illegitimate girl,your gift will poison her life. She says I m freeing earth from a stain, there is no risk, you can do your work.

Gurumaa says I shall test your trust and loyalty. She takes Dayaben and says none knows when I come and when I go, are you ready to give loyalty test. Dayaben says I have no habit to give tests, I have come as blessing for you and pandit ji. Gurumaa asks her to come. The man asks bar owner to tell truth, Neil and DD will beat him. Bar owner agrees to tell him and tells about pandit ji, he did the deal.

Avni hears pandit telling about relation of marriage. Avni thinks are all these relations weak because of me, no I have to tell my truth. Ali says I have to talk to you. She says I have to talk to you first, come with me. Pandit calls Bebe to do ghatbandhan. Riya says it will be good time to break Avni’s relations. Neil looks for Avni. DD calls Neil and tells something. Neil says I will just come. He thinks how shall I go without telling. He collides with Riya. She hides the envelop. He says I just have to go, can you tell Ananya about my leaving. She says of course. He goes. Riya asks maid to get pen and paper.

Avni says I want to tell everyone that I m Avni, not Ananya. Ali asks why. Avni says I m fed up acting, it matters, as one is truth and other is lie, I don’t want to hide my identity. He says why are you risking everything, are you not scared of losing all this. She says no, you and Neil are with me, if you both accepted my truth, why to hide from them, its time to make this relation right. Maid gives envelop to Bebe. Maddy asks her to keep it on table. Riya says my idea was flop, I have to keep this envelop with me. Ali says I won’t let you do this, I got hurt so that you don’t get hurt. Avni looks at him. Amol takes envelop and thinks to do something that he gets a chance to celebrate. He says I will keep this rakhi in this envelop, maybe I win Avni’s trust.

Riya says its bad manners to touch other’s envelop. Ali says believe me, I don’t know how I did that. Avni asks what is it. Kareena comes and asks her to come, Bebe is calling. Avni asks Ali to wait, she will come.Bebe checks envelop and gets shocked. Neela asks what’s the matter. Bebe says you are Ananya’s mum right. Neela says of course, she is my daughter. Bebe shows Avni’s childhood pic and says this is Ananya right, this is your and Ananya’s pic right. Neela nods. Bebe asks then who is this. Neela gets shocked. Riya smiles. Bebe asks who is this with Ananya, Neela answer me. Avni says my parents…. my dad Ashish Mehta and my mum Aisha Haider. They all get shocked. Neela signs no.

Shweta smiles. Bebe asks are you Ashish’s daughter, was Aisha his first wife. Avni nods. Neela says Aisha was his only wife. Bebe asks did they marry by all rituals. Neela says yes, it was a relation of heart and soul. Bebe says that relation was illegitimate, yes or no, you have hidden this from me. Prakash says you did not think its imp to tell this to me. Avni says I m Avni, Ashish and Aisha’s daughter. Bebe says you are Avni Mehta. Avni says no, Avni Aisha.

Bebe says you cheated us, why. Avni says Dayaben snatched my family, my brother, she shot me and tried to kill me, I had to take revenge from her, if not, I would have died before. Prakash says you wanted to take revenge, what was the need to lie to us. Avni gets back and cries. Neela says she loves you a lot. Shweta argues. Avni says I realized what’s family love, Dadi is such who will not try to kill me, Papa is such to whom I won’t have to beg to accept me, I was afraid to lose this good family. Shweta pushes her and says enough of your drama, truth is you are an illegitimate child, Neela you left your husband because of her mum. Bebe says Avni can’t keep relation with Neil and my family. Avni says their love was true. Bebe says but it was illegitimate, this is the proof. Riya smiles and thinks Dadi will be proud of me.

Ali asks them to stop it, this is plan. Bebe says it means you were also involved. Shweta says Riya, it means this girl is your sister. Riya says yes, Avni is my sister, mum used to say its not Avni’s mistake, but Dadi used to hate her. Ali asks how did you get this certificate. Riya asks why are you asking me. Avni checks it and cries. Neela and Avni get shocked. Avni says Papa gave me his name. Neela says it means she is not illegitimate. Bebe says maybe you don’t know meaning of illegitimate, the child born out of wedlock is called illegitimate.

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