My heart knows update Saturday 26 February 2022


My heart knows 26 February 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar talking on phone. Kalyani comes there and says ACP Saheb, help me. Pawar and Malhar see Anupriya in it. Malhar says Maayi. Pawar helps Anupriya sit. Kalyani tells that he is wrong in his eyes, but there was no proves against us. She says until we are proved that we are guilty, we are residents of this nation. She says she wants VIP security for her Aai, just like Police gives security to VIPs. She says my Aai is not less than any VIP and says she wants protection till she takes her to hospital and also she wants protection at home.

She says I am not asking you as your wife, but as the citizen of this nation. Malhar asks Pawar to give police protection at home and says I will take you to hospital and will do my duty well.Ketki thinks Malhar will get angry on Kalyani now, but she sees Kalyani and Anupriya coming there with Malhar. He asks her to go inside and not to peep at other side of house. Aao Saheb throws Anupriya’s stuff and shows divorce papers. She says you want to file divorce papers, taunts her and asks her to go. Pallavi asks her to go and says Sarthak is there to roll rotis for you. Kalyani shouts at Pallavi and says Aai’s daughter is still alive. She comes to Malhar and asks if you will be silent listening to your mum getting insulted. She says she can’t be silent and will leave her house with her Aai.

She says last time when Aao Saheb threw us out, you have shelter to us saying you don’t want family respect to be ruined. Ketki smiles. Kalyani says this time your wife will leave. Malhar asks if she is done and says he has rules regarding the woman. He says Maayi you can stay in my house and asks Kalyani to pick the bags and go inside. He says you have blackmailed me so well and is very clever. He goes. Aao Saheb says dirt went out of your house. Kalyani comes to Ketki and says it was your plan, I knew. She gives her rose and thanks her. Ketki says it is good that your Aai is in your house now, Malhar will kick you out and then you want a shoulder to cry. Aao Saheb comes there and gives lep to Anupriya. Kalyani says Aai is unwell.

She says she wants them to bring out Ketki’s truth. Anupriya says I told her about ketki. Aao Saheb says just as the divorce papers came, I acted to throw her out. She says she is going to Vaman’s house to take his signatures. Atharv insists to go with her. Kalyani requests her to take him. Aao Saheb and Atharv go to Vaman’s house. Atharv looks in the well. Aao Saheb asks him not to bend down inside. Aparna gets emotional seeing Aao Saheb and touches her feet. Vaman asks Aparna to make tea and they go inside. He tells Aao Saheb about his coconut business. Aao Saheb calls Atharv. He steals a coconut and goes inside.Kalyani meets Malhar and Ketki’s friends Abhi and Janki. Malhar and Ketki come there. They get surprised.

Malhar gets happy and greets them. Abhi says they felt bad about her husband and says we didn’t know that you were married 5 years back. Janki says last year when you met me, you said you aren’t married. Anupriya and Kalyani smiles. Kalyani says something is wrong with her marriage. Ketki gets tensed. Malhar asks Ketki, you said that you was married 5 years back. Ketki tears her sleeves and shows bruises on her body. Malhar asks who did this? Ketki says this is Dinkar’s last gift to me. She tells Janki that she was married to Dinkar 5 years back, but he didn’t like me talking to anyone. She says if you had said that you want to meet my husband then what would I say.

She smiles looking at Kalyani and says she wanted to talk to Malhar, but couldn’t talk to him being afraid of Dinkar. Malhar takes her to room. Kalyani says sorry to Janki and Abhi. Abhi says we never thought that Ketki’s condition will be so bad. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Ketki is very clever. Janki and Abhi leave.Malhar scolds Ketki for bearing everything alone and not telling him anything. Ketki says stop it and says I thought about you all the time, but couldn’t call you. She says I feel that Dinkar was involved with the terrorists and says she heard him talking to someone secretly. She asks him to search their house once again for clues. Malhar says ok, I will check in your house. Ketki holds and stops him. Kalyani is hearing them and says I won’t let you trap in her net. She says she will make her straight in her style.

Malhar telling Ketki that he will search in her house. Ketki asks him not to leave her alone and asks him to take her with him. Malhar says I am on duty, how to take you. Kalyani hears them and thinks Ketki shall be kept in gutter and the lid shall be closed. Malhar comes out. Ketki asks Kalyani if she has handkerchief to wipe her kajal. She says she has to look hot to spend night with Malhar. Kalyani says Malhar doesn’t like hot stuff. Ketki says bye and goes. Kalyani talks to Anupriya and asks what Vamp does to trap hero in films. Anupriya says vamp makes hero eat something or drink spiked thing. Kalyani gets tensed. Ketki makes Malhar drink spiked water.

Aao Saheb comes and asks them to come inside as today is the eclipse. Kalyani calls and asks him not to drink anything. Malhar scolds and ends the call. Ketki asks him to finish all water, but he refuses thinking of Kalyani. Kalyani tells that they shall go to Ketki’s house. Anupriya says we don’t know the address. Ketki and Malhar come to the former’s house. She smirks seeing Malhar getting drowsy and thinks Kalyani’s marital life will be eclipsed. Aao Saheb says you had said that ketki was with Atul in jail. Anupriya says so we have to go to PS to get her info. Kalyani says no. She says she can get all her info on Malhar’s laptop and knows all his passwords. She searches for Ketki in jail records and comes to know that Ketki served the punishment for trying to poison someone and gets her address also. Ketki gives files to malhar and goes to other room.

Kalyani calls Malhar and tries to tell him about Ketki, but he is drowsy and asks her to talk to him. He says he is missing her and she should be with him. He asks if she is upset and says he will convince her by giving her a kiss. Kalyani stands up shockingly and tells Aao Saheb and Anupriya that Ketki has done something with him. She asks him to focus and says Ketki…Malhar talks to her about romance. Aao Saheb says what he is saying? Kalyani says puppi and says he is not fine, we shall go there. They take auto. Kalyani hears Malhar telling that he don’t smile intentionally hearing her talks. Kalyani says awww..She tells Anupriya that she wants to hear him all night. Malhar says you are a little bad and hurt my heart, why did you tell baba when I asked you not to tell him. He says it takes a lot of time to trust someone.

Kalyani asks are you listening to me and asks him to splash water on his face to get over his sleep. She asks did you splash water on your face and says hello, checks her phone and says my phone battery is gone. Malhar comes to room where Ketki is. Ketki tells that she has written everything about her feelings during college days and walks towards Malhar. She asks if he is in love too and says lets break the feet cuffs and go far away from here. She holds his hand. Auto driver stops auto and says tyre is punctured. Kalyani gets worried and thinks how we will reach Malhar now. Ketki and Malhar sit on bed. Ketki asks him to let her confess her love to him and comes closer to him. Malhar stops her and asks what is all this, I don’t understand, when and how? Ketki says how he got fine? Malhar recalls washing his face with water.

Kalyani and Anupriya come there. Ketki tells Malhar that he is thinking her wrong and tells that she loves someone, but not him. She says she loves Sarthak Rane. Malhar is shocked.Ketki tells that she loves Sarthak and he also loves me very much. Malhar says my Kaka doesn’t hide anything from me and he loves Maayi. He turns and sees Kalyani and Anupriya standing at the door. He asks when did you both come? Kalyani says she wants to ask some questions with her and that’s why she came. She says you have served punishment in jail and was in the same division as my Papa. She says one more thing, you was jailed for attempt to murder someone. Malhar is shocked and says Ketki is my childhood friend and don’t hide anything from me.

Kalyani says she has police records and shows him proofs against Ketki. She says sorry and says I don’t have any other way to bring her truth and that’s why used your laptop. Ketki says Kalyani is right that I was in jail and was in the same division as your baba, but never met him. She says you thinks that your baba is in trouble because of me and that’s why trying to dig my past. She asks did you check the authenticity of the news and tells that Sarthak was her lawyer and he will tell her truth to everyone. She asks Malhar to call Sarthak there.Ketki telling Malhar that she wants to tell him about Sarthak and her, but she didn’t have the courage.

Sarthak comes and says Ketki is saying right and says Dinkar tried to kill someone, but Ketki was jailed for the same. He says when he was fighting her case, they fell in love with each other, but Ketki wanted to give a chance to Dinkar and her marriage, that’s why I stopped meeting her. He says when you brought her, I saw her after that. He says there is nothing between us now. Kalyani says you are lying? Sarthak says this is truth? He comes to Anupriya and apologizes for hurting her heart. Anupriya asks did I tell you that I have feelings for you, so there is no question of my heart break. She says she is happy for him. Kalyani asks Ketki what did she do and says she is lying and kaka is lying. Malhar asks her to leave Ketki. Anupriya takes Kalyani from there. Malhar tells Sarthak that he wants to talk to him.

Anupriya tells Kalyani that Malhar will not believe them as Sarthak went on Ketki’s side. Kalyani tells that Kaka is lying and Ketki is forcing him to lie. She asks Anupriya not to feel bad and says Sarthak doesn’t love Ketki, but likes you. Anupriya says she is not affected. Aao Saheb says matter is ended, and says if she wants to snatch Malhar then why she said that she loves Sarthak. Malhar tells Sarthak that he can’t believe. Sarthak says why he is having objection and tells that he loves Ketki. Kalyani comes there and says Aayi is in well. Sarthak runs near the well and calls Anupriya worriedly and looks for her. Kalyani says Aai is not here. Sarthak says he loves Ketki. Kalyani acts as talking to Sarthak and asks him to tell about Ketki.

Ketki hears her and comes inside asking Sarthak not to tell anything and finds the dummy. Kalyani says I will not ask you why you are doing this. She says you thought if not Malhar ji then her kaka. Ketki asks what you will do as you know my plan. Kalyani says I won’t let you ruin my Aai’s life and will expose you and will also prove my papa’s innocence. She ties her hands and says just see how I kick you out from this house and from Malhar’s life. She says Dussera is celebrating by bursting the crakers and lights the cloth on fire. Ketki gets afraid and manages to free her hands. Kalyani talks to Moksh and says when did she blackmail Sarthak as she was with us. She says it means someone is with her.

Atharv comes to Kalyani and calls her Aai. He is wearing wings and says now he will go to get the grain from Ketki. Kalyani asks when Ketki gives grains to the pigeons. Atharv says in the afternoon. Kalyani gets an idea hearing Pallavi singing song and asks Atharv to do something. Atharv comes to Ketki and takes her inside. Kalyani comes out and finds a fake parrot among the real parrots. She is shocked and finds the clue in the chit. She reads the jumbled sentences and thinks what did she write. Ketki asks Atharv to leave her hand and scratches his hand. She comes out and finds fake parrot missing. She thinks she couldn’t sent the message and those people must have called the device back. She thinks toy pigeon must have flown.

She goes. Kalyani thinks how to search now. Malhar asks Pawar to make arrangements to go Murar and says if Atul gets caught then something will be found. Kalyani comes to room and checks the chit standing infront of mirror. She reads building no. 6, MG road and gets happy and appreciates herself, says she can become detective also. She says someone is with ketki and she is not alone. She thinks to go there. Atharv brings the fake parrot there. Kalyani asks him not to take it and keeps it in the drawer. She gets Atul’s call and tells her about terrorist plan 400 kms away from there and asks her to tell Malhar, but before she can hear him, her phone falls down and switches off. Kalyani thinks to tell Malhar.

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