Dream girl update Sunday 3 April 2022

Dream girl 3 April 2022: The Episode starts with Ayesha asking Laxmi to write a nice story along with Samar. She taunts her and leaves. Samar comes to Laxmi. She gets tensed. She thinks this is Samar Sareen, not her Raj, she should control her feelings. Samar greets her. She says she hates late comers, remember he has to be punctual if he wants to work with her. He says I will. She asks him to read the scenes and then they will do corrections on it. He thinks his heart is not ready to accept that she is not Laxmi. She looks at him.

The water pipe breaks and water falls on them. She asks how is water coming, my script and laptop. She slips and he holds her. Socho ki keh bhi dun…………….plays………….She scolds her and he says he was just holding her. She says she asked him to save her laptop. Ayesha sees them and says Laxmi’s feelings will come out. Laxmi says she is blind, but does not need anyone. She asks him to do his work. He says fine and slips. He holds her hand. Socho ki keh bhi dun…………….plays………….

He says now you saved me, a relation is not needed to save anyone. She says she would have done it for humanity, don’t come in my way and no need to come in our way. Samar thinks Laxmi has told this, but she can’t be his Laxmi. They cross ways and leave. Ayesha hides and looks on. Laxmi cries. Ayesha says she was right, the love spark got ignited.Ayesha calls Nidhi and cancels all her appointments. She says she is going out, she can see in Laxmi’s eyes that she is falling weak. She says she will create such situation that her heart will melt and bring the truth out.

Laxmi comes home and misses Samar. Karan comes to her and asks her about Samar. She says he is fine, why are you asking. He says just like that, but he trusts her. She thinks she was breaking his trust by ruining their plan today. He says this is the next plan and gives her some powder.At Navrang, Ayesha sees the staff making the arrangements. Nidhi tells her that her photoshoot arrangements are done. Ayesha thinks that she has to capture something before her photoshoot. Laxmi comes to her cabin and starts working. She thinks she can’t get weak today, she has to make this packet reach Ayesha’s makeup room. Atul comes to her and she hides the packet. He says they will start scene after Ayesha’s photoshoot.

He asks her to narrate the story. She says yes, sit, I will narrate it. Ayesha looks on. Laxmi hides the packet and tells about crime scene.He says that scene is later. She thinks she is forgetting everything in nervousness. He holds her and asks is she fine, why is she tensed. Ayesha sees them and goes to Samar. She tells him not to go to writer’s cabin. He asks why. She says she will remove Atul from this movie. She says he is using Naina, as she is blind, go to your cabin, I will call you when Atul leaves. She smiles seeing Samar angry.

Samar goes and sees Atul holding Laxmi’s hand. Atul says he will manage, he has come for her, he is doing this film just for her. Samar gets angry and leaves. Ayesha smiles. Samar goes to Atul’s car and hears the driver saying Atul loves his car a lot, as its lucky for him, he will be angry if anything happens to this. Samar says he should not be angry and starts breaking it. The driver runs to Atul and Laxmi. He says Samar is breaking his car. Atul and Laxmi go out to see. The staff comes there and sees Samar’s anger.

Ayesha comes to Laxmi’s cabin and thinks her work is done, but why was Laxmi nervous, what was she hiding. She gets the powder in Laxmi’s drawer.Samar breaking Atul’s car. Ayesha goes to see Laxmi’s cabin, and looks for what Laxmi was hiding. She gets the powder in the drawer and checks it. She applies it to her hand and thinks what is it. It suddenly starts itching to her. She says alright, now I get it, its itching powder, what a silly childish woman she is, foolish, and throws the power in the bin. Samar puts kerosene on Atul’s car and takes the lighter from the watchman. Atul comes and stops Samar. Samar scolds her for touching Naina and taking advantage of her. Atul says stop it, I m not such man.

Ayesha comes and stops Samar. Samar asks Atul not to see any woman in bad way, else he will not leave him. He leaves. Laxmi thinks its her mistake to come this way infront of Samar. She goes to her cabin. Ayesha apologizes to Atul. Laxmi checks the drawer and sees the itching powder missing. She finds it in the bin and says this mean Ayesha came to know this.Ayesha laughs and tells Karan that he used itching powder, brilliant idea, she has known it, he is kiddish to send blind Laxmi. She says Laxmi has forgot the script, she did not write it on her own.

She says you should see Laxmi when she is with Samar, like tensed. She says their game will be over. Karan says Laxmi’s weakness will ruin everything.Samar comes home. Manav scolds him and asks why did he make big issue. Samar says Atul was touching Naina. Manav says I confirmed from Naina. Samar says Atul was taking advantage of her. Manav says I know Atul, he can’t do so, he was just holding her, who provoked you, tell me. Ayesha comes and asks Samar to go and rest. Manav asks Ayesha whats happening, you said you spoke to doctor, Samar is getting worse, give me doctor’s number, I will talk to him. Ayesha thinks she did not consult any doctor. She says every medicine needs time to effect.

She says this is withdrawal symptoms, he will get aggressive if we ask him, medicine is affecting him, trust me. Manav says fine, I decided Samar will not meet Naina. She gets shocked and asks why. He says you felt he will forget Laxmi meeting Naina, but Samar feels she is Laxmi. Ayesha says yes, now Samar is not waiting for Laxmi. He says fine, I think I overreacted.Laxmi comes home. She asks Karan why is he sitting in darkness. Karan says you could not keep that itching powder safe.

Ayesha comes to see Samar. She sees he is sleeping. She looks for his phone and gets it. Laxmi says no one said anything, but someone has thrown powder in dustbin. Karan says who else can do this, except Ayesha. Karan says he did not think how will Laxmi react seeing Samar restless. She says its nothing like that. Ayesha messages Laxmi, that he knows she is his Laxmi, is she acting as Naina to take revenge from Ayesha, he is with her in this fight, he knows she won’t trust him, but he swears of her love, he will meet her and talk, yours Raj…. Ayesha says game is played like this Laxmi.

Karan asks Laxmi to think she is away from Samar. Laxmi gets Samar’s message and thinks does Samar know everything, should she say Karan. She lies to Karan. Karan says share if there is any problem. She says nothing. He leaves.Its morning, Ayesha comes for her scene. Manav meets Atul. Atul says whatever happened yesterday… Manav says I wanted to apologize personally. Atul says he will leave this movie. Manav says this won’t happen chance. Ayesha asks Atul to let it go, and asks the scene. Atul tells about banjara song, she will be dancing and see the villain, she will attack on villain with her hair pin. She goes to change.

Samar comes there and talks to Kushal. He says he forgot his phone at home and asks for Kushal’s phone to send mails. Kushal gives his phone.Ayesha comes dresses in banjara dress. Atul sees Samar there. Manav goes to Samar and talks to him. Samar says he is fine, he came to see shoot as he was getting bored at home. Manav says good, we will need your feedback. Ayesha says she needs rehearsals. Atul says we will do take, if its not okay, then think its rehearsals. She says fine. Atul says action…. Ayesha dances on the banjara song Dilbar………… Manav says superb. Samar asks Ayesha or dance. Manav says Ayesha dancing.

They laugh. Laxmi comes there. Ayesha sees her while dancing. Ayesha thinks she was waiting for Naina today.

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