My heart knows update Wednesday 6 July 2022


My heart knows 6 July 2022: The Episode starts with Aao Saheb coming to outhouse and freeing Kalyani. She tells that Godaveri called her and said. Avni tells Sarthak that Kalyani will not reach Moksh. Sarthak says they will be punished. Avni brings Moksh out and says I will bring water for you. She asks Mojsh to wipe the floor if he wants water and food. She asks him to start. Aao Saheb says you are Rane family bahu and Malhar’s widow and asks her to meet human rights activists. She says nobody can separate you from Moksh. Avni makes Moksh sweep the floor and threatens him. Kalyani comes to Avni with the human rights activists and says I will see, how you will stop me from going to my son. She goes inside and finds Aao Saheb feeding food to Moksh. She says thank god, Moksh is with you. I was afraid that how this woman behaved with my son. She asks Aao Saheb to tell human rights activists how Avni had kept her captive and tortured Moksh.

Aao Saheb starts acting and asks when? Kalyani is shocked and says you have open my hands and legs. Aao Saheb says my own grand daughter is lying. Avni tells that it is Kalyani’s habit to lie and tells that she even filed fake complaint against me. Aao Saheb scolds Kalyani for doing wrong thing with her step son. Kalyani says this is a lie. Avni says last time, Kalyani had beaten her (Avni) badly. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani not to beat Avni and asks the human activist not to arrest her grand daughter. The human rights activists ask Kalyani not to take the boy’s curse. Moksh tries to speak.

Aao Saheb takes Moksh inside. Kalyani is shocked and asks Aao Saheb, why did you do this? She says you was talking big things and says I have seen you changing colors many times, but then also I trusted you. She says I was Rane family bahu and will always be. She says I will be Malhar’s wife always. Avni and Aao Saheb looks on angry. Avni says I will get you married to someone else. Aao Saheb says Manohar, the groom is of my age, but will keep you happy. Avni says people will say, don’t give Moksh to you, as your mother is a murderer. Kalyani says my Aai is not a murderer. Aao Saheb says your Aai is a murderer and asks her to make arrangements of her marriage. She says I am ashamed to call you as my grand mother.

Avni says I will get you married to that old man. Aao Saheb gives injection to Kalyani on her neck, although Moksh tries to stop her. Aao Saheb says I did as you said and asks her to get Vivek freed from jail. Avni asks her to wait and says I want to stain Kalyani’s character first. She says I will see, how she asks for Moksh’s custody.She tells that Kalyani and her son have snatched her husband and her womb child. Aao Saheb says she hates both Kalyani and Moksh. She takes Moksh to the room and ties his hands. She says she has sent Godaveri very far from here and says this world is so cruel. She then goes to Avni and they both drag unconscious Kalyani from there.

Moksh manages to free himself and thinks I have to save my Aai fi. He thinks to save his Aai fi. Anupriya is taken in the jeep and asks Pawar to stop the jeep, says she saw Moksh there. Pawar says it might be your imagination. Anupriya requests him to take her to her house. Avni welcomes the groom Manohar. Manohar says since he saw Kalyani’s pic, he is mad about her. He says he will take his young bride to Dubai. Avni asks Aao Saheb to bring her there and tells that she will bring the neighbors once the marriage is done. She tells that she has convinced Sarthak so that Kalyani goes away from Moksh. Anupriya comes home and is stopped by Sarthak. Moksh comes there and hugs Anupriya. He tries to tell Anupriya about Kalyani.

Pawar asks Sarthak if Kalyani is fine. Sarthak asks Pawar if he don’t like his job and says he will get him suspended. He asks Pawar to take Anupriya and tries to take Moksh. Anupriya hugs Moksh and whispers something in her ears. Pawar makes her sit in the jeep. Anupriya throws the tear gas from the jeep. Everyone coughs due to the tear gas.Sarthak asks Anupriya what is she doing? Anupriya says I can’t see my daughter in trouble. Pawar takes Anupriya in the jeep. Aao Saheb and Avni come out. Sarthak sees Moksh missing and asks where is Kalyani? Avni asks where is Kalyani? You was getting her ready. She threatens Aao Saheb saying if Kalyani gets saved then she will not let Vivek come out of the jail.

Moksh is taking Kalyani on the wheel chair and thinks he won’t let anything happen to his Aai fi.Moksh taking Kalyani outside of the house on the chair and tries to make her consciousness. Sarthak tells that he agreed to get Kalyani married, so that her reputation gets maligned. He says if Kalyani manages to get Moksh then…Avni asks him not to worry and tells that Aao Saheb has to support us, if she wants to stay in the house. Sarthak says lets go and search them. Moksh looks at them and drags the chair from there with much difficulty. Sarthak sees him and then comes there, but he is already gone from there. He tries to make Kalyani gain consciousness. She finally gains consciousness and asks how did we come here? Moksh tries to say.

Kalyani goes to the shop and takes the mobile kept there. She calls Police and tells something which is muted. She faints and falls down. The shop keeper comes there and sprinkles water on her face. Kalyani takes Police’s name in unconscious state. Avni comes there and tells that she is his sister and Moksh is his nephew. She asks her to call the driver from her car and threatens Moksh saying she will take his Aai’s life. She brings Kalyani and makes her sit in the mandap wearing bridal saree etc. Sarthak says I can’t see all this and asks Avni to inform him, once the marriage is done. He asks where is Moksh. Avni says he is in the car. Sarthak goes. Moksh prays to God to save his Aai. Pandit ji asks Manohar to make Kalyani wear mangalsutra.

Avni asks him to hurry up, when a guy comes there and kicks the table. He makes a heroic entry in the house and takes out the gun. Rakht Charitra plays…..He shoots at Manohar’s leg, while the latter is about to make kalyani wear mangalsutra. Manohar falls down. The guy says I shot at the groom, but the bride fainted. He takes Kalyani on his shoulder and keeps his foot on Manohar’s injury, says if he wants his bride then give 20 lakhs. Avni asks him to give Kalyani back. The guy aims gun at Avni and threatens her. He reminds Manohar of 20 lakhs. Avni gets upset, while Aao Saheb is shocked. Moksh sees the masked man saving Kalyani and tries to call her name. Rakht Charitra plays….

The masked man removes the cloth from his nose and head….Moksh is surprised to see Malhar, while he is locked in the car. Malhar takes out pan/beetel leaves from his pocket and eats it. He takes Kalyani in his jeep.Sarthak comes back and finds Manohar in pain. Manohar says someone call the doctor. Avni tells that a guy came and took Kalyani from here, and shot Manohar. Sarthak asks from where did he come? Avni says she don’t know and everything. Sarthak asks who was he though? Avni says his face was hidden. Sarthak asks Avni to take him to room and does his bandage. Aao Saheb says who could be this guy.

Malhar talks in a different accent and says if the jeep is found by the Police then he will be in danger. Inspector comes to Ahilya Niwas and asks Sarthak about Kalyani and the elderly man, with whom the former is forced to marry. He says Kalyani Madam called me. Sarthak says I didn’t know. Inspector calls on that number, from which Kalyani called. Malhar acts as his lookalike and calls her Madam ji, while the latter is still unconscious. Inspector calls her Kalyani. Malhar asks him to end the call and says his phone was left in the shop so someone might have joked. His phone falls down from his hand and gets up to pick it. A lady comes there and says Malhar ji…you are alive and says people are saying bad things about you. Malhar looks on.



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