My desire update Wednesday 1 February 2023

My desire 1 February 2023: Preesha requests inspector Chautala to let her speak to her husband. Chautala denies. Rudra enters with GPS. Chautala says this is not a public garden to visit anytime he wants to, they need to follow rules. He introduces GPS as a retired judge and Preesha’s father. GPS presents permission to meet Preesha and asks Preesha if she remembers when Rudra left her room that night. Preesha says she doesn’t and even Rudra doesn’t as someone mixed something in his drinks. GPS assures to meet her often and asks not to lose hope as they are with him. He walks out leaving Rudra. Preesha asks how is he as she was afraid hearing his trembling voice last night. He says he will not accept defeat and will bail her out at any cost, asks to take care of herself as he is alive just for her. They hug each other emotionally, and he walks away.

Back home, Rudra tried to remember what happened that night but fails, says he just remembers fighting with Arman as he talked about wife swapping. GPS asks to remember how he went to Sania’s room, if she called him or he went directly. Rudra checks his call records and finds Sania’s call. GPS says they need to check Sania’s call records to find out if she spoke to someone else also. Rudra calls Bunty and asks him to find out Sania’s call record details. GPS asks how did Arman come there. Rudra says Arman told he came with Sania there for honeymoon, but he is trying to separate him and Preesha since long and describes all the incidents happened. GPS is shocked. Arman then informs about Ahuja. GPS asks how is Ahuja and insists to meet him to get some clue from him.

They meet Ahuja who denies his involvement. GPS tells him that Preesha is his daughter and he can do anything to protect her, he shows Ahuj’s daughter’s live video footage where his men are following her and threatens to tell truth if he wants her daughter safe. Ahuja agrees and reveals that Arman mixed red powder in Rudra’s juice and threating to kill him if he doesn’t do that. He also reveals that Arman bought CNN recording company to destroy Rudra’s concert. GPS says they need to confront Arman now. Rudra asks how did he find Ahuja’s daughter. GPS says he saw her video online via Ahuja’s social media account and seeing 2 men behind her misled Ahuja to find out truth.

They both conclude that Arman killed Sania and framed Preesha. They then head to Arman’s house and confront him. Rudra shouts at Arman for sponsoring his concert. Arman denies. GPS says Ahuja informed them everything. Rudra shouts Arman killed Sania and tried to frame him. Arman accepts trying to destroy Rudra and get him out of Preesha’s life. Rudra continues alleging showing Sania’s call records and Arman denying. Rudra then gets lawyer’s call that Preesha’s case has been moved to fast track court tomorrow itself.

Next day, court hearing starts. Inspector gives evidence that when she went into Sania’s room, she saw her dead body with throat slit on floor and Preesha standing nearby holding a blood stained knife, murder time according postmortem report also matches CCTV footage timing. Waiter also gives evidence against Preesha. GPS asks Preesha’s lawyer to speak, but he sits mum. Prosecution lawyer demands Preesha’s conviction according to strong evidences. Judge pronounces Preesha as guilty and a 20 year jail term for her. Rudra resists when police take Preesha away. GPS cries saying earlier also Preesha took some one’s blame on herself and went to jail. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Next day, Sharda gives karva chauth fast/vrat’s sargi/food to Rudra and asks him to go and give it to Preesha. He meets Preesha. They express their emotional bonding for each other. Rudra promises to keep fast and pray for her, then feeds her sargi.Rudra visits Preesha in jail and assures her to be courageous and patient as soon he and GPS will reopen her case and prove her innocent. Constable says its time up. They both hug each other and remember all their quality moments and promises made to each other. Tumse hi meri jaan bas tumse hi.. song plays in the background. Constable alerts them and takes Preesha away. Back home, Rudra with GPS and Bunty checks for evidence. Bunty asks what are they searching. Rudra says anything which will prove Preesha innocent, they should find a clue to get a bail.

He checks Sania’s records repeatedly and coughs. Bunty offers him water. Rudra says he is fasting. GPS prays god to solve their problem with Rudra’s fasting. Rudra finds Sania calling an usual number twice on the night on murder. Bunty checks number on app and shows its Sunil Makeup’s number. Rudra asks why would Sania call a makeup artist at midnight. He calls Sunil and finds his number unanswerable. They then find his address and reach there. They question a lady if Sunil stays there. Lady says yes, he must have got some work and gone out. Rudra asks if she has Sunil’s photo. She shows Sunil’s photo on her mobile. Bunty clicks it. GPS says they should find out if Sunil entered hotel. Bunty says there won’t be any camera in hotel room. GPS says they should check hotel entrance footage.

They reach hotel and check footage and find Sunil entering hotel. Rudra asks how can police miss such a big evidence, there was someone else also in room. GPS says they should reopen case. Rudra calls lawyer and briefing him about the clue asks to reopen case. Lawyer agrees. Rudra says he will visit Preesha and inform her good news. At police station, inspector Chautala praises Preesha for having karva chaut fast in jail. Preesha says their love is pure. Rudra enters with pooja items and requests Chautala to let Preesha break her fast. Chautala seeing Preesha’s good behavior permits them to break fast on jail’s terrace. They thank her. Preesha sights at moon and then Rudra’s face and performs ritual. Rudra also does same.

Yeh Hai Chahatein.. song plays in the background. After finishing rituals, Preesha feels said that she didn’t get ready as bride for him. He says their togetherness matters to him and gives her good news about reopening her case, explaining how he found a clue. He further informs her that tonight is her last night in jail as her hearing is in Delhi court tomorrow.Next morning, Rudra excitedly gets ready for court. Sharda feeds her sweet curd. He takes her blessings and asks her to pray god that Preesha should be back home soon. He and GPS leave for court. In police station, Chautala sends Preesha with a constable in a police van while she follow van win her jeep.

On the way, they see a fallen tree, and constables get down to put it aside. Preesha prays god not to create any hurdle.


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