My desire update Wednesday 7 September 2022

My desire 7 September 2022: Doctor examines Saransh’s leg and says it has completely healed now. Saransh excitedly asks if he can walk now. Preesha says he can with support. He asks if he can take her support and walk. Rudra says he will not listen. Once doctor leaves, Saransh walks with Rudra and Preesha’s help followed by Mahima. He confidently walks without support on Mahima’s encouragement. Preesha shows it to Rudra and says as he thinks Mahima is a threat for Saransh, what will he say now. Rudra says whatever it is, he will not let Mahima take Saransh away. After sometime, Rudra tries to practice his maths lessons for test and says its very tough for him.

Saransh says he cannot understand general knowledge lessons. Preesha says she will sing and make him understand and sings in a weird way. Rudra laughs and says he is unfit to be a singer’s wife. Saransh asks her to stop as he will forget even whatever he understood. Rudra laughs more. Mahima enters singing lesson in a sweet voice. Saransh gets excited and asks Rudra to play guitar. He does and Saransh easily understands lesson with Mahima’s singing. Rudra then hopes someone explain her maths in a similar way. Mahima says she will explain him sums. Rudra hesitates, but agrees on Saransh’s insistence. Preesha stands aside sadly while Mahima teaches Rudra.

Next morning, after attending test, Saransh informs family that he came first in class and thanks Mahima. Rudra says even he got good marks in maths for the first time. They all sit for breakfast. Saransh informs Balraj that he came first in class. Balraj says he can ask anything he wants. Saransh asks if he will not scold him and murmurs his wish in ears. Balraj walks to open space and signals him to come. Saransh excitedly runs to him. Balraj mimics horse and Saransh happily rides him. Preesha asks Saransh to get down as daadu will feel pain. Balraj says even he is enjoying.

Mahima seeing their bonding thinks Balraj is getting too much emotionally attached to Saransh and will not let her take him away, so she has to do something. She walks to her room and calling Yuvraj asks him to do as she says immediately.After sometime, Balraj gets a court notice and panics seeing it. Preesha walks to him and asks what happened. He says her sister has sent Saransh’s court custody notice and hearing is tomorrow; he had stopped living life after Rajeev passed away as son performs father’s last right and not other way; he got a ray of hope when he heard Saransh is Rajiv’s son and started living his life again; he doesn’t say that Mahima is wrong, she has first right on Saransh as a mother, he ignored Saransh when he was in front of him and now wants to do a lot for him; he pleads her to stop Saransh somehow as she always did a lot for this house and if Saransh leaves this house will shatter.

Preesha assures that she will speak to Mahima as she didn’t know Mahima wouldn’t do this. She walks to Mahima’s room and sees her thanking Yuvraj for his help over phone. She snatches phone and scolds Yuvraj. Yuvraj says this time he is not wrong but they are and should return Saransh to his mother. She disconnects call warning him not to interfere between her family matters and asks Mahima why did she sent court notice to Balraj uncle. Mahima says Saransh will be left as Balraj’s son in this house and not her son, Balraj was the one who didn’t let her and Rajiv stay together, she knows Preesha and Rudra cannot stay happily without Saransh, but she has to take this step.

Rudra enters angrily and warns Mahima that he is not afraid of her legal notice and as a legal guardian will not let her take Saransh away. Mahima shouts she Saransh is her son and nobody can stop him from taking Saransh along, what if Balraj harms Saransh like he did earlier. Rudra says Saransh belongs to this house, he is his parent’s grandson and his nephew, and as a legal guardian he will fight the case as she wishes and not let her take Saransh away. Mahima yells, but Preesha asks her to calm down. Rudra says she proved that she is really mentally insane and warns that if she has gone against him, then she cannot stay in his house and should go. Preesha pleads Mahima not to go as she will speak to Rudra and calm him down. Mahima gets adamant.

Mahima packs her bags and walks towards door when Preesha pleads her to stop as she will speak to Rudra. Saransh sees them and asks where is Mahima mamma going. Mahima says she is going to grandparents’ house. Saransh asks whom he will play with then, he will not let her go. Mahima says she is going for just a few days and then they will live together forever. He asks both means. Mahima says she has made arrangements to be together forever as he wanted. He says they all will enjoy a lot. Mahima stops smiling and leaves saying they will meet soon. Preesha thinks she, Rudra, and Mahima cannot stay without Saransh, so she tried to keep them all together, but don’t know what will happen now.

Next day, court hearing starts. Rudra’s lawyer starts case and informs judge that Rudra is Saransh’s present legal guardian, but just because Mahima gave birth to Saransh, she wants his custody; she is a mentally ill patient since 6 years and was in mental asylum till a few days. He submits Mahma’s mental hospital report. Mahima says she became mentally ill after going away from her son and got well in hope of staying with him, he son is her life and she needs him back. Rudra says Saransh loves him more than Mahima and he took care of Saransh with his education and other needs, legally adopted him and loves him like a true father. Lawyer says Rudra loved Saransh more than a father, didn’t bother about his career and even joined online classes for Saransh.

Rudra pleads not to take away Saransh from him. Lawyer requests judge to give Saransh’s custody to Rudra. Mahima’s lawyer asks if Rudra loves Saransh so much, why was he in hospital after falling from window and got severely injured due to Balraj’s fear. Balraj says it was just an accident. Lawyer asks if Saransh jumped from window fearing him or not. Balraj says yes. Lawyer says Saransh is not safe in Khurana house, so his custody should be given to his mother Mahima. Rudra’s lawyer starts coughing and requests judge to give next court hearing as he is feeling ill. Judge gives date after 3 days.

Out of courtroom, Balraj scolds him not finishing the case today itself. Lawyer says they would have lost the case if they had continued as Mahima proved herself mentally fit with psychiatrist’s report and will easily prove that Saransh is unsafe at Khurana House after falling from window. Rudra and Balraj stand fuming. Yuvraj congratulates GPS saying his daughter will win Saransh’s case soon. GPS says not yet. Rudra says if Rudra’s lawyer wouldn’t have made a drama, they would have won the case today. GPS asks if she thought well before doing all this. Mahima says yes. He asks if she thought about Preesha. She says very well as Preesha is her sister, she cannot forgive herself if something happens to Saransh again.

Preesha tries to make Saransh sleep. He asks when will Mahima mamma return. She says very soon and asks him to sleep now. She thinks what will she tell Saransh and how will Rudra react. She walks to Rudra’s room and sees him inebriated working on laptop, asks what is he doing. Rudra says booking tickets for him and Saransh and will take Saransh far away where nobody can find them. She says he cannot go between court case. He says they will lost case and would have already lost it if lawyer had not made a drama, he is Saransh’s legal custodian and will not let anyone interfere between them. She says he will be considered criminal and what will happen if Saransh sees him arrested by police. Rudra says nobody can stop him.

She says she will stop him and will not let him become a criminal. She says all the problem happened because of her, she wanted to create bonding between Saransh and Mahima even after his warning. He pushes her away and says nobody can separate him from Saransh. Preesha cries thinking she has to stop Saransh. In the morning, she walks to Balraj and Sharda’s room and asks Sharda to stop Rudra from doing wrong. Balraj asks what is he going to do. Preesha says he booked flight ticket and wants to take Saransh abroad as he thinks they will lose custody case, if he does that he will be prosecuted. Balraj says they cannot let that happen, so the should stop him.

They all 3 rush to Rudra’s and then Saransh’s room and doesn’t find him and then check passport to find it missing. Preesha cries that he must have left already.

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