My heart knows update Saturday 23 July 2022

My heart knows 23 July 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling the investors about the saree’s sample piece which she had thrown on Anupriya. She says Aai wants to wear it and show to you all. Anupriya comes wearing the saree. Avni thinks Maayi and her daughter has ruined my plan. Sarthak looks on. Kalyani, Aao Saheb and Godaveri smiles. Anupriya smiles too. The investor asks if you can deliver 500 sarees in 5 days. Aao Saheb assures him. The investor says he wants to see their designs and will invest in Nal Emporium. They tell that they will give the advance tomorrow and leaves from there. Anupriya hugs Aao Saheb and smiles. Aao Saheb says you made it, you are very competent. Kalyani hugs Anupriya. Later she comes to Moksh and thinks how to handle him. Moksh says hero Shera hasn’t called till now. Kalyani says he is busy and that’s why didn’t call you.

She says if you don’t have food, then stomach rats will call you and you will not get sleep. She asks him to have food. Moksh tells that he will eat food and asks if hero Shera will come home tomorrow. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that they have to complete the order in 5 days. Kalyani comes there and tells that Moksh is not in the house. They all get worried for him. Avni asks them to go out and search Moksh, says he must have gone out to search Shera. Kalyani pushes her. Avni scolds her and says even if he returns then you have to see if he agrees to you or not. Anupriya asks Kalyani to come out. Sarthak asks Avni if she sent Moksh out. Avni says she heard him saying that he is going to search Shera, but she didn’t stop him. She says she has sent her goons behind him, so that you can go and bring him back.

He says you will become hero in Moksh’s eyes. The goons kidnap Moksh and call Avni, saying they have kidnapped the boy. Moksh bites on the kidnapper’s hand. When Shera comes there, as a lady wearing saree and beats them. He takes Moksh with him. Sarthak and Avni come there and the goons inform them that a lady came there, beaten them and took Moksh with her.Pawar assures Kalyani that he has sent his team to search Moksh. Shera in disguise of an old lady brings Moksh there. Kalyani gets happy to see him and hugs him. Shera says two goons were after your son. Kalyani apologizes to Moksh and tells that she lied to him that Hero Shera will come. She asks Shera about his/her name. Shera thinks what to name myself. He says Anarkali, people call me Anarkali Mausi.

Sarthak asks how did you come to know about the kidnapping location. Shera says I was coming here as Avni called me to take care of the boy. Sarthak says you hired someone already. He tells Kalyani that he will prove in court that she is a careless mother. He asks Shera/Anarkali to take care of Moksh. Shera takes Moksh with him. Sarthak says Moksh will go away from you one day.Anupriya tells Kalyani that Moksh can’t get upset without you for long. Aao Saheb says Moksh went with Anarkali and have food with her eat. Kalyani says she doesn’t trust Avni and have to keep an eye on the caretaker. Aao Saheb says we have to go to the factory. Anupriya says how can we leave Kalyani alone. Kalyani says today is the big day for you and asks them to go.

Avni asks why did she come and says she didn’t call her (Shera) here. Shera tells that she (he) knows that she has sent the goons to kidnap the boy and threatens to tell Police. Avni says she didn’t send the goons. Shera tells that she will help her. Avni says ok, I will hire you as the caretaker and asks her not to do anything against her wish. Shera threatens her not to do anything wrong else. He says she (he) will sleep now.Anupriya and Aao Saheb come to the factory and finds Sarthak locking it. Sarthak throws papers at Anupriya. Anupriya picks it and reads the papers. She says Vivek bhao had taken the loan and didn’t pay the amount, so until we pay the money, the factory will be in court’s custody. Sarthak asks how they will make 500 sarees now.

Moksh comes to Shera and calls him. Shera says she is Anarkali Mausi. Moksh says I know that you are hero Shera and that’s why I came with you silently and had food with your hand too. Shera says he is Anarkali Mausi. Moksh says ok, I will go and bring hero Shera. Shera closes the door and says you know everything. He says I am Shera only. Moksh asks why did you come to meet me as the lady, and asks why did you say that bad aunty called you here.Shera asking why did he tell that Avni called him here for the job. Shera says I know that Kalyani and Anupriya will take care of you, being the women and that’s why I took Avni’s name. Moksh asks him to remove his wig and show.

Shera is about to pull his wig, when Kalyani comes there. Moksh shouts Aai fi, alerting Shera. He tells that he is hurt. Kalyani asks if you will take of Moksh like this. Moksh says he is fine now and asks Kalyani to go, says he will be with Anarkali Mausi. Kalyani says we will play together. Moksh says Shera…and then tells that he will play with Anarkali Mausi. He asks her to go and says he will not go out to search Shera. Later Anupriya gets worried, Kalyani asks what happened? Anupriya tells everything that Sarthak got the factory locked. Kalyani says you can’t lose your confidence. Anupriya says how we will make 500 sarees in 5 days. Kalyani says only workshop is left now. Anupriya says only three ladies can work in workshop at a time. Kalyani says we will work too. They come to the workshop and finds it locked. Avni comes and says she has locked it, as they use it. She asks them to give rent to her for using it, which they don’t have. She turns, when Aao Saheb comes there and throws money on Avni’s face. Avni thinks from where did she get the money?

A fb is shown. Shera as Anarkali Mausi gives money to Aao Saheb and tells that she wants her old furniture. Moksh comes there and bargains with him. Shera gives 10000 to Aao Saheb. Fb ends. Shera comes there. Kalyani stares at him. Shera tells that guys used to stare at her during her young days. He as Anarkali kicks the workshop door and opens the door. Everyone gets surprised. Aao Saheb says Mausa’s strength in Mausi. Shera says she does exercise. Avni calls Anarkali and asks why did you give them money? Anarkali asks will I ask you before buying anything. Avni comes to the room and finds it messy. Anarkali says she has done it as she came to know that she likes messy room. Avni asks her to ask her before doing anything. Shera thinks I will think who will stop Kalyani now.

Kalyani hires three workers to make the sarees and offers to send them food etc. They agree. Sarthak gets angry and comes to the hall. He finds Moksh wiping the floor with wet cloth and Anarkali Mausi sleeping. He calls Avni and asks why Anarkali is sleeping? Avni says she will handle Anarkali. Sarthak goes. Avni also goes seeing Anarkali waking up.Kalyani comes to Anupriya and tells that investors are coming, asks her to come and get ready. Anupriya says she is tired and says let me be like this. Kalyani says my Aai is the world’s beautiful woman. She applies face pack to her face and says you are business woman and is a face of Nal Emporium. Godaveri says it seems Kalyani Tai is Maayi’s Aai. Anupriya asks if Pillu asked about Shera. Kalyani says she will go and see him.

Shera makes Moksh have food and asks him to sing. Kalyani comes there and brings food for him. She tells that Moksh can’t sing, as he is having pain in his throat. Shera says he can sing. Moksh sings. Shera dances..Kalyani looks at him. He asks why do you stare at me? The investor ask why the work is doing in this place and asks for Anupriya, even though Aao Saheb assures to fulfill their order on time.Kalyani and Godaveri getting shocked seeing rashes on Anupriya’s face. Avni smiles and thinks it is good that she has added chilli powder on face pack at the right time. She feels pity on Kalyani and thinks I will see how you people get the advance now. The Investor asks Aao Saheb, where is Anupriya ji and tells that he has to catch the flight. Aao Saheb says she must be busy with saree work and says she will bring her.

The investor says if she don’t come then I will cancel the deal. Aao Saheb comes to Anupriya and finds rashes on her face. Anarkali comes there and laughs. Kalyani scolds her and asks her to go. Anarkali throws something on Anupriya’s face. Anupriya covers her face with towel and says face is burning. Kalyani finds the marks gone from her face. Anarkali Shera goes. Aao Saheb says what did Anarkali throw on her face that made her face fine. Avni comes to the Investor and says Anupriya is very pressurized, she has to house work and factory work too. She asks Investor to go. Just then Anupriya comes there with Aao Saheb and Kalyani. Avni gets shocked and thinks what did she put on her face to make the marks go. Anupriya apologizes and gives file to the Investor, says they will use these designs. Kalyani asks Avni if she added something in the face pack.

Avni says I didn’t do anything. Kalyani says do whatever you want, but I will not let you and Kaka succeed. The investor likes the designs and gives advance cheque to Anupriya. Anupriya smiles. Sarthak comes there and asks Investor to stop. He says these designs are of my client which they showed to you. He gives him file. The investor tells that these designs are registered with my name and shows the paper work. Kalyani says this is wrong, they don’t have copyright.

The Investor tells that he can’t work with the people, who steals other work. He takes cheque from Anupriya and goes. Sarthak and Avni smiles. Anupriya goes to the room and locks herself. Kalyani knocks on the door and asks her not to lose courage. Aao Saheb asks her to open the door and tells that she is still hopeful. Moksh comes there and tells that something happened to his neck and throat. Kalyani asks him to open the mouth and show. Moksh falls and tells that he can’t speak. Moksh blinks his eye. Anupriya comes out hearing Moksh and Kalyani. She asks them to take him to doctor. Aao Saheb says she has to go for sarees work. Anupriya says she will go and asks them to go. Later they see Anupriya going and comes out. Kalyani appreciates Moksh’s idea. Moksh says it is Anarkali’s aunty. Kalyani says I feel like seeing Anarkali before. Shera asks them to go to Anupriya. Kalyani says we shall go. Aao Saheb says we shall keep an eye on Sarthak and Avni.

Anarkali says she will keep an eye on them. Anupriya is going to deliver the sarees when the goons come there and tries to snatch the bag. Kalyani, Aao Saheb and Moksh come there. Moksh says he has asked Tommy to send some goons, but they are real goons here. Kalyani asks goons to leave her Aai. Anupriya hits the goons and beats them, says this bag has Kalyani and Moksh’s future. Moksh likes the way Anupriya fight with them. Anupriya asks if he is fine now.

Anarkali comes to Sarthak and Avni’s room and checks in Avni’s mobile. He reads the message from the goon that they can’t tie and keep him for long. He also sees the video. Avni is coming there. Kalyani comes to Anupriya and praises her. She asks her to make food. Anupriya makes something and gives to Kalyani. Anupriya promotes the cooking oil, Emami Smart balance oil. Kalyani says you are ready to fight any war. Avni comes inside the room and searches for her mobile. Shera/Anarkali is under the bed and thinks whom she has kidnapped, I have to find out. Avni goes back to the kitchen to search. Anarkali also goes. Avni comes back and gets her phone from under the blanket. She reads goons’ message and calls him. She tells that nobody shall know that he is with you, not even Sarthak. Anarkali Shera hears her and thinks who is captive by her.

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