My desire update Tuesday 4 October 2022


My desire 4 October 2022: Mahima under the effect of truth serum continues revealing truth. She says when she found out that Preesha married rockstar Rudra, she returned to Saransh to claim him back, she is his mother but really doesn’t love him, she is just behind is trust money and doesn’t care for him. She feels headache. Rudra says he recorded her confession and she will go to jail now. Out of flashback, Mahima is still unconscious after consuming truth serum while Rudra tries to record her confession and Preesha tries to wake her up. Mahima acts as asleep and thinks Preesha wants to record her confession video, but she thinks 20 steps ahead of her.

Preesha wakes her up and asks what did she do with Arjun. Mahima asks who Arjun, she doesn’t know anyone. Preesha asks about Gautam. Mahima says she doesn’t know anyone. Rudra angrily walks out and asks Preesha if she gave truth serum to Mahima or not. Preesha says she herself mxied it in Mahima’s sweet bowl. Rudra asks why didn’t it work. Mahma says it would have worked if she had consumed it, she never did. Preesha asks why did she fall unconscious then. Mahima laughs saying she was just acting. They both stand fuming. Mahima reminisces Yuvraj hearing Rudra and Preesha’s truth serum plan and thinking if Mahima reveals truth, she will reveal even about him, changes serum with plain water.

Out of flashback, Mahima lies that she heard Rudra and Preesha’s plan and acted, she thinks 20 steps ahead of Preesha.Mahima continues laughing at Preesha and asks if Rudra is not with her, then what is he doing here with her and why was he recording video. Rudra shouts that he is with Preesha from before and forever, he even knows Mahima’s truth and knows how greedy and cheap she is and can do anything for money. He continues that she should know that he didn’t marry her at all and will never let her near Saransh, he loves Preesha and Saransh and Preesha are his family and will not let Mahima harm them. He threatens to tell her truth and what did she do wit Gautam and Arjun. Mahima acts as pleading not to harm her and then laughing says she killed Arjun and Gautam and they cannot do anything without proof.

She continues laughing on their foolishness and says they were acting as hating each other, but were together always; she knew about their plan from before, but was enjoying it. Rudra continues shouting. Mahima says she is Saransh’s real mother and has his custody, so she can go on a long endless holiday with him. He shouts to dare not think of Saransh or else he will kill her. She says he can just threaten, but she can really kill and who knows what will happen to Saransh. Rudra angrily strangulates her hearing that. Preesha stops him saying Mahima wants him to make a mistake and then go to jail and be away from Saransh. He spares Mahima. Mahima walks away warning to kill them both. Rudra panics and cries cries hugging Preesha. Preesha says they need to protect Saransh from Mahima.

He says she is right, they will send Saransh to her parent’s house for a few days until Mahma’s issue is solved. She calls GPS and asks him to come to Balsa lake.Preesha informs GPS whole incident happened and says she doesn’t trust Mahima, so he should keep Saransh with him. He agrees and feels sad that he couldn’t give good upbringing to his children. Rudra asks her not to say that as he gave good upbringing to Preesha and Mahima was greedy since childhood. GPS says he is worried for their lives and Mahima has right to have Saransh’s custody, so he will attend Khurana’s lohri function and ask Mahima to send Saransh with him in front of everyone so that she cannot reject his request. They both agree. Preesha asks him not to inform amma about it. GPS says Vasu loves Mahima and thinks her story is true, but will shatter if she finds out Mahima’s truth. Preesha agrees.


In the evening, lohri celebration at Khurana House. Guests start flowing in. Balraj likes arrangements. Ahana and Mishka yell that Mahima made all the arrangements. They see Vasu and GPS entering and comment these middle class people always find a reason to come here. Vasu and GPS greet happy lohri to Balraj and Sharda and walk in. Ahana and Mishka get more jealous seeing Preesha entering and start yelling at her and then ask about Yuvraj. Yuvraj enters and backlashes them in his usual style. Mahima and Rudra enter next with Saransh. Saransh happily hugs GPS and Vasu and says he was missing them. GPS says even they were missing him as he was staying with them for long.

He requests Sharda and Balraj if he can take Saransh with them for a few days. Vasu says she will help Saransh in online classes. Sharda says why not as Saransh is also their grandson. Balraj says grandparents’ craze will be strong during childhood. GPS seeks Mahima’s permission who also agrees. Saransh happily runs to change his dress. Preesha follows to his room to help him and stands shocked seeing injuries on his back. She gets afraid seeing her and asks why did she come in. She insists to tell who did it. Saransh says Mahima lashed him with belt, reminiscing the incident. Preesha panics hearing that. Saransh says Mahima is not like she portrays herself as and asks when will their game end and she and Rudra be back together with him. Preesha asks him to act normal till they finish the drama.

Preesha with Saransh returns to celebration venue. Saransh asks Sharda if he can perform pooja. She says he can as he is the youngest member of family. Mahima joins to perform pooja with him. Saransh tells Sharda that he wants to perform pooja with Rudra and Preesha. Sharda agrees and asks Mahima to bring jaggery from store room. Mahma leaves. Saransh performs pooja with Rudra and Preesha and they all start dancing around bonfire. Mahima returns and asks Sharda if they can start pooja. Sharda says muhurath was passing on, so she performed pooja already. Ahana and Mishka taunt her that they feel pity for her, she should know that she is married in a rich family now and servants are there to take care of all this. Mahima gets jealous seeing Rudra and Preesha dancing.

Yuvraj walks to Preesha and insists to perform pooja with him, but when she doesn’t reciprocate, he himself performs pooja. A spark falls on his lungi and burns it. He starts panicking. Saransh pulls away his lungi. Everyone stand embarrassed. He scolds Saransh for ruining his dignity. GPS asks him to go home. Yuvraj says he will dance with his remaining lungi and dignity, asks drummers to play drums and starts dancing. Guests join him. Mahima tries to dance with Rudra, but he corners her and dances with Preesha. Ahana seeing that tells Balraj that she feels pity for Mahima, so she will go and stop Rudra. Sharda asks not to disturb them. Balraj backs her. After celebration, Rudra goes to Saransh’s room to pack his clothes and emotionally asks if he will leave him alone.

Saransh says he can also accompany to his grandparents’ house as Mahima won’t be there to beat him. Rudra gets suspicious and asks if Mahima hit him. Saransh shows his injured back. Rudra panics seeing that.

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