My heart knows update Thursday 5 May 2022

My heart knows 5 May 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Malhar that she can’t think of hurting him even in dream, but she can’t ignore the fact that she is pregnant and is having Rachit’s baby in her tummy. She asks him to punish her. Malhar says for what I shall punish you, for what Rachit has done this. He says may be he took advantage of our unconsciousness and then..He cries and hugs her. He says when you came to know about this then what you might have felt, I couldn’t think of. He says now I know why you are hiding from me and asks if she was feeling lonely. He asks what did we promise each other that we will support each other in good and bad times.

He says I don’t care about this world, but cares for you. He says I am with you and says we will face the world together. He says we will face everything together. Kalyani says I wish I could tell you the truth, but after seeing that report, I can’t tell you that this baby is yours. Aao Saheb comes there and takes Kalyani with her. She takes her to hall and says I can’t believe that you can do anything wrong and asks her to tell whose baby is this, else….she slaps Kalyani. Everyone gets shocked. Aao Saheb asks didn’t you feel shame and is about to slap her again. Malhar holds Aao Saheb’s hand and warns her not to raise her hand on his wife else he will forget what is her position.

The neighbors come there and gossip. Malhar asks them to leave. The ladies ask what is going on? The lady says first she divorced you, married Rachit and then staying with you without marriage.Malhar asks what to do, shall I fill her maang with sindoor again. Kalyani feels bad and wishes to tell him truth, but can’t say due to that report. She goes. Malhar comes to Rachit’s car, takes out his pistol and shoots at the car. All his bullets are over. He then picks the stick to break the car. Sarthak comes there and asks him not to do this. Malhar tells that Rachit has taken advantage of Kalyani’s unconsciousness and says if I could then I will make Rachit alive and will shoot him. He hugs him and cries badly.

Kalyani asks Moksh if he understands Malhar ji and says she don’t understand him. She says she didn’t get angry on her when she told that the baby is of Rachit, but he wants to take care of me. She says how can anyone be so understanding. She says I am feeling guilty that he is thinking that Rachit took advantage of my unconsciousness, but this baby is his and this baby is your brother and sister. She asks Moksh how to tell Malhar that the baby is his after seeing the report, if he takes any wrong step. She says she can’t see Malhar’s condition. Later she wakes up and hears Sarthak shouting at the orphanage lady. The orphanage lady asks him to send Riddhi with her and tells that your wife is accused of murder and your wife’s daughter is pregnant without marriage.

Sarthak tells that his wife is innocent and Kalyani is Malhar’s wife and pregnant with his baby. He asks Kalyani to say, but she says she can’t lie. The childcare/orphanage lady goes. Madhav asks Kalyani to abort this baby. Kalyani asks what are you saying? Madhav says he won’t let this baby come in the world. Atharv thinks she will never tell the truth because of the report.Malhar comes to the hospital and asks why my wife came here? He recalls Pawar informing him that Kalyani came to hospital 4 days ago. Doctor thinks how did he know that Sampada came to meet me. Malhar asks again why did his wife Kalyani come here 4 days ago? Doctor says she doesn’t know anyone of this name. Kalyani refuses to abort the baby.

Madhav says if Rachit has taken advantage of our unconsciousness then why she wants to keep the baby. He asks did Rachit and you have any relations. Kalyani asks what are you saying? Madhav accuses Kalyani. Kalyani says this is not truth, this is not my wish, we never had any relation. Madhav asks then what is her problem?Malhar asks Doctor to tell the truth. Doctor says I didn’t see any patient with this name. Malhar asks Pawar to take Doctor out. He searches in the files. Kalyani tells Madhav that she will not abort an innocent baby. Madhav says if you want to be Rane then have to abort this baby.

Kalyani says no. Sarthak says Dada is right. He says you have ruined my life, I will not let you destroy Rane family. Malhar checks the report. Sarthak asks Kalyani to come with him to the hospital and abort her baby. Kalyani says I always regarded you as my father and says I can’t abort this baby. Sarthak asks her to come to the hospital and holds her hand. Swara tries to stop him, but in vain. Atharv asks him not to take Aai away and feels pity on Kalyani, thinks she has become lonely and will find way to save the baby for Moksh.

Sarthak asking Kalyani to abort her baby. Kalyani says I regard you as my father always. Sarthak says even Atul was alive today, he would have done the same. He asks her to come with him and abort the baby. Kalyani pleads infront of him to stop and asks Swara to do something. Sarthak says I have to be strict for your betterment and family’s betterment. Swara tries to stop her. Kalyani cries and asks Sarthak to stop, but he drags her and takes her from there.Malhar checks the files. Doctor asks Sampada what Malhar is doing inside. Doctor says he is checking the files.

She asks who is Kalyani? Sampada says Kalyani is his wife. Doctor says I thought you are his wife. Sampada says if Malhar gets the file then everything will be ruined. Doctor says I didn’t check Kalyani. Sampada goes inside and sees malhar. Malhar says what are you doing here? Sampada says I came to know about me. Malhar says I came here for Kalyani, but came to know about you. He says you didn’t tell me that your IVF is successful and you are pregnant. Sampada says I came to know just now. Malhar asks doctor about Kalyani and is about to show her pic, when he hears Kalyani crying asking Sarthak not to abort her baby.

He rushes out. Sampada asks Doctor to search Malti’s file. Kalyani pleads infront of kaka, but he doesn’t listen to her. Malhar tells Pawar that this is Kalyani’s voice. Sarthak asks Receptionist for his appointment with the doctor for Kalyani’s abortion. Kalyani bites Sarthak and runs. Malhar and Pawar come to Sarthak.Sarthak asks her to do what his Kalyani have done. He tells that he brought her for abortion. Malhar says you brought her forcibly and asks how could you do this? Sarthak says you said that this baby is of Rachit. Malhar says she is already in trauma and says let her come out of shock. Sarthak asks him to stop his madness. Malhar says I will protect Kalyani and says he will go against anyone for Kalyani.

Sarthak calls him selfish and says he will get the baby aborted. Malhar grabs his collar and says he will not leave anyone when the matter is about Kalyani. Sarthak is shocked. Malhar tells him that they have to give time to Kalyani to come out of this trauma. He asks Pawar to search Kalyani. Kalyani hides behind Anupriya’s ward bed and then tells her that she has done IVF and is pregnant with Malhar’s baby. She says I can’t tell Malhar and tells everything about risk to her life. Anupriya looks at her.Kalyani says this is truth that I will not be alive after this baby comes in this world, says I can’t tell this to Malhar and says if I tell him then he will not let me keep this baby.

She says I can’t let him abort this baby as this baby is very important to my Billu. She says nothing is important to me than my Billu. She says I love my Billu so much that I am ready to give my life for him happily. She says I have to hurt my Malhar ji’s heart for my Billu and tells that they have to hide the secret from him. She says kaka brought her here forcibly and asks her to talk to Kaka. Malhar comes there and calls Kalyani. Kalyani faints and is about to fall down, but Malhar holds her. Anupriya looks at her as she don’t recognize her. Malhar lifts Kalyani and takes her outside. Anupriya asks Nurse about the girl who had come to her ward and asks if she is unwell.

Malhar asks Nurse about kalyani. Nurse says Doctor wants to talk to you about something. Kalyani is brought on stretcher with cloth on her face. Malhar is shocked and shattered. Doctor says she is not your wife. Malhar finds the woman to be someone else. Doctor tells him that Kalyani is fine, but can’t tell you, until when she will be fine. She says if the pregnancy reaches full term then they can’t save Kalyani. Malhar says there must be some way. Doctor says I will explain to you.

Malhar comes inside Doctor’s cabin. Doctor asks him to drink water and says if this pregnancy reaches full term, then the delivery will be complicated and there is a full chance that we couldn’t save kalyani. Malhar cries looking at Kalyani.Malhar looks at unconscious Kalyani and kisses on her forehead. He asks Doctor to make the abortion papers ready, says he is ready to sign on the papers. He asks Doctor to abort the baby. Kalyani is taken to the OT. Malhar hopes that one day she will understand that he don’t care that this baby is of Rachit, but he just cares for her.

He says sorry to the baby and says I am doing this to save your Aai. Anupriya stands out and looks at her without recognizing her.

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