My heart knows update Tuesday 5 July 2022

My heart knows 5 July 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar telling Moksh not to worry and tells that he will save him. He finds someone coming there and aims gun. Kalyani comes there. He asks how did you come here? Kalyani shows the tracking device around Moksh’s neck. Malhar asks her to come with him. They go somewhere. Malhar tells Kalyani that Kaka will send Moksh to juvenile home and he can’t bear it. He tells that he will die, but will not let anything happen to him. Kalyani asks him not to talk like that and says we have to live as a family, just as our family started. She says I will not let you do mistake and takes law in your hand. Malhar says I know law better than you and knows Kaka well too.

He will manipulate the law and send Moksh to Juvenile. He asks her not to come inbetween them and says I have nothing important than Moksh. Kalyani says you both are important to me and asks him to leave the gun. Malhar asks her to leave the gun. Moksh asks them not to fight and says he wants to stay with both. Malhar says we all will stay altogether, but your Aai will not understand. He apologizes to Kalyani and makes her unconscious, pressing her neck nerve. Moksh asks what happened to my Aai fi. Malhar says nothing happened to her, we have to go from here. He runs with Moksh. Kalyani gains consciousness and searches for Malhar and Moksh.

Just then she hears Malhar’s voice in pain and shouts his name. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in the tree and the pearls fall down on the ground. She picks some and runs towards Malhar. Anupriya is seen holding the knife stabbed in Malhar’s chest. Malhar looks at her in shock. Anupriya takes out the knife. Kalyani witnesses this and gets shocked. She runs to Malhar and holds him, as he falls. Moksh is hiding behind the tree and witnesses everything. Kalyani asks Malhar, how did this happen. Anupriya looks shocked. Kalyani says Malhar ji can’t leave me and asks Ganapati Bappa not to take Malhar ji from her. She thinks to call an ambulance, but call is not connected. She keeps her pallu to stop the bleeding, but it doesn’t stop. Kalyani hugs him and says I will not let you go anywhere and gives her swear. Malhar closes his eyes shocking her.

  Kalyani caressing Malhar’s towel which he used in the morning and says my Malhar ji’s smell is still coming from this towel. She says he used to sleep here and ….She sees Malhar and her photo frame and says where are you? She calls Malhar and asks him to taste the food which she made, and says you can’t waste my hardwork, have to return to have food. She asks what kind of father, you are and asks him to return for Pillu. She asks where is Pillu? Godaveri says I will bring him and asks her to sit. Kalyani sits and cries, saying I love you Malhar ji…She cries. Teri fariyaad plays…

Avni comes there and asks Kalyani to handle herself. She says I came to give you what you deserve and aims gun at her. She asks shall I send you to Malhar. She says your Aai snatched Malhar from me, you have snatched my son and your son has snatched my baby, so I will settle all scores with you. Kalyani asks what is this madness? Avni asks if she didn’t want to go to Malhar and tells that she will never get her son, the start is initiated. Just then she hears Sarthak tells Moksh that he will not go to Kalyani. Kalyani says he is my son and will stay with me. She says we all are suffering and now we need each other after Malhar ji left. She asks him to let her come here. Sarthak asks how dare you come here and says first your Chacha killed swara and now Malhar died because of your Aai.

Kalyani pleads infront of him not to separate her son from her and says he is Malhar ji’s last memory. Sarthak says last wish and pours kerosene oil on the wood. He says he will give fire to Malhar’s dead body today. He says I will remove your reflection from Moksh, before giving fire to Malhar. He brings the fire near Kalyani and asks her to go out. Moksh is shocked. Avni holds him. Kalyani asks him not to do this. Sarthak asks her to go out of the house. Kalyani moves back. Sarthak closes the door. Kalyani comes to the road and asks for help. She asks if someone is here, please help me. An Inspector is going from there and stops.

Kalyani asks him for help and tells that someone has kept her son in the house and not letting her meet him. Inspector asks her to come with him. They go home. Sarthak asks Kalyani to go. Kalyani tells about the misery which her son is going through. Sarthak tells that she is a step mom. Avni says Kalyani knows well that she will not get any property of Malhar if she don’t get Moksh. Kalyani asks her not to say this for her son. Avni tells that Kalyani will get Moksh kill too. Sarthak asks Avni to get the papers and shows custody papers which is on his name. Kalyani says a paper can’t decide if my son will stay with me or not. She asks if these paper will decide if I love him or not. She asks if you will decide, who is playing with her son due to enmity. Inspector says I can’t do anything and tells that everything is under law.

Kalyani slits her wrist and asks if they can do this for her son. She says she can die for her son. Sarthak says it is a dramatic speech and asks Inspector to go. Kalyani asks how can you call yourself as Malhar’s kaka and says you are hurting his son, and not calling doctor to treat him. Sarthak says he will call doctor if she rubs her nose on his shoes. He asks if her ego came. Kalyani says if her son will not be there, then why she will feel ego or proud. Kalyani bends down to rub her nose. Sarthak moves back and says I don’t want to make my shoes dirty and asks Avni to throw her out. Avni pushes Kalyani out and closes the door.

Sarthak calls Doctor and tells that Moksh is the only witness who has seen that woman murdering Malhar. Kalyani asks Godaveri to make Moksh have Bappa Prasad. Sarthak asks Avni to give medicine to Moksh. Avni smiles and throws the medicine.Kalyani asks Godaveri to call Aao Saheb for help and comes to the PS to meet Malhar’s murderer. Pawar says you can’t meet her now. Kalyani says she has to meet and aims gun at Pawar. She asks her not to force her to take any wrong step. She says I want to meet her. Pawar says ok. Anupriya is brought there. Kalyani looks at her.

 Anupriya lying to Kalyani. Sarthak says she is your namesake mother and betrayed you. Kalyani hugs her and says I know that my Aai didn’t murder Malhar ji. She tells that she trusts her namesake mother and loves her more than her birth mother. She says someone is forcing my Aai to lie. Anupriya brushes off her hand and says I have killed Malhar. Kalyani says you are lying and asks her to tell who is forcing her. Anupriya says nobody is forcing her and lies that she killed him as she don’t like him. Kalyani asks her not to be afraid of anyone. Anupriya says I am a murderer. Sarthak asks Kalyani to stop loving her blindly. Anupriya asks Pawar about the confession papers and writes on the papers with her sign. She says I have accepted my crime. Sarthak says I did a big mistake to trust you to be my wife.

Anupriya asks him to send divorce papers. Sarthak says this fight will end, when you reaches the hang punishment. Kalyani asks her why is she taking the wrong accusation on her head and asks her to tell the truth. Anupriya asks Pawar if anyone can talk to the criminal in the lock up. Pawar asks Kalyani to go and asks her to tell what is she hiding? Anupriya looks on. Kalyani looks at Anupriya and her pic and thinks she will find out about the person who has snatched her Aai and Malhar ji, both. Godaveri tries to take food for Moksh, but Avni pulls her hair and hurts her. She tells that Kaka has given his responsibility to me and I will not give food to Moksh, for killing Aahir. Godaveri says how can a small boy be hungry. Avni locks her in the room and goes. Godaveri calls Aao Saheb and asks her to come fast, as Kalyani needs her.

Moksh cries looking at Malhar’s pic and recalls their moments. He knocks on the door and sign her to give water, but she acts as if she didn’t know. She says she has kept new rule in the house and everyone shall say what they want. She asks him to sit down and try to speak. Avni sees the book fallen and goes to the book shelves. It falls on her while she stand holding it, Kalyani manages to go to Moksh’s room and closes the door. She says sorry to Moksh and makes him drink water. She asks him to have food like a good boy and says why did you sign at Meena Kumari Aai, when someone asked who killed your Baba. She asks if someone asked you and says my Aai can’t kill her daughter’s husband.

She says she will never believe this and will find the real person killing my Malhar ji, and now forcing my Aai to take the blame on herself.Avni comes there and understands seeing food and water on the bed. She sees Kalyani standing in the lamp and gives her electric shock. She asks if her love ended for her son. Moksh pushes Avni. Avni pushes him on bed and beats him. Kalyani runs to Avni and pushes her. She tells that every mother has Kali in her and asks her not to let her kali avatar come infront of her, says if you hurts my son then I will not leave asur like you. Avni beats Kalyani and says I am Asur and will hurt you. She threatens Moksh and ties Kalyani’s hand, takes her from there.

She ties Kalyani’s legs too. Kalyani asks her not to hurt her son and says my son needs me. Avni calls her mad and says she will punish Moksh for killing Aahir. She keeps cloth in Kalyani’s mouth and goes. Kalyani cries recalling Malhar and her moments. Chadariya song plays…..Moksh cries thinking about Malhar and Kalyani.

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