My heart knows update Tuesday 11 january 2022

My heart knows 11 january 2022: Episode start with Dhol, Nagada, Music ??playing and Anupriya say this is same temple? where Aao saheb will do Pooja.. Everyone walk outside.. Atharav and Sampada greet?? Aao saheb..Villagers say that they were not ready for Aao saheb to do pooja, but villager head took decision, otherwise you are not same as used to be: but just for rain⛈… Villager head say to be quite and ask aao saheb to lead.. Sampada interfer showing slippers? and ask people to check..

Anupriya and Keshav try to run, but people hold and tie them with blackening? their face.. Sampada say the person who was inside was from our family that is Anupriya..Kalayani think? she should have understood that this is done by Atharav. Someone come and inform about Temple? drama.. She think anupriya went to pune, how can she be here?? And goes..??‍♀Villagers hold stick and push keshav and anupriya.. Aao saheb try to talk but village head stop her..

Atharav insult anupriya and ask about relation with keshav, but sampada ask him to be sensible and insult more.. Baba stop sampda and try to ask but villagers don’t allow to talk.. Atharav provoke villagers more by saying about god and rain⛈ and emotional words.. Villagers say we should kill? them..Kalayani walk??‍♀ and see people talk bad about anupriya and keshav. Kalayani try to defend her but villagers push her away.. She think to call☎ malhar but forgot her phone in house.. Kalayani fall and is hurt?..

Pallavi, Sampada and Atharva smile??? broadly.. Rest feel bad?.. Villager decide to kill? anupriya and keshav.. Atharav take stick and beat keshav and ask about relationship? Sampada say anupriya tears? clarify about their relationship?.. Atharav again talk emotional about hurt god, impure temple, no rain.. Villagers decide to kill? both.. Aao saheb stop them and say about relationship? of sampada and atharav. They both say nothing but again repeat their words.. Aao saheb ask anupriya to tell truth and stop villagers saying, but she stay quite? and cry??… Sampada’s mom (sorry forgot her name) taunt and blame anupriya for spending night to other male?…

Villagers shout one and only thing that is death? sentence. Aao saheb request ??village head to stop, but he deny he can’t do anything now… Sampada and Atharav smile ??at each other.. Villagers beat both of them. Aao saheb request Vivek to stop, but Pallavi stop from doing this.. Vivek even support Pallavi and taunt Anupriya and say she ruined our name and prayers are in vain now.. Sampada and Atharav smile?? at each other. .. Aao saheb say you all can’t law in hands, but villagers say now law will be ours..

Kalayani is walking??‍♀ and almost get hitted by car?..One of villager say kill? them, all repeat without sound.. Another say we should kill them to impress god.. 3rd say we should hang them till death.. 4th say hit them with stone first and all start doing.. (villagers can be made blind so easily, they are Kaan ke Kacche????)Aao saheb and baba plead?? someone save anupriya.. Vivek stop both… Sampada and Atharav smile??? at each other.. But villagers throw stones.. Kalayani reache temple? and is shocked..

Kalayani run and stop people.. She hug Anupriya.. Sarthak arrive there too.. Flashback shows it was Sarthak’s car? whom kalayani striked and he take her to temple.. Kalayani scold everybody and Atharav say anupriya was doing bad in temple? with this man and say villagers will punish for sure and provk them more for killing?… Anupriya cry??.. Kalayani hold Atharva and give his character assisination.. Sampada say she is culprit as she is quite? and say to anupriya, you should have said to me, I would have booked a room in hotel… People hold kalayani.

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