My heart knows update Sunday 3 April 2022

My heart knows 3 April 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar wishing Kalyani happy marriage anniversary. Kalyani is surprised and amazed and looks at the clock. She is happy and smiles. Khamoshiyan teri suno…..plays…..they look at each other. She says happy first marriage anniversary and asks did you remember. Malhar asks what did you think that I will forget and tells that he remembers important things always, wanted to give you a surprise and if I had told you before then surprise would have ruined. He holds her hand. Kalyani asks if there is a surprise gift and tells that she likes it. He says you like ice very much. Kalyani says yes and recalls Malhar making her sit on ice bed. She says no.

Malhar takes out tickets to Shimla and tells that they couldn’t go now, along with Moksh. He is about to tear it. kalyani says this will be special for me, even if we couldn’t go. I will keep it safe with me always. He asks her to give him water. Kalyani goes to kitchen to get water, when someone holds on his mouth from backside. She bites on his hand and pushes him. She calls him Aahir and takes knife in her hand. Atharv comes out and tells that he scared Aai. Kalyani gets happy seeing Atharv and hugs him. Atharv says he is looking like a hero. Anupriya comes there and tells that Malhar brought him. Malhar comes there and tells that he brought Atharv back to give her happiness.

Kalyani is happy. He apologizes to Atharv. Atharv forgives him. Kalyani asks about Swara. Malhar says Swara said that Atharv was already in bathroom, and she fell down and got hurt. She said Atharv is innocent. Kalyani smiles.Swara takes medicines from Asawari and tells that she is silent even after knowing all the truth, due to baba’s health and asks her to celebrate the freedom days for few days as she won’t let it remain for too long.Atharv takes Malhar to a room, keeping his hand on his eyes, and tells that Aai made all the arrangements.

Malhar opens is eyes and sees the ice all around in the room and the decorations which will give Shimla’s feeling. Kalyani asks Malhar to say something or appreciate her. She says you don’t appreciate my hardwork, but there are many who will appreciate me on social media. Atharv asks her to tagged him too. Kalyani says you are under 18. She takes their selfies and and asks Malhar to pose as if he is feeling cold. Atharv takes the phone and says I will click the pictures. Kalyani poses as shivering while Malhar sits surprised. She says now there will be more likes. Atharv says if snow falls down then? He brings spray and makes foam fall on them. Kalyani says you will get cough and sends Atharv out. She tells Malhar that she has surprise for him and will not go for job interview tomorrow.

She says you want me to concentrate on my studies as you want me to become something in life and get well educated. She says your dream is my dream. Malhar says how can Kalyani Rane became so understanding and cleans foam from her nose. Kalyani smiles. Malhar looks at her. dil diya galla plays……Kalyani bursts balloon and laughs. Malhar feels pain in his hand and sits on the bench. They cover themselves with shawl. Then they sit closely, Kalyani rests her head on his shoulder.Next day, Anupriya is going for job placement interview. Kalyani asks her to be confident and no stress. She says I wish, I could have come, but I promised him that I will complete my studies first.

Anupriya asks her to come along with her, to boost her courage. Kalyani says when Sarthak kaka will come to know that you are going for job interview then he will be happy. Anupriya says I will and takes Kalyani with her. Malhar comes out and calls doctor, saying he got allergic to foam yesterday. Atharv comes there and asks Malhar to come with him, says Aai. Kalyani and Anupriya come to college. Neha asks Kalyani to think again and says company is good. Kalyani says that’s why she brought her Aai. Anupriya tells Kalyani that her hands are getting cold and she can’t give interview. Kalyani sees a student showing his 7000 rs pen to other student and she snatches his pen.

She asks Anupriya to give him 10000 Rs and tells that she wants this pen. Anupriya says I don’t have money and I don’t earn any money. Kalyani returns the pen to the student and tells Anupriya that she wants her to be independent and do job, says you are entrepreneur since years as selling sarees and tells that she deserve to be independent. Atharv takes Malhar on the road and show kalyani’s hoarding on which it is written All the best Kalyani, BFF Rachit. Malhar recalls Kalyani telling him about his friend Rachit and taking monetary help from him during Moksh’s kidnapping.

Atharv asking Malhar if he put on the hoarding on the road. Malhar sees Kalyani’s hoarding with a message written from Rachit. Pallavi says if villagers see this then what will happen. Malhar looks on. Atharv asks what is BFF? Pallavi says Goda had said that it is best friend something. Atharv says I don’t like this, Aai is baba and my best friend, who is this Rachit? He is about to throw stone on Rachit’s name, but Malhar asks him to calm down. They take Atharv from there. Anupriya asks Kalyani to fill her form. Kalyani says you got habitual to make me do all the work and asks her to fill her form herself. Anupriya says it is in English.

Kalyani says you have learnt English and asks her to fill the form. Anupriya fills the form. Neha comes to Kalyani and asks her if she saw R Enterprise owner and says he is young, handsome and s..y. Kalyani says if Malhar ji hears this then he will put you in jail. She says he shall give good salary to my Aai and nothing else. She asks her not to think all that and concentrate on work instead. She comes back to Anupriya.Atharv tells Swara that Aai and Baba are best friends, then from where do Rachit came? He asks Swara if she will be his girl friend? Malhar says Atharv.

Atharv says sorry and goes. Doctor comes and tells that there is three blockage in Madhav’s heart and the surgery needs to be done. Swara asks about the expenses. Doctor says 15 lakhs. Malhar asks him to make the arrangements of surgery. Swara gets Kalyani’s call and goes. Doctor gives medicines to control allergy to Malhar and asks him to check if Kalyani is fine. Swara tells Kalyani that Doctor said that the operation expenses are 15 lakhs. Kalyani asks her not to worry and tells that everything will be fine. Anupriya comes to Kalyani. The placement guy tells Anupriya to go home and handle the kids. Kalyani gets angry on him and takes his mobile.

She shows Deshmukh sarees on his phone and tells that her Aai handles all the workers alone, and also handles home. She asks the man to think twice before underestimating any woman. She asks him to let Anupriya go inside and tells that she wants to meet his boss and tell him about him.Anupriya asks Kalyani to leave him. Anupriya goes for interview. Kalyani calls Swara and asks her to make food for Madhav. When someone comes and gives an umbrella to her, saying it is worth 1500 Rs. He goes on speaking about his boss. She says she d on’t have time to do PhD on his boss. Kalyani comes out and gives the umbrella to an astrologer sitting outside. The astrologer says he will read her future. The same employee comes there and asks why did you give the umbrella to them.

Kalyani says you shall be happy that your company is promoted this way. Malhar comes there and tells that he came to give her ointment. The employee tells Kalyani that nobody selected in the placement interview. Kalyani gets angry on him and tells that her Aai will pass in the interview, but anupriya comes there crying and wiping her tears. Kalyani and Malhar ask if she didn’t clear the interview. Anupriya nods her head.The employees says it is not easy to clear the interview. Malhar asks Kalyani not to talk to him, but teach him a lesson. Kalyani beats him.

Malhar says I mean to say that someone has to clear the interview. Kalyani says I promised you that I will not do job until I complete my studies. Malhar says I asked you to clear the interview, but didn’t ask you to do job. Anupriya says they are taking strange test and it is difficult to pass the test. Kalyani tells that she will clear the interview. Malhar asks Kalyani to take the ointment. Astrologer tells that some guy is coming in her life, which will change her life. Malhar asks what nonsense? Kalyani and Anupriya go to the interview room. They see ice falling down the ground. Anupriya tells her that the guy/boss asks them to sell the fridge bearing the cold weather here. Kalyani talks nonstop and tells about the advantage of keeping the food in fridge.

She says if you keep food outside then rats or cat might eat and tells fridge is best in all weather. The boss gets up and says brilliant, this is what I want. He removes gloves from his hand and removes his coat and then moves cloth from his face. Kalyani looks at him. He says you have become very smart, Deshmukh. Kalyani says Rachit and is happy to see him. She hugs him. Malhar looks at them from outside. Anupriya looks at them.Rachit telling Kalyani that she has become so intelligent. Kalyani calls his name and hugs him. He says he really missed her.

Kalyani says you didn’t miss me, and asks why he didn’t message her. She asks if ‘R Enterprises’ is your company and says I would have guessed seeing this unique task. Rachit says I am shocked, your marketing skills are good. He says GOAT. Kalyani laughs. Malhar comes inside. Anupriya asks about it. Malhar says Kalyani had said that it is great of all times too. Kalyani asks Malhar and Anupriya to come forward and tells that Rachit was senior in her school and got missing since 11. Malhar thanks him for helping them for Moksh. Rachit says it is ok and tells that he has a surprise for her.

He tells everyone that he will announce the selected employee and takes Kalyani to stage. He says Kalyani Deshmukh. He then looks at Malhar and says Kalyani Deshmukh Rane. Everyone claps. He shows the detergent powder with Kalyani’s name and says his brand is having her name since 3 years. He says you used to beat a lot of guys in school.Kalyani laughs. She apologizes and tells that she couldn’t do this job as she wants to pursue higher studies.

Rachit asks Malhar to make her understand and says I will give job to both her and aunty. He says he will give her off before the exams and you will get paid leave. He says she will rock this. Kalyani asks Rachit to leave it. Rachit says ok, Aunty will work, and asks Kalyani to make video for his clients. Malhar nods his head. Kalyani says ok. She goes to stage and does advertisement of the detergent powder, while Rachit records the video. Rachit appreciates Kalyani. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Malhar comes to stage and says I know what are you thinking? He says I think you shall do this job. Kalyani asks really and thanks him.

Later Kalyani tells Malhar and Anupriya that she can’t believe that Rachit named his detergent powder on my name and tells that she had not beaten the guys much in school. She asks Anupriya to message Sarthak that she got a job. Kalyani comes to Malhar and asks him to keep the driver for some days until his hand gets fine. Malhar says let me check the jeep. Kalyani asks if he is angry with her. Malhar asks why? He says I know that you wanted to do the job, but was refusing because of me. he says he is proud of her as she gives sacrifices for home. He says I don’t want to do job as you will get diverted from your studies.

He says it is upto you to manage both and says he wants to see her becoming big. Kalyani thanks him and is about to hug him, but stops. Malhar looks at her and asks whenever she sees stain on his shirt, if she gets angry. Kalyani says she gets angry on the shirt and washes it. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani asks her if she ever said that she wants to beat Malhar. Malhar warns her politely. Pallavi brings Atharv to college and tells that he was insisting to come to you. She takes Anupriya with her.

Kalyani asks Malhar to start the jeep and tells that Moksh needs to have food now. She asks Atharv if he had anything. Atharv says no. Rachit comes and offers to drop them. Malhar asks Kalyani to go with Rachit and says he will get the car repaired and will come. Kalyani tells atharv that baba will make him eat something. Rachit and Kalyani leave in the car. Atharv tells Malhar that banana is in the smoke cabinet. Malhar thinks who can do this. He sees Aahir as the driver and runs behind the car. Kalyani asks Aahir what are you doing here? She asks him to stop the car. Rachit asks if he is Malhar’s brother.

Kalyani says no and holds him asking him to stop the car, but Aahir refuses. Malhar is running behind the car. Rachit tells kalyani that she won’t be saved from him. Kalyani says it is very difficult for you to get saved from me. Malhar continues to run behind the car. He continues to run from the other side. Rachit asks Kalyani to jump from other side and says he is opening the door. Kalyani says I will not leave Aahir, my son was in danger because of him. Rachit opens the door and asks Kalyani to jump, but she refuses. Malhar looks at car and jumps down. He pushes the cotton mattress cart and asks Kalyani to jump on it.

Kalyani and Rachit jump on it. Aahir hits Malhar and runs away. Atharv comes there running. Kalyani runs to Malhar and asks if he is fine. Malhar says Aahir escaped again. Rachit asks Kalyani and moksh to shift to some safe place and says he will arrange place for her. Kalyani says for her safest place is the one where Malhar is there, and says he won’t let anything happen to her. Malhar gets touched and emotional and holds her hand. He keeps his hand on her face..Song plays …main tera hojawunga.

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