My desire update Tuesday 26 July 2022

My desire 26 July 2022: The Episode starts with Balraj scolding Rudra. He says I won’t let you do this foolishness. Rudra says fine, I won’t do any concert, recording, ad or music release, I will stop singing, our money and business will end, I got a chance to complete studies, if you snatch the chance, then you have to pay a big price. Balraj raises hand on him. Prisha holds his hand. Yuvraj says thanks Mr. Rahul Arora, you called me for this interview, it will be an honour to work for you. Rahul says you are over qualified for this job, you had been a judge and reputed lawyer, you want to work as a legal advisor. Yuvraj says its my dream, I have always fought for truth, I left the judge’s post, I don’t lie, I have many ambitions, I wanted to apply in your company, you will know that I m a good lawyer.

Rahul says you are a big liar, I found out everything about you, you didn’t resign from judge’s post, you were suspended, then you got banned from law practice.Balraj asks how dare you hold my hand. He raises hand on her. She shouts don’t dare…. Everyone looks on. She says don’t make this mistake to raise hand on me, else I will get you jailed, you forced me to stop you, how dare you raise hand on your son, did you see yourself, you know your truth, you have beaten up Rudra when he was a child, you didn’t let him attend school, you snatched his childhood, he is right, you are selfish, you treated him like a note printing machine, not a human, you should be ashamed to be such a father. Ahana says Prisha…

Prisha says shut up, don’t talk in between. She says Rudra is an adult now, he will decide for himself, he will complete his studies. Balraj says who are you to stand as a wall between us. She says Mrs. Rudraksh Khurana, Rudraksh’s legal wife. Rudra looks at her. She asks Balraj not to talk of status. She threatens him of police. Ahana says please stop, Prisha what are you saying. She stops Balraj from getting angry. She begs him not to say anything now. Balraj goes. Ahana says Prisha, behave. She goes.

Rudra sees Prisha. Saransh praises her. Rudra goes. Sharda worries. Rahul says I know you filled all the wrong details, I called you to see how much can you lie to get this job, get lost from here. Yuvraj gets angry. He says call the guards, police will come to arrest you, I have also checked your past before coming here, you own a big company, this lavish house, you would have done a lot, also wrong work, remember, your head office caught fire last year. He smiles.Prisha comes and says I shouldn’t speak like that, wrong is wrong, your dad is wrong, I couldn’t tolerate that, sorry. Rudra cries and hugs her.

Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays…. He says Rajeev also couldn’t protect me, what you did today, I felt alone always, but I feel I m not alone, thank you Prisha. Prisha says don’t thank me, until I m in your life, I will always support you, thanks, you joined school and showed courage. Sharda comes and says Balraj will take it as an insult, don’t know what will he do. Prisha says if we get scared, will Saransh also stay in fear. Rudra says no, I will give an answer to dad. Prisha says we all are with you. Saransh says we are a family, promise. They hold hands and smile.

Yuvraj says your partners were trapped in recording studio, you wanted to become superhero and save them, people stopped them, you had to save something precious, legal papers, you could have become only owner of the business, your partners died, you became rich, are you the owner or murderer, maybe both, next time, don’t give me lecture about truth and lie, I find it boring, we have something common, Rudraksh Khurana, your biggest competitor, he earns a lot, I know you failed to remove him, because you didn’t had Yuvraj with you, your money and my mind, we can remove him. Rahul asks what did he do. Yuvraj says he cheated me and married my would be wife, he has my precious thing, I have to get it, tell me, join hands with me. Rahul shakes hands. He says enemy’s enemy is friend, welcome aboard. Yuvraj smiles.

  Balraj breaking things in anger. Ahana and Mishka smile. They go to him and calm him down. Ahana asks what will happen if we do this. He asks what shall I do, shall I let him join school. She says yes, you don’t have a choice, think of it, if he leaves singing, your business will be finished, you may get it in your profit, I will make sure that the publicity will be handled, I will show that it was you idea, you are a doting father and wanted his education to complete, just imagine, people will respect you so much, that will be a slap on Prisha’s face, you can’t slap her physically, Prisha won’t lose, we have to fail her by our mind, please calm down, I m there to take your revenge, have some faith. She asks Mishka to get water for him. Mishka goes.

Prisha and Rudra discuss about online schooling. She says you have to obey school rules. He says I have to talk to my stylist. She says focus on books, not looks. Ahana comes and says Rudra and Saransh’s admissions are confirmed, I forgot, you have to sign on the intimation form. Rudra signs the form. Ahana says you can read it if you want, I read it. Rudra says its okay, done. She smiles and thanks him. She goes. She says impossible Rudra, you didn’t read and signed the form, its your termination letter, if you break any rules or misbehave, then you will be terminated, you can’t be disciplined, you create your own rules and break it, get ready for the shock. Prisha sees Saransh happy and thanks Rudra.

Vasu calls her and asks how are you. Prisha says good, how are you and dad. Vasu says I m fine, I m upset, you didn’t tell me that Saransh got admission in the same school. Prisha says sorry, I was busy,Vasu says Saransh told that Rudra also took admission. Prisha says yes, he did this for Saransh’s sake. She says I will call you later. She says Saransh, I will go and ask Rudra if he got the logins. She goes to Rudra and holds the headphone. He pulls her. Mahiya….plays…. He says I will save myself if you come to hit me. She says you have hurt me, I was removing headphones. He says sorry, show me. He holds her face. Shayad….plays… He gets close to her. She goes away. He stops her and thinks she isn’t going away from me, I have gone mad and thinking she has gone mad too.

He asks why are you going away, do you feel anything. She says no. He says lie, you are feeling something, you want me to come close to you. She says its nothing like that, don’t give credit to you, I don’t feel anything. He thinks why do I feel so. She says if you do this, you will miss school, did you get login id and password, check your phone. He checks and says no, I didn’t get. She says Saransh got it. Rudra says Ahana didn’t send it intentionally, they don’t want me to attend class, dad did this. She says we will ask Ahana.Ahana shows the paper and says I got it signed by Rudra. Mishka says genius. Ahana says Rudra will be out of the school if he makes one mistake. Rudra and Prisha look on.

Ahana gets shocked. Rudra says this is your plan to remove me from the school, tell me. Ahana asks what are you talking about. He says its dad’s plan, he stopped me from sending the login id and password, why did you support him. Ahana says stop thinking negatively, why would dad do this, he doesn’t know of such details, you think we are making a plan against you, you gave Sharda’s number, she would get the details, student’s parents get the details, just go. He says sorry. She says this is really offensive. She taunts him. Prisha asks him to come, they will go to Sharda. They leave. Ahana says problem will be solved when Rudra gets out of the school.

Rudra and Prisha knock Sharda’s room door. They hear some sound. Sharda opens the door. Rudra asks her what is happening, why can’t she allow them inside the room. Sharda says no, I m feeling sleepy, don’t worry. Rudra says you let us get in, please. They get shocked seeing the room ruined. He asks how did this happen. He says dad vented out anger. Prisha says its wrong. Sharda asks them to go before Balraj comes. Prisha says we can’t leave you alone. Sharda says I m fine. He says we will help you. Balraj comes and gets angry seeing them. Rudra and Balraj argue. Balraj scolds Prisha. Prisha stops Rudra for Sharda’s sake. Rudra says we are going, mum come along. Balraj says she won’t go, she is my wife, she won’t change. Rudra asks Sharda to come.

Balraj says I have a right on her. Prisha says she isn’t any lifeless thing, she also have feelings, she is also human. Sharda cries. Prisha says she is Rudra and my mum also. Sharda stops Rudra and asks him to go to his room. She says I won’t go, you go. Balraj says you heard her, right, just get out now.

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